"Remember, my name is Mo Zhi, and he is called Mo Zhi." The man sitting on the bed told Mu Hai Yang.

Mu Hai Yang couldn't hold it in any longer and burst into tears. And the ink?

"If you laugh again, do you believe that I will break your teeth?" Mo Zhi was instantly angered. He was definitely laughing at his own name. He really didn't know what his father had given him. There was really no other way. Everyone was laughing at him, so he didn't like people calling his name, but even more so, he didn't like people laughing at his name.

When Mu Hai Yang saw his anger, she immediately covered her mouth and didn't dare to laugh anymore. However, she couldn't help but laugh in her heart.

Mo Yi picked Mu Hai up from the bed and walked towards the window. He casually threw her down and shouted from a distance, "Remember to look for us!"

Before he picked them up, Mu Hai Hai grabbed a lot of things and thought to himself, "Is this what I was with before I died?" It would be hard to compose a piece of paper if they were to be buried together. They would still be holding things that weren't RMB when they fell to their deaths. He was speechless just thinking about it! It was too late to grab the quilt. There must be something wrong with these two brothers!

After throwing her down, he heard Mo Zhi say, "Brother, are you sure you're not mistaken? Was it her? It doesn't look like it at all! "

"There's no need to say anything more. We don't have much time left here. "Hurry up and get rid of Su Guo's memory and send her back home!" After saying this, Xuan Zhi walked towards the window, and with a leap, he chased after Mu Dahai's disappearing figure.

That night didn't seem to have happened at all. It was as if Mu Hai Yang and Su Guo had never been to Suzhou before. Su Guo was watching TV at home. It was already the weekend. I have to go to work again tomorrow. I really don't want to move anywhere, so I won't go to Hai Yang. But Mo Li forgot that the hairpin she bought in Suzhou was still stuck in her hair. This made Su Guo puzzled.

On the other side, Mu Hai actually fell into the lake and didn't fall outside the hotel. When he fell down, the thing in his hand was also thrown out, and only one person was thrown in.

"Damn, it's so cold!" Isn't the water in the swimming pool too irregular? It was still so cold and opaque! It's too different from what I imagined, a bad rating! " Mu Hai Hai was completely drenched in sweat as he grabbed onto his arms, trembling as he tried to find an edge to crawl out.

After touching the grass for a long time, he found that it was very lush and verdant because it was spring. What the hell was this? Didn't you see any swimming pool with grass beside it? Aren't they all recliners and bikini beauties? The sky was dark, and he couldn't see clearly for a while. After slowly adapting to the darkness, he could roughly see the structure of this place. This glance was not important, but it gave him a great fright! Wasn't this the garden he was going to today? Can I fly this far from a hotel? From beginning to end, he had never believed that he had transmigrated. What if it was a scene from his dream?

What the hell am I doing in Suzhou? When he looked up into the sky, he realized that the starry sky was incredibly bright, almost comparable to the starry sky he was in back home. Taking advantage of the bright moonlight, he remembered that the arrogant thing in his hands had been thrown down by Mo Zhi. He quickly went to find the thing that he had thrown out just now, and it took him a long time to find his phone. That's good. Turn on the flashlight and you'll find the rest. Fortunately, he had grabbed his bag from the ground. It wasn't just that she couldn't grab the blanket, she wanted to use the blanket as a cushion of air, but she managed to grab everything else.

Finally, he had almost finished tidying up everything, so he quickly ran away with the oil on his feet. If someone found you in the garden at night, it would be hard to explain. It would be either stealing something or stealing something. Who would believe him if he said that he flew in?

"Master, it's here! We just heard the commotion!" At this moment, a group of people appeared out of nowhere. They were all wearing costumes and holding lanterns. Some of them were holding torches as they headed towards the center of the lake.

Mu Hai was greatly shocked. It was already so late, and someone was actually stealing things, yet they still dared to do it so brazenly. Even thieves would be braver than she was. Squatting dejectedly under a tree near the circular door. He sighed at how smart he was. He couldn't see the moonlight, nor could he see the shadow of the wall. Just as he was feeling proud of himself, someone shouted, "Someone come here! "Got him ~"

At this moment, Mu Hai Yang's face was covered in black lines. You stole your 'me' from me, so it's not like I'm in your way. Why are you capturing me?

The strong light was too dazzling. He used his hands to block it, but before he could even react, the two of them had already lifted him up and carried him away.

"What are you doing?" I can walk by myself, hey hey hey! I'll go by myself! "Why can't you security guards understand human language?" Mu Dahai couldn't stand it anymore and felt extremely displeased. This twenty-first century was so popular that it could catch people? It was different from the movies he had watched, where everything on TV was a scam.

The more he thought about it, the more he felt that something was amiss. They weren't wearing security uniforms, so why would a security guard need a torch? Wasn't there something like a flashlight?

Could it be because of those two brothers? It must be a dream, definitely! Just like on the subway, he was dreaming!

Still not right, how could I fall into the water when I was dreaming? That feeling just now didn't seem like it was in a dream! Not necessarily, fall into the water will be cold is certainly not covered up, dream fall into the water only to feel cold, right! That must be it! After thinking it through, they could pick her up however they liked. She only treated it as a dream, and laughed heartily when thinking about it!

Her smile startled everyone. At this moment, she had already been brought to the garden hall. It was the same as before!

"Your security guards are still wearing their costumes to work? Your boss really has a heavy taste, huh? " In this situation, Mu Hai was still talking to the security guards.

"How dare you!" Kneel down! " One of them pointed at Mu Hai and shouted with a savage look.

"Big brother, even if I'm stealing something, you don't need to make me kneel down right? Besides, you're looking for something. Did I steal anything from you? Did you believe me when I said I was just passing by?" Mu Hai kept chattering endlessly to that person.

He looked at the person sitting in the main hall, then picked up his teacup and imitated the ancients drinking tea. He even waved his hand, signaling the person beside him to stop talking. This made Mu Hai Yang have a good impression of him. He went up and smiled mischievously: "I know ~ Are you guys filming the night scene? "What kind of drama is this, I will definitely chase after you to watch ?"

After about ten minutes, the person did not reply. Mu Hai thought, "Not answering? They were definitely afraid that I would expose the truth. It was really a strict play. It will definitely look good! "

After that, he waved his hands and left, leaving a few maidservants to wait upon him. Mu Dahai didn't care that much, he was still feeling pleased in his heart. Am I going to shoot a TV show? No one is going to shout "ka" to confirm that I have overdone my act, maybe I am just testing the basic skills of an actor? When the time comes, I might want to cut my face off. If not, I'll just have to put on my face so that Guo Guo can see the beauty that we had in Suzhou.

That's not right! If that was the case, then it was no longer a dream! It was only then that Mu Hai realized what had happened. He had twisted his arms and legs, and now, he realized that it was not a dream! Then what the hell was this thing in front of him?

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