Shortly after dawn, Mu Hai began to dream. It was too hard to remember his dream in a dream. Besides, how could he remember it?

"Brother, this is the girl?" In his dreams, Mu Hai Yang could hear people talking. How could Mu Hai who was dreaming care about what others were saying in her room?

Think of it as a dream. Like you dream of a string of numbers in a dream, do you write down whether you want to call the number or buy a lottery ticket? To buy a lottery ticket, of course. This had always been a principle advocated by Mu Dahai. Ghosts were just scams for kids, so he wouldn't make such a phone call. Threats were useless, and he didn't believe in foreign movies. He had to win the lottery.

"Hm!" Wood Sea! " The young man on the subway appeared in her room with a man a little younger than him. He looked to be a bit more mischievous than her brother, and his facial features were similar.

"Who?" Who are you? " Hearing his name, he even murmured in his dreams.

"Pfft ~ Bro, this is a wuxia novel fan, right?" The younger man laughed. What kind of story was this? His brother really had a heavy taste.

"What's the point of laughing!" The human face became darker and darker, while Mu Hai was once again in a dream.

A few minutes later, he stopped laughing and said, "Brother, go take a look at her dream. Yours Truly won't accompany you!"

As he spoke, he flew away from the window and disappeared.

"Yes, why did I forget? "Go!" He disappeared into Mu Hai Yang's forehead like a wisp of smoke.

At this moment, Mu Hai was in the middle of his martial arts dream. He was wearing a long black robe with his hair tied up, holding a long sword and pointing it at his opponent. His expression was ferocious, and he no longer had his usual playful expression. Are you really shocked me?

It was the same question, "Who is it?" He was about to die from laughter. Why couldn't this little girl change her lines?

Everything in the dream. This was a very normal thing. Dreams were always intermittent, so how could it be like a television show with episodes after episodes downplayed!

In any case, it was now Monday that the subway was being squeezed in. He had truly scared himself into a cold sweat and even dreamt of the person who was like him. It's over, it's over! His illness is not light at all!

I suddenly opened my eyes. He wanted to cry, but there were no tears.

As he patted his body on the subway, he exerted more and more strength, "Wake up! Hey, Mu Hai! Wake up! How can you die? You haven't even gotten married and the two of them haven't even lived for a long time, hurry up and wake you up! " It was useless to hammer his body.

Forget it, forget it. I don't have any men's tickets at this age, what kind of marriage are you thinking of marrying me for? If you don't wake up and die, you're done for! Mu Hai Yang said to himself. The more he thought about it, the angrier he got. "It's all that man's fault, otherwise how could I be like this again!" As he thought about this, he began searching for the person. Still no sign of him. This was against the rules. Shouldn't he be appearing now? And then tell me I was wrong?

Although Mu Hai didn't believe in the theory of foreign ghost movies, he had always believed in Chinese ghost stories and movie theories!

According to the plot, shouldn't they be Taoists at this time? Pfft, what Taoist am I thinking of again!

He could only beg, "Bro, please help me return the favor!" He had just insulted the other party to death, and now, in order to return the favor, he was truly shameless.

Nature's Wood Ocean could not see the little brother in her dreams, so when he heard her words, it was like this. That person could not hold back his laughter. It was as if he had just watched a movie; it was too thrilling. Just a moment ago, he was admiring how she had turned into a chivalrous woman. But now, her true form was revealed.

"Wood Sea, you have truly given me too many surprises! Let's see if you dare to find me! " He didn't want to stay any longer and left her dreams. Looking at the ocean of wood on the bed, he couldn't help but laugh, "If you don't come and find me today, I'll make sure you won't be able to come back!" With that, he disappeared into the night.

Mu Hai was suddenly awakened, cold sweat pouring down his body. He was really afraid! He first raised his hand to wipe the sweat off his forehead. After a while, he picked up his phone and saw that it was only 3: 30. There really wasn't any rest. Fortunately, it was only Saturday!

After browsing through Weibo, he realized that there was still human Weibo at this point. He was truly spirited. After looking down on it for a while, he still didn't feel sleepy and started reading it line by line. After looking at it for about half an hour, Ye Zichen thought about it and sent a message to Su Guo. Regardless of whether she saw it or not, he would send it to her first. Tell her she's dreaming about that again.

He was still wide awake. He didn't want to sleep at all. If he could sleep, he would, after all, sleep on Saturday. That was how the night owls worked!

He also read wuxia novels, Jiang Nan, what kind of family and grudge, no matter how many martial artists he read, it was pretty much the same, but he just liked them anyway. He was tired of watching and playing games. Listening to music in the middle of the night meant that the residents would have to report him. It was better not to do so!

"Ding ~" The sound of someone receiving the message came from the phone.

Mu Dahai was playing a game and whispered, "I'll go, I'll scare the hell out of you!" He ignored them, first finishing the game, then entering the world of the game seriously.

"Ding ~ Ding ~" After thinking about it twice, Mu Hai thought about what he should be doing in the middle of the night.

Only then did he remember that he had sent a message to Su Guo. He pressed the button to temporarily exit the room to check the message!

"Hai Yang, are you alright?" The first message.

Half an hour later, there were two consecutive messages: "I'll take the morning train to your district!" I sent a message to Little Jun saying that I'm not going to the movies anymore! "

After reading these three pieces of information, Mu Hai was still wondering in his heart what was going on. Because a dream wants me to go to Jiangnan? You even failed to make the movie I wanted? He really shouldn't have told Su Guo that this little girl believed all these nonsense. If the dream can come true, then I will be hit 5 million. I don't even have to treat you as a white-collar worker to become a boss. You don't have to worry about being scolded too late, I will scold you instead. Mu Hai Yang's brain began to open up again.

Alright, that's it. Why should I, Hu Hansan, be afraid of a ghost?

After replying to Su Guo, he let her have an empty stomach so that they could have breakfast together. He hadn't seen the movie in the beginning, but there would be one in the future. He couldn't just ignore Su Guo's interest in coming over so early, especially when he told her that he wasn't going and that it wouldn't be good if he invited her again. There was one more thing that Mu Hai Yang didn't care about. Did Su Guo not need to sleep? He had come home rather late last night, and was able to get up so early as well. Ignoring everything else, he continued to play. Wood Sea, who was immersed in the game, was just as obsessed with it as she was with wuxia.

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