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The mansion that Yue Nian lived in was much smaller than Mysterious Black Soul, but he had never cared about such things. Just by looking at the structure, one could tell that people did not like it. It was just an ordinary mansion, not to mention a life of extravagance. There was food, drinks, shelter, and even the need for a "bicycle"? Mu Hai was truly discontented. After comparing the two of them, he discovered that the other party was actually quite pitiful. Mu Hai was even more determined to help him take back everything that was his.

At first, he was forced to come here, but now he was more or less willing to change his state of mind. Moreover, he discovered that although he was handsome and nice, his environment only drove him to become shrewd and shrewd, but he was also terrifyingly lonely.

In the courtyard, Mu Dahai was currently training in the sword. As long as she was obsessed with one thing, it would be difficult for her to extricate herself from it. It was also more frightening than her usual seriousness.

"Tomorrow is the grand ceremony, are you afraid?" Nian Bing stood under the tree in the courtyard with his hands behind his back and asked her that she was practicing her sword.

Mu Dahai focused on his swordplay, automatically blocking out the surroundings. He was already immersed in his own world, so he could not hear what Chen Changsheng was saying at all. If she was very focused on doing something, she would have reached the state of forgetting herself. She had to stop before she could come back to her senses and ask what had happened?

When she stopped, an hour had passed. She was also tired from training and it was late at night, so it seemed like she had been standing under the tree for a long time.

He raised his hand to wipe the sweat off his forehead. This past month, her swordsmanship could already be considered to be at a medium level. It was also in direct proportion to her hard work in practicing every day, morning and night. Putting away the sword, he walked to the student's side and asked what he had said. He did not hear what the student had said.

Nian Sheng could not bear to repeat himself. "If you are unwilling, our agreement will not be made. I can let you go ?"

Mu Hai Yang thought in his heart like a teasing emoji: Hey hey hey, acting with me again, tomorrow is the grand ceremony, how can I go? Besides, I, Hu Hansan, have already learned your swordsmanship, how can I just leave like that? He had lost this chivalrous woman's demeanor too much...

"Don't worry about me, a modern person, being afraid that I won't be able to defeat the demons and devils of your imperial harem?" Mu Dahai patted his chest in assurance, reassuring him. She naturally understood that the powers that favored him in the middle of the country were incomparably desolate. How could she leave at this time?

He was afraid that something might happen to her, that he might regret it for the rest of his life, but she always believed that the Emperor was heartless, and that the Emperor's feelings could not be revealed. In fact, the Emperor's feelings were deeper than anyone else's. After that, Nian Sheng said nothing more. "Rest early. Tomorrow, I will definitely protect you ?" "Don't be afraid!" The voice from behind was very soft and it had also been covered up by Mu Dahai's voice, "Rest assured! Didn't I manage to survive from your hands? "

When they thought of meeting each other for the first time, Nian Sheng did not hesitate to reward her. This was the shame of life. Every time Mu Hai thought of this matter, he would not want to talk to him. For the past month, it had been pretty good, and he had gotten used to it. This time, Mu Hai was not so easily deceived, so he slapped off his subordinates and sent them away.

The student tactfully avoided provoking her and returned to his study to prepare for tomorrow's matters.

On the day of the wedding, the entire country was celebrating! After all, the Second Prince wanted to take a wife. Although he was already the seventh, he still had to follow the system of ancestors. The Deep Moon Kingdom had long since arranged for everything to be prepared. Of course, there was also the empress who was waiting for his seventh wife to die? This was what she was most concerned about.

It was rare for the desolate manor to be so lively. The same scene had occurred a year ago, when he had married his sixth wife. Of course, this time it was even more grand than before, and it was also the only time Nian Sheng could give it to Mu Hai.

Mu Hai was wearing a bright red peacock plaid dress, embroidered tassels, brocade belt, pleated skirt, and so on ? They were all specially crafted by the beautiful ladies before her wedding day and night. They were especially exquisite and gorgeous. It's really an antique. If I can bring it back, wouldn't I be rich? When he put on the clothes, he would even touch them and then lift them up to look at the lines. Chanel who is weak like Armani, there are many good things in the ancient times ? However, the ornaments on her head were enough to make her suffer. Normally, she would be able to get her hair done with just a rubber band, but now, with the pearl hairpin in her bun, her entire head felt like it had been pushed up against a water tank. Finally, she got dressed up due to her curiosity. After unloading a lot of pearl hairpins, it felt like she was carrying a heavy load of gold. Although her name wasn't real, it was still her wedding, so she could only endure it and put on a red veil before slowly walking out ?

The royal family wouldn't come to escort their bride, but to send yourself to the door. In Mu Hai's opinion, what kind of rules were these? If you want to get married, you should just send yourself over. If it was in a modern situation where the ratio between males and females were out of proportion, you should marry ? Uh, there should be a lot of students who would be sent to the door for this condition, right? Wood Sea was fighting against his own thoughts along the way.

Finally, after going through a series of red tape, he saw the figure of Nian Sheng. Of course, there was an old mother reminding her what to do next along the way. Otherwise, who knew what kind of trouble she might cause?

Through the veil, one could vaguely see that Nian Sheng was wearing a red embroidered gown. On it was embroidered an elegant dark red pattern, and on his waist was a golden silk ribbon. It made him look even more noble than before, and there was even a smile on his face.

He reached out his hand to grab Mu Hai Yang's hand and officially gave her a big bow. The prince only needed to announce the imperial concubine ceremony and Mu Dahai would be sent to the bridal chamber without spending too much time. Of course, she couldn't avoid a drink while she was reciting, so she was left alone in her room.

Who cares how many it is, it's not like those newlyweds sitting in front of the bed waiting for their husbands to shake their heads when they get a little drunk like the newlyweds? As soon as he was sent into the room, he raised his head and looked at the dessert on the table. He wanted to eat it but didn't dare to, afraid that he would die just like the previous six. He could only swallow his saliva and lie on the bed, telling himself that he wouldn't be hungry if he slept, and he wouldn't be hungry if he slept ? He brainwashed himself again and again.

"Empress, the Sixth Prince has arrived!" He could clearly hear a eunuch's high-pitched voice calling out to him.

After that, he heard the sound of people kneeling and bowing, as well as the sound of people getting up from their kneeling position. It's really the same as on TV. I think it's better for me to get up, just in case this old hag comes in and finds trouble with Nian Bing when she sees me like this. He quickly got up from the bed and pushed the jack back up, waiting for what was about to happen to him!

Indeed, in a short while, the footsteps were getting closer and closer, not just one or two, but a lot of them. He could even hear the people outside acting and pretending when Oskar was trying to snatch away the little gold man. When Mu Hai Yang heard this, he felt his hair stand on end, goosebumps rose all over his body.

"Come, let the tempest come strike harder. Come, let's see who can snatch the little gold man of today ?"

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