Hearing that, she slowly opened her eyes and got up, "What happened to me? How on the ground? Am I sleepwalking? "It must be, then I'll go back to my room first then!" Mu Hai was the only one who answered her own question. As she prepared to slip away, she appeared again on her left and right, forcing her to retreat to the side chamber. "Big Brother, don't be so formal. If you have something to say, just say it." Mu Hai Yang played with her ability to say nonsense when she saw people.

Then, he realized that begging would definitely be useless. He hurriedly squeezed out two drops of crocodile tears and begged for mercy, "Master Xuan, you have a lot of people. Why do you have to lower yourself to a little girl like me?" I have just arrived at this unfamiliar place, so it's normal for me to not understand the rules. In the future, when you tell this little girl to head east and not head west, will you forgive this little girl? " He had truly said all the sour words in his life in one go.

Xuan Zhi was determined to punish this girl who had an unknown origin, so he said to the left and right, "Drag her out!"

"Don't, don't, don't ?" Mu Hai Yang once again kneeled down towards Xuan Zhi and hugged his leg, not letting go. The left and right were just pulling at her leg.

It was just like a farce. Mu Dahai refused to let go even if he died, and he grabbed her leg from both sides to pull her out!

"Elder brother, the mansion is bustling this early in the morning?" Mo Zhi was in his room, and when he heard how loud the house was, he shouted and begged for mercy, so he came to take a look. Yet, he actually saw this scene. It truly was beyond his imagination. His brother was famous for not liking to have physical contact with people. This girl was truly a strange person.

Mu Hai saw Mo Zhi and knew that his savior had arrived. He quickly let go of the leg he was holding onto and pounced towards Mo Zhi. While doing so, he grabbed onto Mo Zhi's sleeve and hid behind Mo Zhi's back as he said softly, feeling wronged, "Mo Zhi, save me! Your brother is going to hang me in the yard! "

Seeing her like this, Mo Zhi felt that it was a little funny. He waved her around and walked to the front of the Mystic Sea with Mu Hai behind him.

Mu Hai Yang secretly glanced at Xuan Zhi. Seeing his pale face, he frowned and hid behind Mo Zhi's back.

"Who is this woman?" Is she making trouble early in the morning? " When Mo Zhi heard Mu Hai's words, it was like a bolt out of the blue!

Do these two really not remember me? Or was he acting with me again? Why is everyone so fond of acting, why don't you go and criticize Oscar?

"Really?" You two brothers are already so unrecognizable? " Mu Hai Yang wanted to question the two of them loudly, but this was their territory after all. Even though his voice was soft, he still made them listen.

"Detail!" Xuan Zhi didn't answer her. Instead, he simply said two words, as if he was saying, "Death penalty!"

"That's not right!" How did she know my name! " Mo Zhi reminded the Mysterious God. He had not used his name since the year his father had died. Instead, he chose a new name for himself, [Excellent Era]! Everyone only knew his name was Jia Zhi, no one knew his name was Mo Zhi!

Xuan Zhi wanted to tease her again, so he said, "That's why I'm doing it in detail!"

These words truly made Mu Hai Yang not know whether to laugh or cry!

After this farce, she had long since come to terms with it. There was no way that she could have done so in detail. Can you hear the expression of a person who has nothing to live for after all? No way! If her hand can't be lifted, what of what she can't carry on her shoulder?

"I think we should leave her at home first! In case she goes out to cause trouble! " Mo Zhi knew how to use the wind to make a move. Seeing that Xuan Zhi had no intentions of punishing this woman, he decided to let her stay for a while before asking about the whole story.

In his heart, Mu Hai gave Mo Zhi 1,000,000 likes! She had even forgotten the culprit that brought her here, and even gave him a million Likes. How big of a heart was this?

Mystic One had actually tacitly acknowledged his words. He called a few maidservants to wait upon her.

Mu Hai Hai was elated. He had been begging for mercy, but now he had become the young miss! What a great feeling!

"Mo Zhi, I owe you a favor. If you need me in the future, just say so!" After leaving the side room, Mo Zhi accompanied her to a guest room. Naturally, Xuan Zhi had actually forgotten to look at her bag. It should be said that she had already seen them long ago. They were all women's clothes, and after flipping through a few, she felt embarrassed to look at them, thus she followed them on the ground.

However, at this moment, it was carried on Mu Hai's back, and did not fit her dress at all. It only caused Mo Duo to glance at it a few more times!

"This is?" Mo Zhi couldn't help but ask as he pointed at his bag.

"Oh, this is a backpack, it contains some clothes and cosmetics from shopping on the street!" Mu Hai Yang explained.

But she didn't understand a thing she said. Then Mu Hai Yang remembered and asked him, "Do you really not remember me? You left me upstairs in the hotel, and you want me to find you? "How come now ??"

"Miss, brother and I have never left this place ?." Before Mo Zhi could finish his sentence, Mu Hai interrupted and said, "Really? Then how did I get here? I heard that it's an era of peace? "

He had asked a lot of questions along the way, but Mo Zhi was unexpectedly good-natured ? answering her questions was completely different from when they first met! This character, this temper, it was truly a great love!

Only now did he roughly understand what had happened. He was currently in the Li Palace, so these two brothers were surnamed Li. They had no parents, one was called Li Xuan, the other was called Li Jia Zhi. They were cousins with the Son of Heaven, and their relationship was neither good nor bad! Anhe and his neighbors had been fighting for territory! This was how Xuan Zhi treated him as a spy!

As for how she got here, even he didn't know. They only knew that a while ago, the two brothers suddenly fell ill. Although the medicine pills were useless, they still kept their breath, so the people in the mansion didn't dare to think that they died and could only guard them. He hoped that he would one day be able to revive him. Just yesterday, the two of them woke up as if nothing had happened!

"Yesterday!" Wasn't yesterday the day I came to Suzhou? So I saved your lives? " Mu Hai Yang really knew how to take credit.

He roughly understood what had happened. These two brothers truly did not know his current self, and those two brothers of the twenty-first century had completely different personalities from these two brothers! Now that he was already here, he had no other choice but to live on. Eh, that's right! I brought my cell phone, so why do I want to go back? Thinking of this, he started to laugh heartily, startling the nearby Jia Zhi.

Afterwards, Jia Zhi asked about her background and was even more certain that she wasn't some spy. In his knowledge, she was just an immortal. Jia asked her one by one the answers, both of them roughly understood each other, just that Jia could not understand her world. Only when she took out her cell phone and took a picture with him, did Jia Zhi finally understand. All of this completely exceeded his understanding of the world.

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