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When they entered the tent, they saw Liu Wu kneeling on the ground, and beside him was the old man kneeling. Both of them were sweating profusely, one had been punished to kneel because he could not open his bag, and the other had been punished to kneel because of Mu Hai's heart. After drinking so much wine, he had the guts to barge into the Second Prince's military tent. Surprisingly, he developed a favorable impression of him, and a large portion of that person's wine had awoken.

"Come here, undo this." The Second Prince casually spoke.

"Then let them go," he said, speaking up for them.

When the two people on the ground heard her words, they were so touched that they were about to cry. In this kind of situation, it was best to get as far away as possible.

The Second Prince had no intention of punishing his subordinates under such circumstances, so he just so happened to give her a way out by waving her hand. At this moment, there were only two people left in the tent. The Second Prince's personal attendant who had spoken to stay behind had also been pushed back alive.

When Mu Hai walked closer, he could see the person's appearance clearly. The person's hair was long and unkempt, and it seemed to have a carefree character hanging from his shoulders. His facial features were also more delicate and pretty, like a woman's, but compared to his appearance, he still liked the image of the scholar's scent that Xuan Jia gave off. There were even some people who were as furious as Mu Dahai no matter how he looked at the grudge they had between them and wanted to take her away.

"What's your name?" The Second Prince, seeing that she was fiddling with her bag, went up to her ear and asked.

She was so scared that she stopped. Suddenly, she got too close, her words made her ears itch. "I'm Mu Hai, what's your name?" Then, he reacted and began to fiddle with his schoolbag again.

Before he could reply, Mu Hai had already opened his bag. He then heard the Second Prince whisper, "Just tell me to recuperate!" Mu Dahai was still thinking in his heart, just how did the Second Prince's personality change? Those things were still fresh in his mind!

Of course she did not know what had happened before she entered the tent.

He was too lazy to think about things he didn't understand, so he just casually replied and was about to begin her plan: "Oh, okay! Will you still reward me if I open my bag? "If you do, I'll lock it again. If you don't, I'll show you something good." When he talked about good things, his face lit up. He was trying to seduce this thing, and he was sure that he had never seen it before.

"Of course not. But if it's anything ordinary, don't blame me ? " Nian Sheng was only scaring her. He wanted to see what this girl could take out that he didn't have.

The moment the bag was opened, Nian Sheng tactfully kept his distance, afraid that some hidden weapon or the like would come out. Seeing that there was nothing shooting out after a long time, Mu Hai called out to him, "It's okay, these are my daily affairs ? It's just my clothes and rouge powder. " He suddenly remembered to change his words. It was okay to say this to Excellent Era, but the others didn't matter. He had to explain it over and over again. It was better to just follow this world. He used all the words that he knew, changing the way he used them to describe. There wasn't anything too difficult about it. There were even many lessons taught by Excellent Era!

Hearing her say this, the closer he got, the more he realized that there was nothing suspicious, and thus, he asked, "What about the good stuff that you mentioned?"

"First promise me you can't get the guards too excited and you can't kill me. I'll explain to you!" If you can promise, I'll show you. " Mu Dahai calmed him down first. If it was like the Mystery Realm, he would be finished.

The student thought for a moment, then agreed.

"A man's word is his own, and he will never be able to keep it up. You must listen to my explanation! " Again. Then he took out his cell phone from the bottom layer and held it in front of him. The body of the phone was completely black, and he couldn't tell what it looked like at first glance.

"What is this?" Nian Sheng was puzzled.

Mu Hai gestured for him to come closer. Nian Sheng was still thinking how this girl could be so frivolous. Seeing that he did not move, she urged him to lean against her again.

"This is called a mobile phone ?" He really didn't want to spend a few more hours trying to explain what a phone was. He turned it on and was so shocked that he desperately tried to block his eyes and step back. This action made Mu Hai Yang laugh maniacally. Even Excellent Era wasn't so boastful as this. Another big movie emperor had come. He quickly took away his hand and continued, "Listen carefully to what I'm saying now. Don't be afraid." She spent more than an hour explaining how she came to this world and how she came to this place. Because there were some things that were hard to explain in a short period of time, she showed him modern photos and a picture of Jia Zhi. Because some things were hard to explain in a short period of time, she showed him a picture of a modern era. It was clear that his questions were not as good as Excellent Era's. This made Mu Hai heave a sigh of relief, "That's probably the case ? Do you have any other questions? "

At this moment, Nian Sheng did not know how many of his brain cells had died. It wasn't that there were still problems, but they were all problems. He slowly said, "I want to take you as my concubine."

This time, it was Mu Dahai's turn to be confused, "Take me as your concubine? Nian Sheng, you don't have a fever, do you? I still need to go back, I can't stay here forever. "

"Then I will take you in as my consort. If you don't agree, I will imprison you until you are willing to do so. Choose for yourself?" It looked like you had to stay even if you didn't want to.

Mu Hai Yang had fallen into a bandit's nest. Since he had no other choice, he could only state his conditions: "Then I have three conditions." "If you agree, then I promise you."

"Other than letting you go, I'll do anything else!" He would not let her go, but there was something else in his mind.

"First of all, you can't touch me. Can you promise me that?" "Wood Sea" means that only I can touch you and you can't touch me.

It was a joke that he, as a prince, was a normal man. Moreover, he couldn't even be bothered to look at a girl like you. Who would waste their time touching you, there were too many women waiting to throw themselves into his arms.

"The second and third years can't be used to harass Fringe City. Can you agree to it?" Mu Hai Yang said this was to save the citizens of Fringe City from fire and water. Who told her to be so compassionate at that time?

It seemed this woman wanted to help An He country. After the last few battles, his army was no longer able to take over Fringe City. However, wasn't three years too long? However, it was just a side city. It was not as if the other cities were important. "Yes!"

"Good!" Third... I haven't thought of it yet, but I'll keep it for now. " Mu Hai wanted three for one, and he wanted three for the other one. How clever!

"Good!" It was a deal! From today onwards, you are my, Yue Nian Sheng's, person. " Yue Nian Sheng happily agreed. At the same time, he also announced to her that the two of them had their own little Jiu Jiu. In any case, they were working together.

Mu Hai Yang was extremely happy in her heart. She had even lied to a prince, so in the future, she would definitely be able to live a life that was even more comfortable than the King's Mansion. Mysterious Li, you never would have thought that I, Hu Hansan, would become an imperial concubine, right? When she thought about it, she couldn't help but laugh. She really wanted to let Xuan Li know about this matter. She wanted to make him regret it and send her here. Not only did she not die, she even became his imperial concubine. What did life need?

He suddenly thought of something else and said pitifully, "I haven't eaten for a few days, can you give me something to eat?" "The more the better!"

Yue Nian Sheng laughed and quickly called for servants to serve her food that was sufficient for seven or eight people.

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