When they were about to stop at the last stop, Mu Hai Yang was still floating on top of his body, patiently saying: "Can you do it!? Why am I still here? "If it doesn't work, then I'll just wait for the Daoist priest to finish." How could there be so many Taoists passing by in this twenty-first century? I can just see your soul and help you recover. What's in Mu Dahai's mind!

"Hello passenger, I'm at ?" A standard female voice rang from the train, it sounded like a death knell! It's over, it's over. It's already the fifth time this month that I'm late. If I'm late again, I'm going to curse to death. Eh, that's not right. Why would I be worried that the boss would scold me? What's more, what's more is more important is your life!

"Remember to look for me!" Wood Sea! " That person's voice was clean and pleasant to listen to, but to Mu Dahai's ears, it was incomparably irritable.

With that, he disappeared. Mu Dahai had actually woken up, and the train had just pulled into the station. She pinched her face, then patted her legs. She was truly alive.

He finally got his life back, so he didn't care about the whole train of people getting up and shouting, "I actually came back, haha..." You shouldn't die! "

Everyone in the train turned to look at her, feeling that she was a lunatic who had gone insane from watching TV dramas. Mu Hai Yang didn't care that much, since it would be difficult to meet him again next time, how could he possibly meet so many people? Even if he didn't meet them, he still happily cried out: "I didn't die! That's great! I, Hu Han San, am back. "

He only thought of it as a dream. How could he believe the words of those demons and gods? The man in the dream was indeed pretty good-looking, mainly because he liked the type. Aiya, he actually forgot to ask for his name. In the future, he should pay attention to the people around him. Mu Hai Yang was so immersed in the joy of returning to the world that he completely forgot there was something else. Moreover, this matter was just a dream that he wouldn't wake up from.

Ye Zichen hurried over to the company. Luckily, he wasn't late. Is my good luck coming? He couldn't believe that he wasn't late on Monday. Ten times on Monday, at least eleven times late. There was no time without being late. The only difference was the length of time it took to be late.

When the company went out for lunch at noon, Mu Hai was chatting with a few colleagues who were on good terms with each other. They talked about what they had dreamt on the subway today. However, there were one or two people who only dreamt of it. The strangers at the table next door heard this and felt that this girl might have watched too many TV dramas. They were all crazy.

"Hai Yang, are you going to look for him on Saturday?" Su Guo asked Mu Hai seriously. It was obvious that she didn't want this to be a dream. It wasn't strange, as Su Guo's hometown was filled with some mysterious things. It was normal for her to believe these things.

"That's right. Hai Yang, are you going to look for him?" Another female colleague started gossiping.

Mu Dahai's anger rose. He recounted the story once before figuring out a question, "Find my ass! If I really did lose my soul, then it would be that brat's doing! If I can't kill him, that would be great!" If it was a dream, then there's no need to even mention it! "

"Guo Guo, don't worry about me, what's the matter! This Saturday's new movie will be set up together? " Mu Hai Yang was a little relieved, and then he asked them out. Most of them only had Su Guo, Mu Hai Hai, and a little girl who just joined the company. Therefore, Su Guo naturally spent more time with Mu Hai Yang and got along well with him.

"I'll go!" The little girl said she would go on Saturday. Su Guo naturally couldn't win against Mu Hai. In the end, it was the three of them who made an appointment to go watch a movie.

A day passed quickly on Monday, and because Mu Hai was not late, he was in a very good mood.

Finally, after work, Su Guo and Mu Hai went to the subway station. Since they were on the same line, the two of them would often be together after work, but not at work. Knowing that Mu Hai was late, they wouldn't wait for her on the platform.

Su Guo was one of those delicate girls that made people want to protect her. She was also the first person Mu Hai came to know from this city. As for Mu Hai, his mind was active and his brain was wide open. He seemed to have the ability to tell ghosts and speak nonsense, and didn't have the scheming ability to show off his strength. Su Guo couldn't learn this, and Su Guo's weakness was something that Mu Hai Yang didn't have.

Suo Guo was still worried along the way. "Hai Yang, are you really not going? Why don't I go with you? "

"Aiya, Guo Guo ~ I said I'd go watch a movie on Saturday." "If you don't want to go, then go!"

The things that Mu Hai had decided on normally wouldn't change. Su Guo naturally understood this, but she still couldn't help but ask her, afraid that she would offend him.

"Alright, let's not ask anymore!" Go home. You're not late today, are you? Should I buy me a cup of milk tea? " Su Guo tactfully changed the topic.

"Of course. Go! Celebrating my good luck! " Mu Hai Hai was really a b * tch. If one day was good luck, then he wouldn't get up 5 minutes earlier. Wouldn't he be getting good luck every day?

Old place, eh! The old place again. He was used to getting off at the station where Suo Guo lived and driving her home. With his looks, he wasn't afraid of others coming to rob him. Compared to Su Guo, he was different. Since they were already here, they might as well be good people to send her home!

When he got home, it was already 9 o'clock. After working for half a day, it was already 10 o'clock. He laid on his bed and played with his phone. Mu Hai had always had two phones. One was a normal phone, while the other was a better one.

For what? It started with the snow that year.

That winter, when it snowed and sealed off the mountain, the electricity in the house was gone for nine days. They could only light candles to live their lives. Fortunately, the small mountain village didn't need electrical appliances to cook, or else they would starve to death. Mu Hai was a mobile phone controller who loved to play games. He had used up his mechanical and hand gear the day before yesterday. The next eight days were killing her, her family said as they sat over the fire and chatted. If only there was a solar powered phone, they wouldn't have to worry about it running out of battery wherever they went.

Sure enough, a solar-powered phone appeared in the world. He bought it without any hesitation. He had spent an entire three months of his salary, and this was a huge sum of money. So she always had two cell phones on her, one for work. Another backup, so as not to repeat the same mistake.

Su Guo had laughed at her for several days, saying that she was now in the city and feared nothing. However, Mu Hai did not think so. If they were to appear again, all of you, even though you're only half-mobile phones, would go crazy!

Nothing had happened in the past few days. They should eat and drink, but they had never been late for work. This made Su Guo and the others sigh with emotion.

Friday was the busiest day to get off work. From then on, they would count the time to get off work. A group of people were out walking on the streets. If they could get home late, they would try to leave early. Firstly, he didn't want to squeeze into the subway during peak hours, and secondly, he wanted to sleep as late as he could on Saturday. So Friday became a special day for them to revel in.

It was almost time for the last train when they arrived home! Mu Hai was too tired to go home, so he took a quick shower before lying down to sleep. He would not wake up early no matter how late he slept.

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