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Along the way, Mu Hai didn't say anything, but instead spoke up. "Are you curious about where the soldiers have gone to in one night?"

Mu Hai Yang wasn't curious, so he pretended as if he didn't hear anything. He lifted the brocade window of the carriage to look at the scenery, and without answering him, he asked: "Nian Bing, do you have any martial arts secret manuals? "If there is one, let me borrow two books so that I can complete my dream of becoming a martial artist..." Speaking of which, Mu Hai's eyes lit up. If Jia Zhi did not know martial arts, then wouldn't Xuan Zhi be a threat to him? It just so happened that there was an unlucky Second Prince who fought in the battlefield. His kung fu was definitely very high.

Thinking about it like this, what had she been doing these past few days? She had actually forgotten to ask such an important thing. Am I about to have my dream come true? A person secretly laughed as he thought about it. She was used to being like this, and he knew that she must be thinking about TV dramas.

"Is Nian Sheng aware of it?" Don't you? "How many copies do you want me to borrow?" Mu Hai Yang wasn't in the mood to look at the scenery, so he shook the people around him and eagerly asked, making it difficult for Nian Sheng to refuse even if he didn't have any.

Nian Sheng had ignored her question and told her about the etiquette after entering the palace. In front of outsiders, he must address the Second Prince as' Your Highness' and pay his respects. At home, there was no need, he had to know how to restrain himself ? His father had already been sick for a year, and the empress had given birth to a son who was only four years old and was the Sixth Prince. He wanted to make his son succeed the throne and did a lot of dirty work, poisoning his mother. Only after that did the emperor fall ill, and now, most of the court officials only listen to her orders. Moreover, the emperor had not passed away yet. The empress was currently clearing the way for her son, and the biggest obstacle was the Emperor's beloved second prince. He had taken in six concubines in order to win over the court officials, but unfortunately, they all died within a few months. If the court officials were more biased towards a mature prince than a young, inexperienced child, the empress would naturally understand the logic, and the mothers of the other princes would be suppressed by the empress, not daring to disobey. This meant that he only had three years to regain what he had lost ?

The more Mu Dahai listened, the more he felt like the malevolent queen of fairy tales. Then wouldn't he be his seventh imperial concubine? Wait a minute, the seventh term isn't a big deal, isn't this what I should be used as a test subject for the dead spirits? No wonder a wolf dressed in sheepskin would be so cunning.

Nian Sheng felt very uncomfortable under her gaze. He said, "I won't let you die."

"That's not up to you to decide!" Mu Hai Yang retorted, feeling wronged. If he really fell into a wolf's nest, why not look at Li Zhi's dark face every day?

"I can teach you martial arts so that you can protect yourself when I'm not around!" Nian Sheng had always intended to teach her martial arts, but she had just asked and didn't care. How could a weak girl like her be of help to him? The first six were personally raised by him, and they didn't die in the hands of the empress. Furthermore, Mu Dahai couldn't die, so he had to take back everything that was his own.

When he heard that he could learn martial arts, he jumped in joy and almost hit the roof. He was so excited that he calmed down after a long time, yet in his mind, he was still watching movies, writing screenplays, and the story of the Wooden Heroic Girl... Wasn't five million yuan worth of weight just a small sum?

Fringe City was a few days away from the Moon Abyss Imperial Palace, and travelling like them would take at least ten days to half a month. He had taught Mu Hai's internal energy technique when he had nothing else to do. It was probably because he had read too many novels about martial arts and was familiar with these methods. When staying at night in the inn, if she wasn't too sleepy, she would be taught swordsmanship by the students. She felt that the swords were especially eye-catching, and while the students didn't use soldiers, they seemed to possess a realm of invincibility.

Mu Dahai loved to recite the "Flying Snow" that he had taught her the most. It had truly stunned him. The first time he came out, he was sitting in the yard watching him fall from the sky, dressed in white, his hair fluttering in the wind, with willow catkins floating around him. Every catkin in the changing of moves was a concealed weapon, he used his internal energy to slowly drop the catkins like snow, "So a fairy tale really exists!" Mu Hai Yang, who was sitting on the steps, nearly drooled.

It was so beautiful that it could not be described as beautiful. At that moment, he really felt that it was wrong to think that she had descended from the heavens! The immortal's descent was exactly the same as the male protagonist in his own heart. White robes as white as snow, a handsome face, scattered long hair, and the way he wielded a sword ? Nothing is not up to standard. Calm and composed, a sea of wood!

At this moment, Mu Hai was thinking, if he wanted me to die, I would be willing to as well! No, this is not the time. I should go up and eat tofu. How can such a small piece of meat be able to face me? How can I face my ancestors?

After regaining his senses, he crawled into Nian Sheng's embrace and hugged him tightly. He muttered, "Too beautiful, too beautiful, a male god boy god ?" He felt like a cheerleader ?

Nian Sheng was taller than her by a head. Right now, he could only let her hug him. A deep smile appeared on his face as he caressed her long hair.

Thus, this move was Mu Dahai's favorite and one that she had learned for the longest time but hadn't been able to learn. How could the gap between two people be so large? Nian Sheng had told her that she could carry anything she wanted. For example, only the leaves would be used around her, only the chopsticks would be used ? You have to know how to take advantage of the environment. Right now, Mu Hai was barely able to move a few leaves, but the leaves all of a sudden seemed to have been drugged as they collapsed onto the ground. He didn't know if he would be able to learn this move in his lifetime. Not to mention how good it was to date this little sister, he was even brainstorming the story.

After that, Mu Hai woke up very early every morning and continued to practice her swordsmanship. These days, she could be considered to have some talent. She could at least beat two strong men, but no matter how much she tried, she wouldn't be able to do it. Mu Hai was still looking down on him for a long time in his heart. When he later realized that this secret technique was specially taught to her, she didn't even get up so early in the college entrance exam to practice her sword arts in the courtyard.

When they arrived at the Moon Abyss Imperial Palace, it was actually a month later. They had been delayed on the road for too long, and the day before they arrived at Fringe City, the army had already departed for the city. Therefore, they had all been prepared long ago, waiting for their return.

Since he returned home in casual clothes, he only brought a few trusted aides with him. When the army arrived at the city, they had announced that the Second Prince would be sick and would not be able to see the wind when he returns. It was because the assassins sent by the empress didn't find them in casual clothes, so the empress had always thought that the Second Prince was taking care of the patient at home to curry favor with them.

When he secretly returned to his residence that night, Nian Sheng naturally knew that as long as he stepped into the Royal City, the Empress would know that he had been scammed for a month and would definitely take action. Furthermore, he had done it brazenly and without any hesitation. The throne of the Kingdom of Yue Yuan could only be inherited by his children, and no one could go against it. Although the imperial court had many queens, they would not go against this rule.

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