A movie? That's not right! I didn't see the director! Who cares if he was thirty-two or thirty? Let's just show our face first! He did not believe that the director would still not shout "ka"!

Mu Hai went straight to the man sitting in the main hall from the door, jumped at his feet, and yelled: "Master! This humble servant is innocent ? " Just as he was about to continue, Mu Hai was sprayed with tea!

He really wanted to curse out loud, even though he had already exploded out in his heart countless times. However, he still wiped the tea off his face with his hand.

He sprayed water all over her face, and when he heard her laughing, he said, "You're such an interesting woman!"

Screw your fun. Why did he get involved for no reason! Only now was he able to clearly see this person's appearance. His long hair was ingeniously braided behind his head and he was wearing a gorgeous suit. It was obvious with one look that he was neither rich nor rich. This film crew was really rich! However, he had never seen this celebrity before. Was he a newcomer?

If one did not look carefully, they would not be able to recognize it. Mu Dahai's hands were trembling. You ? You ? Is it a human or a ghost? " Wasn't this man in front of him a mystery? Why did he change his hair style? At this moment, Mu Hai Yang jumped off his leg and stood up to tug at his hair. Let's see what else he's still pretending for! He's about to scare me to death! Just as he was about to go and pull his wig, a maidservant blocked his way, "Don't be rude!"

These words infuriated Mu Dahai. "Am I being rude or is he being rude ?" The tea on her face was still there. She even said that she was rude.

"Alright then, Xuan Zhi, how long are you going to last for this show?" Mu Dahai was truly a little angry, and he ridiculed the Mysterious Deity Stage.

"You are not allowed to call me by my name!" Another maid coldly said that she was wrong!

"I'm not playing with you anymore, quickly let me go back!" He grabbed the bag on the ground and shouted towards Xuan Zhi. What had it been since they met him? Her soul had also appeared a few times, and she had also come to Jiangnan. How could she not turn herself into a chivalrous woman? If the good ones didn't come, then the bad ones would come. There was a huge fire burning in his heart!

"Send this lady to the guest room to rest!" Xuan Zhi ordered. Xuan Zhi acted as if he didn't know her and instructed the people around him.

"That's more like it!" Mu Hai Hai thought he was sending her back to the hotel, so he had a bit of a conscience.

He followed the maidservant through several corridors before he finally stopped! It can't be? We agreed to return to the hotel, why are we still in this crappy place? It was about two or three o'clock now.

To the servant that brought her here, he agreed with her. "Un! As expected of the two of you, who would drive back to the hotel at this point? As expected, the older you are, the spicier you become! Thank you, beautiful woman! "

Who cares where the sun rises tomorrow, let's sleep first! Tomorrow you won't be photographed as a specimen, right? You should set your alarm clock and get up before the garden opens, then slip away into the crowd! But what was there to sleep for if he was drenched all over?

"Is there a place to bathe?" No problem, just take a hair dryer and blow it down. I have clean clothes! " Mu Hai told the young maid that he had requested to see her here and the young lady quietly went out. This confused Mu Dahai. Was he waiting or not? He might as well wait. His clothes were made of water, how could he dare to lie down and sleep on that antique? He wouldn't be able to afford it even if he were to die. Looking around, he sighed. This film crew was really cheap, not even willing to light their bulbs! They were all made of oil lamps and candles, so it was not easy to find one at this late stage!

She really did have to wait until the next moment. When they came up, they put the wooden barrel behind the screen and even brought a few costumes with them. They were really considerate. Tomorrow, even if they slept to death on the bed, no one would chase them away. Just think of it as a garden event, a free photo shoot, and just thinking about it makes me feel good.

"Miss, please take a bath!" The maidservant changed her expression, no longer as icy as before.

"Don't call me 'girl' or 'girl', my name is Mu Hai Yang, you can call me Hai Yang! "Thank you elder sister, then I'll go take a bath first!" Seeing that the other person was treating him so well, Mu Dahai naturally healed his scar and forgot about the pain. Then, he started to make friends with her. The maidservant followed behind her, preparing to help her bathe. She absolutely could not accept this. She was not used to this! After rejecting her good intentions, he thanked her profusely for the place where she took a bath. He even got her to help him take a bath. How embarrassing was that!

"This service is first-rate! The water temperature was just right! This treatment... Tsk tsk tsk tsk ? There's no regrets in dying! " Mu Hai Yang was forever like a person whose scar had been healed and who had forgotten about the pain.

Right now, she was in her peaceful age, yet she did not know about it! He only thought of it as a dream, saying that it was a dream and he really did fall asleep! He woke up in the middle of the night and quickly got out of the bucket. He put on his clothes and went to bed. In order not to wet the bedspread or anything, put your hair down along the edge of the bed.

The next day, when the maid called her over, she found her sleeping posture to be incomparably ugly. Normally, she wasn't like this; she was just afraid that she would destroy the antiques! This also very easily caused her to fall on the pillow, so she really fell on the pillow, which was especially painful.

"Aiyo, I really want my sister's life!" Mu Hai Yang, who had been woken up, pinched his shoulder and cried out in pain. Why not just lie on the table and sleep yesterday? "What time is it that the alarm clock hasn't even rung?" What time is it? Let me sleep a little more! " She changed position again and lay back down, forgetting that she had turned off the alarm clock because she was wearing a costume. However, he very honestly got up and went back to lie down. It was the same drama that happened every morning!

"It is late in the morning, young lady! Your grandpa is still waiting for you? " The servant girl tried her best to persuade her and pulled her up.

"What do you mean late in the morning? "What kind of time is this?" Being woken up by her, he was no longer sleepy, and he began to chatter noisily, "He really should study well in Humanities! What do you mean 'time is of the essence and people are of the essence' ? "Eh, isn't this what you need to learn when fighting?" I'm going back to find Su Guo today. I don't know what she will think when she sees me gone. Send her a message first. He took out his phone and was about to send her a message, but he discovered that there was no signal. How was that possible? There was no signal to the huge Suzhou City. He was convinced!

He had only observed the garden during the day, but it didn't look like the garden he had seen before. He couldn't put his finger on it! Only now did she realize that the garden was really big. She walked through several corridors before arriving at the side hall. It was different from the main hall. The side hall was for receiving guests or people like her!

"Young lady, please!" That maidservant still didn't dare to cross over and call her Hai Yang. If their lord found out, he would be punished.

As soon as he entered the side hall, he saw Xuan Zhi sitting at the head of the table. The imposing manner he exuded was not any less than that of the emperor who sat on the television.

Mu Hai learned from the television and cupped his fists as he said, "Xuan Zhi, then I'll be leaving first! Guo Guo is still waiting for me at the hotel? We shall meet again! " Seeing that he was still dressed in an ancient costume, he said those words and then carried his backpack on his back and prepared to leave!

Xuan Zhi didn't say anything. He tilted his head to the side as he saw a lot of people, who had acted as security guards last night, barging in from outside the door. He held her down!

What the hell is this? A few more black lines appeared on Mu Hai's face.

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