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"Too much, too much ?." When Mu Hai saw the dishes on the table, he buried his head in his mouth and rejected them at the same time. From the looks of it, she didn't really want to refuse.

The more he watched her eat, the more he found her interesting, even if he could not help himself to stay in the palace. Mu Hai Yang continued to eat and talk, telling Nian Sheng about some interesting things. He was also very serious as he finished listening to them. After Mu Dahai finished eating, there was still a lot of food left on the table.

Mu Hai Yang had left them behind on purpose. It would be enough if he ate a little of them, as others hadn't even eaten yet. Seeing that it was almost 4 or 5 AM, he had an idea, "Nian Sheng, do you have any steamed buns here? And clean barrels and the like? Can you give me some if you have something? "

Although she was puzzled, she did as he said. What was she going to do? Let's see what she does.

The servant brought two wooden barrels over. One of them was half filled with steamed buns while the other was empty. He grabbed the bucket and put it on the table, wondering how he was going to cook. Would he want to learn from the Elementary Scholar Lu on television and pour all of these out?

Fortunately, he kept some water free things like roast chicken and roast duck, filling up the lower layer. Then, he placed some cake pads on top of the other pancakes and put the ones with soup on top. If the other bucket wasn't filled to the brim with rice and was filled to the brim with rice, it would be easy to carry it all the way to the surface.

He straightened his clothes and tied up his long skirt, revealing the pants underneath. He wiped his face with the sleeve of his hand and spoke to Nian Sheng like a real man. "I will go out for a while. I will come back before nightfall." As he spoke, he picked up the bucket and walked out.

But then he heard Nian Sheng say, "Wait, what if you leave and never come back? I'll go with you. " I'll see what a girl like you can do with all this. If you can escape into Anhe Kingdom and eat for ten days to half a month, then I won't be able to pay for it.

Ye Zichen let him do what he wanted, and casually gave the vat to him as well. Along the way, the servants were so scared that they kept hiding and doing their best to avoid him. The student made a few gestures behind his back, hinting for a few people to protect him in the dark. He didn't know what this girl was going to do, but if she died because of a trick, it wouldn't be worth it.

Indeed, she was heading straight for Fringe City, and right now, Fringe City was under the jurisdiction of Peace Country. Nian Sheng followed closely behind, his complexion turning increasingly dark. As he neared the foot of the city gate ? Mu Hai Yang suddenly stopped to ponder for a moment, then put down the bucket so that the student could also put it down and say: "Wait here for me for a bit, I'll go in for a bit and then come out. You're not convenient!" Furthermore, I am definitely not the kind of person who goes back on his words. He knew that Nian Sheng was worried that she would run away. He was foolish to let the imperial concubine run away like that. In this chaotic era, it was better to eat and drink with a prince by his side.

"For once, I'll believe you! If you run away, I'll capture you even at the ends of the earth. I'll make you feel worse than death! " Nian Sheng hid his expression and said in a frivolous tone.

Mu Hai Yang rolled his eyes in his heart. This guy was really more black-hearted than Mysterious Li. As they walked towards the city, no one stopped her because she knew that it was the place with the most people. He took out a few steamed buns and told the people closest to her, "There's a place for food outside the city gates, hurry up and come with me ?" If she had come in empty-handed, others would definitely not believe her. Seeing how she had brought a steamed bun, there were about seventy to eighty percent of the letter. There weren't many people in the city, just ten or twenty of them. They were all old and handicapped.

In the morning, the old man hurried over when he saw Mu Hai Yang and asked her if she was all right. Mu Hai Yang briefly explained the situation. The old man knew that she was the one who had brought food from outside the city, so he called for people to believe her and went out to the city to get food. If they couldn't move, then Wood Sea would give them the steamed buns he brought with him.

After waiting for the time it took to make a cup of tea, Nian Sheng was already angry. He must have been tricked by this girl! Just as he was thinking about it, he saw Mu Hai Yang walking out of the city with eleven or twelve ragged old men behind him. The old woman was by his side, supporting him as she rushed towards him. He finally put down the stone in his heart.

"What are you standing around for? Bring the items over." Mu Hai saw him standing there in a daze and quickly shouted.

So this woman was giving it to them to eat? I've asked for a lot and I've eaten very little. Mu Dahai, you've really surprised me!

The old people, seeing Nian Bing's clothes, did not dare to approach him, for fear of dirtying him and at the same time afraid that he would kill them. Muhai explained and then explained that he was a good person, different from other rich people, he didn't need to be afraid of him. Only then did they dare to receive the wooden bucket in their hands and eat their food. After they finished eating, Mu Hai even said that he would come out to feed them at noon tomorrow. The elders were naturally happy.

Five days had passed in a row, and he had come here in such a manner. He had gotten along very well with the elders of the city. She even sat down from time to time to listen to them tell her stories.

That night, Nian Bing arrived at Mu Hai's military tent. At this moment, she had already fallen asleep, not knowing that someone had entered. She gently caressed Mu Hai's hair and said, "Hai Yang, tomorrow we will return to the palace. You better not die!" As she spoke, she stroked her face. She was truly curious as to how long this woman could stay in the palace as an imperial concubine.

Early in the morning, Mu Hai Yang came out of the military tent to take a breath of fresh air. What the hell was this? Where was he? Why was it gone? He rushed to the military tent without even putting on his outer garments.

Panting as he looked at the student who had just woken up without any clothes on, he touched his chest and said, "Luckily you are still here. You scared me to death ? I thought... "

"So why? Do you think I've run away? " As he spoke, Nian Sheng walked to Mu Hai's side. He wanted to pull her into his embrace, but Mu Hai pushed him away.

She was embarrassed to discover that she had not put on her outer robe with him. Luckily, Spring was not too cold and said hurriedly, "I will come back later!" Then she ran back to the military tent.

Mu Hai Yang muttered in his heart. I was so scared that I thought they had already run away. Nian Sheng was so handsome in his pajamas. He really was born with a good set of skin!

After these past few days of contact, Mu Hai had a rough understanding of Nian Sheng's personality. He was kind, but in this world, he definitely wouldn't be able to survive if he didn't understand the pastry machine, not to mention that he was a prince. How many people wanted to send him to hell? As a result, when Nian Bing treated her sincerely, she felt that it was all an act. Just now, when Nian Sheng went to hug her, she did not know if it was real or fake as she ran off in a panic.

The more Nian Sheng thought about Mu Hai, the more curious he became about Mu Hai. He didn't have any formalities or what he liked to do, but in order to protect his life and protect his integrity, he kept coming up with countless strange moves. Furthermore, when she played games on her phone, she wasn't the least bit concerned with him, so he suddenly felt a bit regretful that he let her become the imperial concubine.

"I want to bring some poultry for the elderly people in Fringe City to raise. They won't starve again if I leave ?" Mu Hai Yang saw that there were still some chickens and ducks in the army camp and wanted to let the old people in the city raise them. He promised himself that he wouldn't offend Fringe City for three years and would at least be able to live a stable life.

The old people in the city knew that she was going to the Moon Abyss Imperial Palace, and they were even reluctant to part with her. Mu Hai waved his hands, and he was almost crying like the old people.

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