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C10 There Is a Difference Between Men and Women

She raised her eyebrows slightly, stood up, took it, and ate it again.

After repeating this a few times, Su Nanxing gave her another cup of tea.

This time, Lin Xuecha did not pick up.

She glanced at him with a strange look and said:

"In the end, Your Highness and Snow Tea are of inferior status. There are differences between males and females. Some things should be clearly distinguished, but it is still better to be distinct."

Su Nanxing was silent, he looked at her for a while, then his transparent eyes started to ripple.

He suddenly placed the teacup on the table with very light strength.

Her jet-black eyes stared straight at her without blinking. Su Nanxing did not say anything to refute her words.

"Princess, have you seen the relationship between Master and Disciple clearly?"

This... Of course not.

Lin Xuecha frowned, his eyes squinted.

The meaning behind Su Nanxing's words, was that he saw her as his disciple, and that she was his master's disciple.

But she thought that he didn't have any other intentions.

However, his movements were truly ambiguous.

Either he was delusional about her, or he had some other motive.

If it was anyone else, their thoughts would definitely be the same as hers.

However, looking at the indifferent expression of the handsome man in front of him, there wasn't a trace of doubt or inquiry in his eyes …

Could it be that she was really being paranoid?!

Lin Xuecha lowered his eyes in thought.

Maybe because she had been at the border for six years and had received the favor of her father, Su Nanxing decided to treat her differently.

Su Nanxing looked at her, and a single word slowly came out of her lips:


Lin Xuecha looked at him for a while with a complicated gaze. He couldn't see the true face of the man and didn't want to think about it at all.

She picked up the teacup and took a sip.

It was neither cold nor hot, and the temperature was just right.

"In the future, Princess doesn't need to stand up to receive This King's things, nor do you need to say any foolish words. This King is your master."

Lin Xuecha was caught off guard and his face flushed red.

His words were a clear warning. It could even be said that it was a warning message to her …

Don't think wrong, do you?

He could actually guess what was on her mind. It really was …

However, it was better to speak frankly than to probe and suspect.

Then … this person's reason for treating her well was completely out of respect for her father.

Knowing the reason, Lin Xuecha lowered his eyes. His guard was slightly less, and he happily finished the cup of tea in one gulp.

The man's gaze was fixated on her flushed face, unmoving.

The corner of his lips suddenly curved into a faint smile. It was neither joy nor anger, yet it disappeared in a flash …

After Lin Xuecha was forced to eat and drink to his heart's content, he brought her to walk around the Palace.

She couldn't help but be puzzled.

Even if the relationship between master and disciple couldn't be so distinct, there was no need to get so close!

She did not live in the Ninth Prince Palace.

Lin Xuecha couldn't understand, Su Nanxing allowed himself to be familiar with his Duke Palace, so what exactly did he intend to do …

Seeing Su Nanxing starting to introduce the kitchen, Lin Xuecha immediately said.

"Your Highness, there's no need for the kitchen. Snow tea doesn't know how to make food."

Ninth Prince Su Nanxing's gaze turned slightly, and landed on her body.

The color of his eyes turned slightly darker as he said in a secretive manner,

"You won't. This King can teach you."


Lin Xuecha choked, he was unable to respond.

In her impression, the instructor seemed to be imparting knowledge and talent to her.

Why did this fellow have to be in charge of cooking?

Su Nanxing laughed, and laughed in a low and deep voice, which was extremely pleasant to hear.

He raised his head to look at the sky. The sunlight was getting brighter and brighter, and he was looking down at the ground from a high vantage point.

It was almost time for that person to arrive …

Su Nanxing's gaze shifted downwards, and landed on Lin Xuecha's face.

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