Prince's Fierce Concubine/C13 It Was the Person Who Killed Her
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Prince's Fierce Concubine/C13 It Was the Person Who Killed Her
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C13 It Was the Person Who Killed Her

When the man lifted his hand, there was a faint sense of unwittingly elegance and unruliness.

Compared to ten years ago, when he still had his youthful appearance, the person in his eyes now seemed to have become more mature as time passed by and he became even more eye-catching.

This man …

Lin Xuecha's slender fingers had already been clenched into a fist.

Back then, this handsome man who had grabbed her neck with a cold smile and stared at her with bloodthirsty eyes …

She would never forget it, never forget it!

Lin Xuecha's body tensed up, she squinted her eyes, and stood in place, not moving at all.

The handsome man in front of her paused for a few seconds before shifting his gaze away. He smiled at the person behind her.

"I also said that since Ninth Younger Brother returned to the Capital City, why didn't you come to my Palace for a chat? So it turns out that the Ninth Younger Brother's Palace had been hiding all this while, and did they still need to care about me? "

Su Nanxing walked forward, seeming to have no intention to pass Lin Xuecha, and even more so, carelessly brushed past her.

With a cold expression and a slight nod, he did not greet the newcomer, nor did he deny it. He only said:

"Why is the crown prince free? Have a look at This King's residence?"

After Lin Xuecha was gently knocked back to her senses, she retracted the cold gaze at the bottom of her eyes and slightly raised them.

Hearing how Su Nanxing did not conform to the rules and talking to the Crown Prince Su Jin, her eyebrows raised slightly. She lowered her eyes again, thinking about something.

Crown Prince Su Jin did not care about Su Nanxing's rudeness, he was used to it.

Looking at Lin Xuecha who was standing still in his original position, the advisor standing behind him suddenly opened his mouth and asked:

"Which family's girl is this? How dare she not greet the crown prince when she meets him?"

Lin Xuecha had yet to move, but Eleventh Prince suddenly moved forward submissively, bowing towards him.

"Eleven greets the crown prince. The crown prince is fine."

The crown prince was much older than him and was born in the family. Since he was young, he did not like to interact with the crown prince.

Whether it was in terms of status or words, the crown prince gave him an intangible sense of oppression.

This kind of oppression was different from the Royal Father's majesty, and was different from Consort Mother's sternness.

It was a genuine disdain, a rampant existence in noble bloodlines.

Even though Ninth Brother was aloof and arrogant, sometimes unbridled and carefree, he never easily gave others a feeling of oppression.

Well, he still likes Nine.

Su Jin's gaze wantonly lingered on Lin Xuecha's body, not concealing anything.

Her heart turned cold, but she respectfully bowed to him.

"Snow tea, greetings to the crown prince. The crown prince is fine."

Seeing that she was respectful, calm and collected, without a hint of ignorance or foolishness, Su Jin's gaze became deeper.

He suddenly stretched out his hand and supported her slender arm, helping her to stand up.

"So it's Princess Yuexi. Eleven, you get up too. "

Her bare hands under her sleeves, and her nails a little whiter, had been touched by Su Jin. Lin Xuecha's heart was filled with disgust, but her expression was calm.

Eleventh Prince also took this opportunity to get up. Su Nanxing's gaze seemed to glance at Su Jin's hand.

The expression in his eyes didn't change. Very naturally, he pulled Lin Xuecha to his side and said:

"Snow tea, go make tea for the crown prince."

Lin Xuecha stared in front of him, the tea that he had just brewed, his eyes revealing a look of surprise.

Su Nanxing had asked her to make some tea for him, so it wasn't that she didn't understand anything about it.

This was her first time in the Ninth Prince Palace, how would she know where the furniture and utensils were kept?

Thus, she randomly picked a spot and wandered around the mansion. She didn't expect that …

Someone had actually come out of the kitchen and passed the tea that had been brewed over to her.

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