Prince's Fierce Concubine/C14 A Man Whom His Master Likes Is too Suspicious
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Prince's Fierce Concubine/C14 A Man Whom His Master Likes Is too Suspicious
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C14 A Man Whom His Master Likes Is too Suspicious

The woman lowered her gaze, not daring to look straight at her.

Seeing that Lin Xuecha had not accepted the tea in her hand for a long time, she followed the butler's instructions and spoke:

"This was instructed by the prince. The princess can take it. If the princess doesn't trust this servant, I can wait for the princess to take the tea from you. This servant can try out the tea to quell the princess' worries."

Lin Xuecha glanced at her.

Without another word, she took the cup of tea from the girl's hand and continued to stand on the same spot.

The woman raised her eyebrows and stretched out her hand to shake the teacup. She took out a small teacup from her sleeve and poured the tea into it.

After a while, she had no reaction at all. Lin Xuecha was silent for a while, and then said:


Suspicion was not on her mind.


If you easily trust a person, without a destination to help you treat them well, for the time being, she won't be able to do it.

The lady had her eyes downcast, but after hearing the two words, she raised her eyes in shock, and just as she was about to look at Lin Xuecha, Lin Xuecha had already left her.

"I didn't expect master's favorite girl to have such a deep wariness against others …"

The security in the Ninth Prince Palace was tight, and normal people would have thought that assassins would not do something like that, appearing openly in the Ninth Prince Palace.

Moreover, whether the assassin would be able to enter the Ninth Prince Palace successfully was still a question.

However …

'This girl is suspicious … '

Fortunately, she was witty and had prepared a small teacup first …

The woman looked at the slim back of the woman in front of her. She rubbed her chin and sighed in her heart:

Mistress, the future mistress, doesn't look like it will be easy to take her down!

Lin Xuecha stood beside Crown Prince Su Jin and poured tea. After that, he placed the tea bowl on a small wooden table beside him.

Su Jin's black eyes stared straight at Lin Xuecha.

After seeing her finish pouring the tea, she obediently walked to Su Nanxing's side and stood quietly, and couldn't help but raise her eyebrows.

He picked up the bowl of tea and took a deep breath, "Princess is indeed Ninth Younger Brother's disciple, this tea is so fragrant."

Su Nanxing looked at Lin Xuecha, his expression unclear.

Lin Xuecha lowered his eyebrows and replied perfunctorily, "The Crown Prince is flattering me."

Su Jin's thoughts naturally wouldn't be on praising Lin Xuecha. He gently sucked in a mouthful, and said:

"But, the art of brewing tea is not something that can be learned in a day. According to what I know, this is the first time a princess has come to the Ninth Younger Brother Palace to teach me …

For tea to be so sweet and flavorful, I wonder what method the princess used to brew it.

Su Jin's tone was rather light and his question was casual.

Then, Lin Xuecha's heart trembled.

As intelligent as she was, how could she not understand the difficulty in Su Jin's tone?

The problem was that Su Jin was questioning her ability. After all, she had stayed in the capital for ten years and had not returned to the capital. Perhaps …

Just to make things difficult?

In an instant, Lin Xuecha's mind had already thought about it a thousand times, meditating on the biggest attack on Su Jin's words.

Su Jin and Su Nanxing had been at loggerheads since young, but because of Su Nanxing's mild and mild temperament when he was young, and never bothered with Su Jin, the palace had been at peace for many years.

And now, with the Crown Prince Su Jin coming to the Ninth Prince Palace on his knees, with his personality that was always against Su Nanxing, how could he, really be easy to talk to?

Even though she and Su Jin had been enemies since childhood, ten years had passed and it was her first time returning to the imperial city. To the outside world, she still referred to it as amnesia, so the crown prince definitely did not have any reason to make things difficult for her …


She was Su Nanxing's disciple, otherwise …

She could not think of the real reason why Su Jin was making things difficult for her.

Su Nanxing didn't have much of a reaction, but the color of her eyes darkened slightly.

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