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Mu Hai Yang couldn't move. What was going on? The smell of alcohol on his body, along with his own scent, assaulted her.

Nian Sheng said gently, "Hai Yang, if you are unwilling ?" The student said this very slowly. Mu Hai Yang's mind was racing. Just what sort of nonsense was this? Did he want to do it to me? Wasn't this too reasonable? Was it because she was hugging him? Did he think too much? Before he could finish his thought, he heard the student continue, "I can ask two words to send you away..." No matter how you listen to it, you still have to do it to me.

After saying so, he lifted up her head. Seeing her flashing eyes, he couldn't help but lower his head and place a heavy imprint on her lips. He also relied on his drunkenness to dare to do so. Mu Hai Yang was truly dumbfounded at this moment. It was over ? It was over ? Am I going to lose my virginity in this crappy place? That won't do!

Mu Hai Yang pushed him away, looking embarrassed as he lowered his head and said in a soft voice, "Nian Sheng, you promised me. If you don't fulfill my conditions, I'll leave now!" Of course I can touch you with these conditions, but you can't touch me, okay?

Nian Sheng wondered if she had misunderstood something. Uh, why would I misunderstand when I've already kissed her?

"If you're not willing to face it with me, I can let them send you away without a sound!"

Mu Hai Yang played with his heart, then struggled out of his seat and sloppily sat back on his chair: "You're scaring me to death, I thought ? Aiya, how could I, Mu Hai, be someone who is afraid of death? Aren't you underestimating me? "

"But ?" I, Mu Hai, was even willing to accompany you in life and death when I was stopped by Mu Hai. But what the hell are you doing? I don't want to hear about it.

After such an atmosphere had been in a stalemate for some time, Mu Hai Yang suddenly thought of something.

"Come, come, come... Nian Sheng, what do you think this is? " Mu Hai Hai seemed to have obtained a precious treasure as he proudly opened the box for Nian Sheng to see.

"Did Yin Xinxin give it to him?" Nian Sheng had always thought that she was here to cause trouble, so he didn't ask Mu Hai when he saw that he was fine.

"That's right, she was the one who gave it to me. I don't dare to touch these things. I don't know if she is sincerely here to give me a gift or if she is borrowing it to kill me so that I can claim it from the empress ?" Mu Hai Yang had never dared to touch these things. What if after being poisoned, he would die before the wedding night.

In his mind, Nian Sheng recalled if he had any contact with her. "What does she mean by this?" I never offended her, nor did I get close to her. " Mu Hai Yang could only use facts to explain what he said and made a plan: "If these jewels weren't poisoned, then she was here to win you over, and you're also a rich man. If the poison is poisoned, then it's still money, you can kill it in the future!"

He couldn't help but admire her. Having seen through the situation so thoroughly, he would naturally make use of this opportunity. "How do you know if there's poison inside?"

"About this, I have a way to try..." Fortunately it's ancient, what use would it have if it were in the modern era! " He had already made up his mind, yet he still had to mutter to himself. This was also why she had been curious about Baidu to search for it. However, she was unable to find it, so she came up with an idea on her own. According to the rough principles of the ancient techniques.

Hearing Mu Hai's orders, Nian Sheng didn't know what she was going to do. He would wait for her to finish, and just stand there and watch her prepare. She first poured a box of jewelry into the silver basin, then carefully filled the basin with water until there was not much water left than the jewelry. She put down the bucket and used a pair of silver chopsticks to spread the water out, allowing all of the jewelry noodle faces to come in contact with the water. After messing with it for a while, Mu Hai stopped and stared at the change in the water's quality of the jewelry. It wasn't that there weren't any changes in the silver, but rather the silver was slightly blackened. The top of the silver container that didn't even reach water had a faint black color. He really wanted to take credit for this.

Nian Sheng looked at the silver pearl hairpin and the blackened container in the water. He was truly amazed at this woman. Mu Hai Yang also thought that the poison should be able to dissolve into the water, otherwise, wouldn't the others poison it into their tea? After thinking it over, Mu Hai Yang came up with another plan. Yin Xinxin, you've really opened my wisdom. It's specifically meant to deal with you. Just you wait! If you want me, Mu Dahai, to die just because I've become an imperial concubine, and you're even more ruthless than me, then don't blame me for showing mercy.

"Hai Yang, you're really something!" Nian Sheng liked this woman more and more. His eyes were full of praise.

Mu Hai Yang was especially pleased: "Of course, if she were to die early in modern times with such a small trick, she would still want to fight? "You're not even qualified to be a b * tch with schemes, and you still want to be a b * tch with green tea ?"

Obviously, Nian Sheng didn't understand what was going on. In any case, as long as she said something, she was definitely right. Since when did he trust her so much? Afterwards, he instructed a few capable people to clean up everything before he took her into his arms.

What happened to this person today? Could it be that he was playing the fool after drinking a bit of horse urine? His whole body reeked of alcohol, but from the looks of it, he didn't seem to be drunk?

"Hey, hey ?" Yue Nian Sheng, what's wrong with you today? " Mu Hai Yang was struggling in his embrace.

"Hai Yang, let me hug you! I'm really glad... You're here! " He was too tired, so tired that he forced a smile on his face as he faced the people outside who wanted him dead. He was very tired, because he didn't want to be born in some emperor's family, but right now, he could only do this to avenge his mother and take back everything he had.

The tired Nian Sheng fell asleep on her body. He called for the two people to place him on the bed. Mu Dahai was still complaining, "Seriously, if I can't drink it, then I won't drink it. If I drink it, then I won't force it. "Don't worry, I will help you."

Seeing how Nian Bing was sleeping like a child, he probably had never slept well before, right? She suddenly changed her appearance. Shouldn't I have some tofu to eat? Such a good opportunity could not be wasted, and he did not know it. He thought about laughing and stared at him for a long time. He couldn't help but touch his face and touch his body. Damn, this is too unfair. It's good that he has such a beautiful body. Looking at himself, it was normal for him to turn into a man. It was unfair for this man to turn into a woman or a beauty. Mu Hai Yang was like a pervert, rubbing his face and touching his body as he muttered to himself. He suddenly realized a problem. "What the hell, where would I sleep if you slept?" Are you telling me to guard you? "Stop bullshitting. I still have something important to do tomorrow. Hurry up and get up." After chattering for a long time, he stretched out his hand to pull Nian BIng's hand from the bed. Nian BIng did not react at all. After a few minutes, his current state did not change at all.

"Forget it, why would a modern man like me care so much. Let's sleep first. You've already fallen asleep ?" He comforted his own heart, stepped on the empty space to crawl inside and lie down, there was half a person's gap between them. He pulled at the blanket and also pulled at the student.

He lay down peacefully, closed his eyes and prepared to sleep. Then he turned around and pressed Mu Hai Yang down on his body.

"..." Do you take me for a pillow? " Mu Hai Yang kicked him away with a kick, he really didn't want to leave him in peace. After so long, he was finally exhausted to the point of death. No matter what, he tried to lean against the wall to sleep.

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