"What is this girl? Why are we inside? " Jia Zhi asked curiously after seeing the picture.

At this moment, Mu Hai Yang was extremely happy and completely ignored his words. She thought to herself: "Damn, this is too cool!" I actually transmigrated to the prince's mansion, and even got a shadow with this so-called prince. This time, Guo Guo and I started chatting. He just couldn't send it out without a signal. Luckily, he brought a solar cell phone with him. Otherwise, he wouldn't need to go to this damned place to charge up. I'm not going back this time, there's food and drink here, and I don't need to squeeze into the subway to go to work! God, you are too fair...

He had forgotten himself. In the days to come, he was prepared to spend his life in this Li Palace! Now that he was a guest, there was someone else waiting on him! I, Hu Hansan, have a few good days to live before I talk about anything else. He had taken a few pictures with Excellent Era as if he had forgotten himself. He had originally wanted to use a beauty camera, but later on, he thought of something else. This won't do. I'll just be uglier! All along the way, I felt that the scenery is not bad, so I called for you to get up and take a picture. At first, Jia Zhi was afraid of what this phone might look like, but after seeing that she didn't have any problems using it, he felt relieved. Mu Hai Yang had always been introducing this item to him as well. There was no problem, it wouldn't harm anyone! Other than using it as a brick, it was truly harmless, and it was also very useful! It didn't seem to be of any use here except to help her pass her time, did it?

"Oh ~ I understand, Hai Yang. This is just like a master painter? Isn't that right? " After hearing Mu Hai's answer, Jia Zhi came to a conclusion. Furthermore, the two of them were patting each other on the back as they strolled around the garden. They were on good terms with each other. Mu Hai Yang also discovered that he had a very docile personality, and was the same age as him! Isn't that meek? It was refined, refined!

Hearing his explanation, Mu Dahai couldn't do anything about it. "That's more or less the case!"

"Then frame it! Hanging on the wall! " [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter]

At this moment, a few more black lines appeared on Mu Hai's forehead! What the hell! You didn't print or frame anything! Mu Dahai did not say these words, but he was going to be asked about them again later! He just didn't say anything!

Seeing that Mu Hai didn't say anything, Jia Zhi thought that she was angry and wanted to frame their photos and hang them on the wall. Who among them would dare to hang on the wall so close to an unmarried man in the same frame as an unmarried girl, afraid that no one else would know of their adultery?

"Hai Yang, don't be angry! It's almost noon, you haven't eaten yet ? "Why don't we go..." Kaji prepared to take her in with a sugar-coated shell. This was indeed very useful. Mu Hai had been making a ruckus the whole morning because he was extremely hungry!

"Good!" "Good man, please lead the way!" Mu Hai said as he clenched his fists. From the beginning, she had always thought that she was in the middle of a bandit era!

In truth, Jia Zhi was helpless to tell her that the hero was not just a young lady like herself. Furthermore, this was the Imperial City and there weren't any bandits or robbers around. They had to respectfully call him the Fifth Prince or the Fifth Master! In the future, whenever he saw his elder brother, he would address him as' Prince Li '! He originally had a daughter at home. Marry her! There was only an empty space!

When this person got hungry, how could he remember anything! "Yes!" When Jiajia brought her to the dining table in the main hall, she saw Xuan Zhi already seated at the head of the table. It looked like he had been waiting for a while. What they had done that morning, the capital knew as well as anyone else. He had to observe whether this person was a spy or not. If it was an Oscar, then the whole palace would be in danger!

When she saw him sitting on it, she greeted him and then sat down! Mu Hai Yang's eyes were staring straight at the dishes on the table. His eyes were almost heart-shaped and his saliva was almost flowing out. There was an expression that could be explained by the expression on his face: "Excellent Era, are you guys eating so good everyday?" He completely ignored the fact that the prince had been waiting for them for a long time. At this moment, he revealed an expression of extreme disgust. He knew that this woman was very different from the others, but did he not understand the basic etiquette? He despised her from the bottom of his heart!

Just as Xuan Zhi was about to pick up his chopsticks to eat, he was stopped by Mu Hai. Let me take a picture first! Leave a memorial for me. Such a big table of good dishes is still free of charge! What do you want in life? " As he spoke, he fished out his phone. Xuan Zhi had never been stopped by anyone, so his expression became even more discontented! See what this woman was up to!

He took out his phone and stood up to take a picture. He also took a picture of the dishes and the two people sitting down as background photos. Mu Hai tactfully decided not to bid anymore. In the future, there would be many opportunities to stay in the palace for the rest of the day!

Just when he was thinking about it, he realized that it didn't fit in with his image. To become the fortune of a whole family, the two brothers respected each other very much. He thought for a while and then did it. He called for Jia Zhi to move the stool closer to Xuan Zhi to get into the picture! When he was ready to press the shutter button, it was obvious that Xuan Zhi couldn't hold back the anger in his heart. He looked at the two of them and shouted, "Move away from this king!" Then, he shook his sleeves angrily and left!

Those who were serving him were so frightened that they were about to kneel down. Mu Hai Yang was the only one that didn't understand this, so he was curious about this place to begin with! This curiosity brought some modern things here: "What are you being so fierce for! "Excellent, he doesn't want to eat us!" Seeing the group of people kneeling on the ground, Mu Hai could not bear to look at Jia Zhi. He said, "Let them get up. The ones that haven't eaten will eat together. This table of theirs is such a waste!" At first, she didn't want to learn about novels in which people would sit down to eat with her, but it was really a waste. Now, she realized that the novel that someone had transmigrated was not an act, but a waste!

The people on the ground didn't hear their master's words, who dared to move! They all lowered their heads, afraid that this woman would notice them and come up with something new. They still vividly remembered that scene from earlier. After that, Jia Zhi told them to get up, and they were no longer required to wait on them, leaving the two of them alone. Mu Hai Yang still felt that it was a pity, but she still used her specialty: eating! Try to finish each dish as much as possible. In any case, you have to try every dish, and if you don't like it, you don't have to eat it. Therefore, in the end, there were only a few dishes left that she didn't like, and they were all given to her to eat. Seeing this battle strength, Excellent Era was filled with admiration! I've really never seen a girl who can eat so much. If her brother was here, wouldn't he have enough to eat?

But who would have known that Mu Dahai was already too tired to move. He had to support himself on the table for a long time before he could slowly move. Otherwise, he wouldn't be able to move!

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