He had greeted her well last night, so why did she capture him and his bag so early in the morning? I really don't understand what this man is thinking.

"Speak!" Are you a spy? " Xuan Zhi calmly said.

Mu Hai Yang was so angry that he wanted to kill him. It was one thing if he pretended to not know him, but he was still asking if he was a spy? If he had run away with a spy, would he have stayed behind so blatantly? Does this person even have a brain?

Seeing that Mu Hai did not say a word, Profound Truths looked up at her and someone raised her head so that Profound Truths could see her clearly.

"I heard you're called Mu Hai?" Mystery looked at her for a moment, then closed his eyes and took a whiff of the tea.

Should I play a scene of crying, crying, and hanging myself? Or did he carry on the spirit of a fierce woman who was not afraid of death to beat it to death? Which one should he use? From the looks of it, he seemed to be rather modest and amiable. Then, he suddenly recalled how he screamed blindly last night and sprayed a cup of tea on him. His heart was filled with rage.

Once he made up his mind, he asked and replied, "My name is Mu Hai, what orders do you have for me?" They were all watched on television and were finally of some use!

He was wearing the clothes given to him by the maidservant last night, and immediately entered the drama, imitating the image of a lady from a noble family. Why do I feel like I like acting so much? Not acting is a waste of talent.

"Why did you barge into my residence at night?" After Xuan Wu heard her answer, she picked up the teacup and placed it on the tea table, before speaking in a serious tone.

Mu Hai Yang touched his chest to calm his heart and cursed at him a thousand times in his heart. This guy didn't know how to recognize people no matter how bad their relationship was. He still remembered when Mo Zhi threw her down, he told her to go find them. This ?

He might as well stop talking and leave it to Mystic One! In his heart, he couldn't help but admire how good an actor he was. He had an unflustered expression on his face.

"Play... Continue acting! " It was really early in the morning. The crowd was infuriated. They couldn't help but say it out loud, and they broke free from their restraints and stood up from the ground. He had originally thought that since he had kindly accepted her in last night, he should accompany her in acting. Seeing that his expression was really serious, he didn't just scare her, but also ignited her anger.

Mu Hai stood up and walked to the empty chair and sat down. He crossed his arms over his chest and said loudly to Xuan Zhi, "I'm not leaving today. Watch you finish your act!"

"How dare you!" At this moment, Xuan Zhi was also furious, scaring all of the servants and maids present to their knees.

Mu Dahai saw them all on their knees, staring at Mystic One. His mind was thinking, "Is he sick?" Is the television show watching the cancer in its late stages? Why would this servant still cooperate with him? All of this was infuriating.

"Is there something wrong with you, Mysterious?" It's fine if you act alone, but what's the point in scaring them? " "Mu Hai Yang really doesn't understand how there is such a huge difference between the subway and now." "If you like to continue acting, you can continue acting. I'm watching ?"

At this moment, the maidservant who had taken care of her last night was kneeling beside her. She tugged at the corner of Mu Hai Yang's clothes, indicating for her to stop talking. Mu Hai Hai thought that his elder sister's foot was hurting from the kneeling, so he quickly stood up to support her. He then let her sit next to him in an empty seat. This action frightened the maidservants on the ground and the Profound Qi sitting in the center. The servant girl didn't dare to move. She just knelt on the ground and didn't dare to raise her head.

"Elder sister, what's wrong? Get up, isn't it painful to kneel on the ground? " Mu Hai Yang really didn't have any discernment ability at all. He scared the servant girl to the point that she broke out in a cold sweat.

Seeing that she did not look like a bad person, the maidservant kindly reminded her not to offend that kind master. After this incident, the maidservant did not dare to meddle in other people's business anymore.

"Looks like you won't accept the punishment if you don't want it. Come on!" Arcanum summoned his staff to serve his left and right.

The two of them immediately grabbed her and pressed her to the ground so that she wouldn't move. They were prepared to listen to the command of Mystic One to execute her.

At this time, Mu Hai Hai realized that this really wasn't a joke, but he still said without begging for forgiveness, "Is there something wrong? This penalty is also used in the twenty-first century. Just shoot me! I told her not to come to Suzhou... It's all Guo Guo's fault for bringing me down with you! "

Xuan Zhi had been listening to her mumbling the entire time, and had long since grown impatient. He indicated that it was time for the torture.

At this point, Mu Dahai could not escape from having his butt blossom. "Wait a moment!" With a sudden inspiration, he decided to find a different method. Otherwise, if he begged for mercy, spraying tea on his face would be better than having his butt blossom.

"You want to confess?" Mysterious Eyes narrowed his eyes as he looked down on these unscrupulous spies.

If you want to break free, you can only turn your face to the side and say, "Good man! May I know what day it is? " What she meant by that was that she wanted to remember this day forever. Just you wait!

When these words left his mouth, half the people were so frightened that they were on the verge of death. Half of them nearly burst out laughing, but due to the presence of Mystic Moon, they were forced to hold back their laughter!

Mu Hai Yang originally thought that saying such words was very imposing and bold, but he didn't expect it to become another person's joke.

Xuan Zhi almost couldn't hold himself back after hearing her words. After all, he was still quite steady. Ye Zichen coughed dryly to hide his expression, but the person on the ground couldn't see it anyways. Then he motioned to a servant to tell her, "What time is it?"

"Today is the ninth day of the third month of the year 114 years!"

Upon hearing these words, Mu Dahai was like a deflated ball, no longer struggling and pressing down on her. Because he suddenly lost his strength, he leaned forward. To Mu Hai, this sentence was like announcing the date of his death.

After a moment, seeing that the person on the ground was no longer struggling, he moved back a bit. He didn't see any movement from her on the ground, so he gestured to the maidservants beside him to go and see what was going on. Was he going to be scared to death with his punishment? This girl was definitely not a petty person. Wasn't she a little too timid?

The maidservant looked at her for a while, then shook her head towards Xuan Zhi, not knowing what had happened.

How could a woman like her be worthy of the attention? Just wait until she recovers.

But right now, Mu Hai Yang really wished there was a hole in the ground and he wouldn't come out. Was this too embarrassing? I thought he was filming and didn't even know who he offended? You should have reacted a long time ago? He was really going to die! No, then what am I? Transmigration? Or was he already dead and living in another time and space? Forget it, it was better to pretend to be unconscious for now. Otherwise, he wouldn't be able to pass this stage. As she thought of this, she closed her eyes, scaring the maidservant beside her into shaking her.

"Master, she can't be scared to death, right?" The servant girl said carefully.

"Humph!" Someone! Hang her in the yard! " Xuan Zhi didn't believe her words. He purposely spoke very loudly for her to hear.

Mu Hai Yang trembled in fear. She didn't understand the laws of this world. However, having watched so many ancient costume dramas, she knew that these kinds of people would often really hang her up when they spoke.

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