Prince's Fierce Concubine/C12 What Are You Laughing At?
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Prince's Fierce Concubine/C12 What Are You Laughing At?
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C12 What Are You Laughing At?

Suddenly, as if he thought of something, he stepped forward and began to carefully size up Lin Xuecha.

"It's weird, it's weird. Fifth brother said that Princess Yuexi looks extremely miserable, anyone who saw it would want to poke their own eyes with their hands. That's why he said that he wanted to end the marriage …"

He knew fifth brother's personality very well.

Although he was extremely beautiful, only a beauty like Mo Qingcheng would enter his eyes.

Lin Xuecha's beauty could be considered good, but with fifth brother's personality, there was no reason for him to reject the marriage.


The two of them then broke off the engagement for real …

This is truly … Strange?

Lin Xuecha looked at him as a peculiar glint flashed past her cold eyes.

Just as she was about to say something, Su Nanxing patted on Rong Zhi's shoulder, pulling his attention away from Lin Xuecha.

"How did you get out of the palace? Esteemed imperial concubine, you're not that kind of person."

When talking about concubine Qing, Rong Qi felt an inexplicable sense of fear.

His voice was extremely low, and his face had the words' guilty of being a thief 'written on it.

"Consort Mother still doesn't know that I'm leaving the palace, so I'll be out for a while. Ninth Brother, please don't let Consort Mother know that I came out."

Hearing this, Lin Xuecha couldn't help but smile, though it was a smile that wasn't a smile.

Rong Qi was two years younger than her. He did not know whether he was protected by his concubine or not, but he seemed to be more innocent.

They were incompatible with the people of the palace who ate people without spitting out their bones.

She lowered her eyebrows and sighed.

Not everyone, especially... People from the royal family.

People in the palace often had miserable endings due to their pure and kind fate.

Rong Qi was looking around, but when he unintentionally glanced at her, he couldn't help but feel annoyed when he saw her laughing, "What are you laughing at?"

They were separated by a little distance, and just now, he had intentionally lowered his voice to speak to Su Nanxing.

Lin Xuecha had learnt martial arts so his hearing was naturally different from ordinary people.

The problem was that in this world, besides herself, no one knew that she knew martial arts.

No, to be exact, there was a man who knew.

A year ago, that ingrate who destroyed the bridge after crossing the river also knew that she knew martial arts.

Su Nanxing looked at her with an unreadable gaze, then spread his hands and asked innocently:

"Could it be that the position of Eleventh Prince is to care about the laughs of others?"

"Who cares what you laugh at?"

Hearing Ji Hao's words, Rong Qi almost bit his own tongue.

No matter what she laughed at, why did he ask her?

"Oh …"

Lin Xuecha responded with an 'oh' appropriately, his tone dragging on for a long time.

Rong Qi had a simple mind.

With Lin Xuecha's reaction, no one could tell …

She was laughing at him, throwing a rock at his feet and slapping him on the mouth.

He was so angry that his face turned red.

Since young, other than the Consort Mother, who had been strict with him, he had never been hurt by a woman, right?

Pointing his finger at her, Rong Qi opened his mouth and complained to Su Nanxing:

"Ninth Brother, this disciple of yours doesn't have the virtuous nature of a woman at all. Eleven is not fond of her, and Elder Sister Lian is still the best. She is gentle and virtuous, generous and appropriate."

Lin Xuecha wanted to tease Rong Zhi Zhe because he found this child very fun.

Unexpectedly, Su Nanxing gave her an indifferent look. She raised her eyebrows, and that was it.

Su Nanxing said to Lin Xuecha, "It's getting late, you go back to your residence first."

Lin Xuecha nodded.

She immediately turned around and left the manor, but just as she raised her gaze, she was stunned on the spot.

Under the sunlight, a man dressed in a big red palace uniform walked towards them step by step with a faint smile on his lips.

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