Early in the morning, Su Guo carried her bag to Mu Hai's district. He knocked on the door familiarly.

He had only just closed his eyes when he heard a knock on the door. After a while, he went to open the door. When he saw Su Guo, he immediately became more clear-headed. He saw that she was wearing a yellow robe and her long hair was tied up. She had a backpack on her back. Before Mu Hai could react, Su Guo entered the room. Put the bag on the ground and dig in. He didn't know what to do, but Mu Hai was too lazy to look and went to wash up first.

When she came out of the bathroom again, Sugar had taken off his coat and was sitting on the wooden bed. There was only one room with a bathroom and a small balcony. The space wasn't big nor was it small. It was fine for two people to live here.

Seeing this, Mu Dahai was planning to show off. She said, "I say, Guo Guo, you've seen too much, right Lin Zhengying? Where did you rent this costume? "

"Alright, alright. Who cares about those things. Let's go and eat the beans!" Mu Hai Yang walked over to the bed and pulled Susu Guo along. He told her not to be so serious, and that she shouldn't tell this little girl about her dreams in the future. These past few days, she's been giving me weird tricks again!

"Hai Yang, I bought a ticket to Suzhou for ten o'clock!" Su Guo seriously told Mu Hai Hai that she wasn't joking. In any case, her city is very close to Suzhou, so it's only for half an hour. "Didn't you say you want to go see the scenery of Jiangnan? The Jiangnan from your novel? "

Mu Hai Yang was really shocked at this moment. He didn't know what to say. It was true that he had always wanted to go to Jiangnan, but he wasn't prepared for anything. How many days would he have to throw away his arms for fun?

Seeing that Mu Hai was silent, Su Guo continued to say: "I've brought all my things, if it's fake, I'll give it to you!"

At this time, Mu Hai Yang didn't think of anything and only heard Su Guo say that she was giving him the fake invitation. How did she do it? To ask for a leave of absence was truly asking for one's life.

"Guo Guo, you're not joking right? Can you get a leave of absence from that old demoness? Let me see if you have a fever. " After saying that, he reached out his hand to feel the temperature of her forehead. She blocked it and said, "Hai Yang, hurry up and pack up. I'll go buy some beans for you!" Ignoring Mu Hai who was still standing there stunned, he went to push her and took his jacket out the door.

What was this? However, this was also good. He could finally go to the Jiangnan region of his dreams. How great! He was in such a good mood that he wanted to laugh out loud. He could hear the sounds of laughter coming from a certain room in the residential complex so early in the morning. He almost forgot the reason why Su Guo wore the Daoist attire and went to Suzhou. He was completely engrossed in his own plan of where he should go and where he should eat and live ?

After packing up, the locked door began the journey! Along the way, Mu Dahai talked nonstop. He was in a very good mood, and everything that had happened before was forgotten. Suo Guo was completely flabbergasted by one of her tendons and her amnesia.

Only then did Mu Hai Yang remember to ask, "Guo Guo, what are you wearing inside?"

"Ah ~ This is my grandmother's clothes. They're supposed to protect her from evil!" This really was the clothes left behind by her grandmother. She said that she had to put it on to protect herself when she went out!

Mu Hai Yang couldn't hold back her laughter. It should be easy to fool someone like Su Guo in the 21st century, right? It was probably because her grandmother was afraid of being alone at night and had purposely made this kind of clothes to scare the bad guys. The bad guys had always been conflicted about doing bad things, but seeing this clothes, they would be scared to the point of kneeling down and calling their grandteacher 'grandma'?

"Pfft ~ Is this a Daoist attire or a yellow vest?" Mu Hai Yang couldn't help but say it out loud.

"Right!" After hearing Mu Hai Yang's words, she suddenly remembered something, reached into her bag to take out a piece of paper that was the same as the one she was wearing and stuffed it into Mu Hai Yang's hands. Mu Hai hurriedly took it and hid it, then he looked around to see if anyone was around, and when he saw that no one was paying attention to them, he relaxed. Su Guo was speechless.

"My grandmother made this for you according to your size, just like mine!" It can't be, Grandma Su Guo wouldn't want me to wear this, right? In short, it was not good to refuse her in her heart. Moreover, it was Su Guo's family.

The whole time, Su Guo sat by the window while Mu Hai sat side by side in the corridor. He picked up his cellphone and started to play games! Because it was too close, the game was not over yet, so he could only continue at night. She, Mu Hai, was going to throw her arms around and have fun ?

After getting off the car, he couldn't help but sigh. The ancient country was the same as the ancient country. Everywhere there was a strong ancient fragrance. What is described in the novel is far less powerful than what one experiences on one's own.

After finding a hotel, he put down his stuff and was dragged out by Mu Hai. When he returned to the hotel, it was already dark. Nothing had happened, making Mu Hai even happier. The two of them had sold a hairpin at a roadside stall. Su Guo had bought a silver hairpin, and Mu Hai had taken a fancy to a wooden hairpin. The two of them were extremely satisfied with their match and felt that it was a good match. He had even gotten the boss to intentionally pin his hair back in place, and the boss was already praising them for their gazes. They really knew how to choose a suitable one for themselves. They happily bought it, and the price was also accepted.

The two of them looked back and forth in front of the hotel mirror, and the more they looked, the happier they became. The two of them then found their actions to be laughable, and started laughing at each other.

"Guoguo, I still have to go to that street tomorrow. There are a lot of things I like. I'll pay them all with my blood!" Hai Yang, who was lying on the bed, said to Su Guo. Both of them were reluctant to part with their boss's money because they didn't know how to use it. For a while it would be beautiful, for a while it would be beautiful.

"Alright! Me too? " Su Guo was about to fall asleep with her eyes closed, so she casually answered.

It wasn't even 10 o'clock before both of them fell asleep. When she was close to her son, that person actually appeared again. He came to Mu Hai Yang's bed and caressed the hairpin that was exposed on her side. He said, "You're still here!"

"Bro, she was tricked, alright?" The younger man immediately gave his brother a bowl of cold water!

The man's face darkened. You want me to tell you what I know?

"If you don't wake her up now, it will be too late!" the man reminded the one by the bed.

Then, the man kicked at Mu Hai Yang, but nothing happened. After three consecutive kicks, he slowly woke up. Naturally, he went to check the time on his phone. Just as he held onto his phone, he saw the person in the dream asking, "Who are you? "Eh ? that's not right, who are you?" Who exactly did she say was going to make everyone present laugh? After that, they reacted and hugged their blankets as they stood up: "Who exactly are you? What deep grievances do I have with you? "

Then, she thought of Su Guo beside her. She quickly shouted at the top of her lungs, "Guo Guo, get up quickly! Someone's barging into the hotel at night!"

"What are you shouting for, she can't hear you!" "The Guo Guo that you said ?" The young man wanted to hear her scream, so he pointed to Su Guo beside him and continued, "It's actually me!" Then he laughed, thinking it was too much fun to fool this girl!

"Just state your names, I want to find a Taoist to accept you!" "We should avoid bringing disaster upon the world!" Mu Hai Yang didn't care who Su Guo was anymore. It had been so long since he last even knew their names, let alone their birthdays. How could he accept them? This was also because Mu Hai Yang was trying to scare them, so it must be another dream! It's not strange to dream of coming to this place, but this is their territory in the dream.

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