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That person brought Mu Hai into the tent and said unhappily, "Second Prince, we found a woman with unknown origins in the city!"

Only then did the Second Prince turn around and say frivolously to the people on the ground, "Oh ~ really? Bring it up for me to see. "

Almost at the same time, Mu Hai said to the Second Prince, "Why am I nowhere to be found?"

Along the way, he explained to her many times that it was because she was wearing a very conspicuous outfit and it was hard not to notice. Furthermore, they had found out that she was the one that had appeared in the city today. These questions were all asked by Mu Hai before she was sent to the military tent. To put it bluntly, she was asking the annoyance out of boredom.

The second prince laughed out loud when he heard this. This girl was really interesting. He told her again and again to bring her to see what was going on.

Looking left and right, they all felt that it was very ordinary. There was nothing special about it. It was just that his mouth was very strong. Because when the Second Prince looked at her, her mouth never stopped talking. It was so noisy that the Second Prince felt his head hurt. He waved his hand to signal for her to be dragged away.

"Second Prince, what should we do?" He did not dare to do anything to her.

"Let's reward it to the soldiers!" The second prince lay back on his bed and closed his eyes as he spoke.

F * ck, this doesn't make sense! What the hell? To the soldiers? This was exactly what he wanted. My god, isn't this too cruel? The plot shouldn't develop like this? Shouldn't the Second Prince have taken a fancy to me and taken me in as his consort?

Thinking this, Mu Hai said without restraint, "Shouldn't you take me in as your consort?"

Hearing this, even that Yun Che felt that it was funny. How could someone like that be qualified to be an imperial concubine? When the Second Prince heard this, he also felt it was laughable and did not pay any attention to her.

Mu Hai Yang was still struggling and spouting nonsense: "Second Prince, I'm a fairy! You can't treat me like this ?" Who would believe you! Seeing that she was still spouting nonsense, he reached out to cover her mouth.

He covered his mouth. There was nothing else to say, right? Mu Hai Yang wasn't willing to see fate in such a state, even if it was in the modern era, he couldn't give it to others! Gritting his teeth, he opened his mouth and said: "I can help ? ?" Before she could finish, she was beaten unconscious and dragged out of the room. If she spoke any more nonsense, the one dying would not be her, it would be herself. After entering the city, they almost lost their lives. What a disaster, then let's give it to our brothers to play with.

The Second Prince had also heard her words, but he didn't pay much attention to those words that he wanted to say. He opened his eyes and saw the school bag lying on the ground by the side. Doubtful, he raised his hand to signal the servants to hand over the items on the ground.

He had no idea what it was. It was too bizarre, and he couldn't unlock the lock. He wanted to cut it open, but he was afraid that there might be something ominous within.

Right now, Lu Li carried Mu Hai on his shoulder and headed towards the camp. As soon as she entered, she saw her brothers happily eating and drinking, so she casually threw her on the ground and said, "It was given to me by the Second Prince!"

All the men were moved, those who drank and ate meat became even more cheerful. Some of the soldiers that were still whispering asked where the rider had gotten this girl.

When Mu Hai Hai was thrown onto the ground, he woke up in pain but didn't dare to open his eyes and make a sound, pretending to be unconscious. No one would want a dead fish, would they? Right! Pretend to faint first. When they've had enough to drink, they'll break the film. How can they still remember me? Wise as me, laughing inside.

However, she had overlooked one point. Those men were on the verge of war, and they had been restrained for a long time. Now that a woman had been sent over, all these thoughts were on her.

"Liu Wu, the Second Prince has summoned you." One of them respectfully announced the order.

After being frightened to the point of being unable to sit down, he immediately stood up and rode off with the people who had just arrived. Along the way, his heart was filled with anxiety. It was likely that the Second Prince wanted to punish him, and it was all because of this woman. He had really gotten himself into trouble. If he could survive, he must torture this girl to the point of making her wish that she was dead.

Cold sweat broke out on his forehead as he knelt on the ground, waiting for the Second Prince to give the order to receive his punishment.

"Liu Wu, come over here and help this prince untie this bundle." Her tone was calm, and she had no intention of punishing him.

Liu Wu heaved a sigh of relief in his heart. Walking forward to unpack his school bag.

Inside the military tent, a person looked at Mu Hai Yang, who was pretending to be unconscious, and asked, "Is he dead?"

Hearing this, most of the soldiers looked over. What did it matter if the Second Prince rewarded a dead person? Mu Hai Yang reached his hand towards her nose, trying to hold his breath to prevent her from reaching out. Seeing that his hand didn't move at all, he couldn't help but take in a big breath, pretending to be dead.

Seeing the man hug Mu Hai, he laughed: "You want to play this game with me?"

Seeing that he couldn't continue acting, Mu Dahai calmly and unhurriedly fell into that person's embrace. With a tender voice, he said, "Yo, aren't you playing with me?" It was the image of a worldly woman.

The person who said that was even happier. Since you really know how to play, then I'll play with you for now. From the looks of it, this person was their head. Otherwise, how would he dare to be the first one to return with a beauty in his arms?

That person carried her onto the bed. Just as he was about to do something to her, he heard Mu Hai say shyly, "Master, do you not like so many people watching?"

It was easy to deal with a man, but a group of men who were eyeing him covetously wasn't easy to deal with. He found an excuse to make that person reprimand his subordinates.

"Only the two of us are left now, serve Yours Truly well." He would first taste the food before playing with it for his brothers. If he didn't die, then he could continue playing.

Seeing that he was about to pounce on me, Mu Dahai dodged, then directly threw himself on the bed, preparing to pounce on me again. Mu Dahai was actually lying in his embrace, although it was hard to endure the smell of alcohol, he still pretended to be happy: "Master, I have a rule in my hometown, if I were to share a room with a man, I would first take a bath and then change clothes.

Seeing that the person had not moved, he continued to act like a spoiled child: "I can't run away, and that's the rule of the village. If I don't do it, the man will turn in his bad luck, and there were people in the village who died before because of this.

Hearing these words, he, an ancient person, felt that she was annoying. He squinted his eyes, thinking that she was annoying and seeing how docile she was, he guessed that she wouldn't be able to escape.

He walked out of the tent with a tipsy expression and ordered a few words to be seen by the people outside. He had not used it yet, so he would have to wait for the other party to come back before he could.

Mu Hai was scared out of his wits. Luckily, he was smart, but if things continued like this, he would end up doing it for someone else sooner or later. He was still in a state of anxiety when he heard footsteps, chanting "Amitabha" under the blanket! It was just as she had imagined. Someone really wanted her to return to the Second Prince's tent.

This time, Mu Dahai would not repeat the same mistakes as before. Along the way, he was actually thinking of a way to take down the Second Prince, but he was going to reward him again. He had to work hard to seize this opportunity.

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