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As the door was pushed open, a person stepped into the new room. Even until the wedding, she had never met Mu Hai Yang. This made her curious and worried, but it was more of a conspiracy.

Originally, breaking into a bridal chamber was against the rules, but in the end, everything that she said was in her hands as she arrogantly walked straight in. He still wanted to take off the cover of Mu Hai Yang, but it was blocked by someone else. Mu Dahai thought to himself, this empress really doesn't have any standards, right? This kind of trash had dominated the harem for so many years? Relying on this kind of barbarian spirit? She had thought that he was so scheming and wanted to learn how to deal with her on TV. He didn't even bother to look at them, lowering his head and allowing them to cause trouble.

"Esteemed Empress, you can't ?" He also heard an eunuch's voice obstructing him. The Empress scolded him, "Get out of the way! This is the reason why I came here today to take a look? "

This time, Nian Sheng's voice carried a bit of authority as he said, "Mistress Yin, after today's marriage, how about seeing my daughter-in-law tomorrow? What do you think then?"

Mu Dahai didn't listen to the rest of the contents, but he was still preoccupied with the title 'Mistress Yin'? Isn't that the empress then? I already said, at most this kind of character can only live up to two episodes as a chess piece, do you still want to be the empress? It was definitely that old demoness who had called him to make a ruckus in the bridal chamber. It was a pawn, a pawn! Looks like I have to be more careful in the future. I will definitely be darker than anyone else she knows ?

Mu Hai Yang walked to Nian Sheng's side and said in a soft voice, "Your Highness, since Mistress Yin wants to see your concubine so badly, you can take off your head right now and let me breathe ?" Mu Hai imitated the pretense of a woman in the palace, rubbing his hand against her to give them all a way out of their new room and ruin their newlyweds.

How could she let them go so easily? He had no way of explaining himself if he led the empress to order it!

When Nian Sheng heard Mu Hai's words, he knew that she had the intention of calming this matter down, so he went down the stairs and lifted the cover of her head. She had really been shocked by her beauty. She had never thought that this girl could be so beautiful. Indeed, the most beautiful moment in a girl's life was the moment of marriage. After a short pause, Nian Sheng said, "Please come to the front hall, Master Yin!"

It was only then that Mu Hai saw the Countess. She was of a superior appearance and looked younger than him. The makeup paintings looked a little mature on her face. After all, she was a concubine.

Suddenly, Esteemed Empress Yin's amiable expression changed. "I brought some thin gifts with me, so I want to give them to her myself. You have no business here. Is the empress still in the hall?"

As Nian Sheng tried to stop her, he felt Mu Dahai patting his back. Naturally, he understood what she meant, so he didn't say anything else and left to face the old demoness in the hall.

There were only two people left in the bridal room. Each of them had their own thoughts. Mu Hai Yang, on the other hand, wanted to hide his sharpness and sharpness.

Mu Hai saw that she was holding onto a box, so he didn't move and greeted her, "Please take a seat, Mistress Yin."

Mistress Yin handed the box to her and indicated for her to open it. Mu Hai took the box and put it near her to open it. The interior was filled with jewelry. Just this small box was enough to buy over twenty of Nian Sheng's residences. Even though this mansion was not magnificent or dazzling, it was at least a manor.

"It's just a small gift. I hope that imperial concubine won't mind!" At this moment, the expression on the face of Mistress Yin made Mu Hai unable to understand what was happening.

"This ?" Mu Hai Yang originally had doubts in his heart, but since he needed money for meditation, what could I refuse to eat this meat that was delivered to my doorstep? How embarrassing to refuse like that, don't you think? If there were no problems, she would accept it without hesitation. She was afraid that there might be a trap waiting for her to jump into.

"There is no need to shirk such a small favor. In the future, we'll help each other out. "

Ha, so you're not here to cause trouble, just for the Queen to see? Or to win me over? It should be more accurate to say that the Fifth Prince's mufei, Yin Xinxin, had come to win over the Second Prince, right? Do you want to jump this pit yourself or not? He didn't know if she was sincere or if she was testing him. Time would expose everything, as long as he could live to that moment.

After thinking for a moment, Mu Hai put away the box and activated her skill. "Aiya, why are you saying that? Our family is too foreign to begin with, so shouldn't Fifth Brother feel that he is separated from the Second Prince?"

The smile on Yin Xinxin's face became even more pronounced. "That's good! Actually, he felt bad about causing trouble for the imperial concubine's new room. "Tomorrow, after meeting with the Queen, will you come and see your fifth brother?"

"Of course! Don't worry, fifth brother, what do you like? I, as his sister-in-law, will prepare it for him as well. " Mu Hai Yang and her face naturally had a smile, but not a smile.

At this point, Yin Xinxin had already gotten up and pulled Mu Hai over to the door. "Your fifth brother doesn't love anything. I'm just looking forward to see him ?" It's time for me to return to the palace. The two of them had naturally achieved their goal, so they chatted merrily, holding hands as they walked towards the door.

Mu Hai sent the Buddha away. This kind of person wouldn't live for more than a few episodes. She wasn't willing to be suppressed by the empress all this time without being smart. It was fine if the alliance didn't want to side with her, but right now, she couldn't. After all, she was a generous financial backer and had to help her properly so that she wouldn't lose such a big piece of meat.

This day was really tiring. He hurriedly threw his shoes on the bed. The season was getting hot, so he quickly took off his phoenix coronet and robe. His bones were on the verge of breaking, so he could still experience this once. Lying on the bed, her stomach moaned in protest. She was so hungry that if she were to encounter an earthquake, Hai Yang would always believe that her luck would not be crushed to death but would definitely starve to death.

Right now, she was starving. She stared at the food on the table and didn't dare to eat because she was afraid of dying! Suddenly, he had a flash of inspiration and took a silver hairpin from his head. Wasn't this how it was played on TV? It was quite reliable that he had searched it for over a hundred times. He carefully wrapped a piece of cake and placed it in the middle of the cake using a silver hairpin. It didn't have poison, but he was worried about inserting it sideways again. He had to turn the pastry into powder before he dared to eat it. Wooden Sea, oh Wooden Sea, are you tired of living like this?

He picked up another piece and prepared to try it. The door opened, and the moonlight lengthened his shadow as he walked into the room. Seeing her expression, Nian Sheng smiled happily. "Hai Yang, I made that myself. It's fine. Hurry up and eat it!"

"What the heck, why didn't you say so earlier!" Are you trying to starve me, Hu Hansan? " When Mu Hai Yang heard his words, she grabbed the pastries on the table and wolfed them down.

Nian Sheng had personally learned it from the chefs because he was worried about her. So it turned out that this little girl wasn't brainless!

Finally, after a mad sweep, he stood there eating and drinking to his heart's content, unable to move for a while. With a touch of alcohol, Nian Sheng stepped in and took her in his arms, hugging her tightly, his chin resting on the top of her head.

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