Prince's Fierce Concubine/C15 What Are You Thinking About?
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Prince's Fierce Concubine/C15 What Are You Thinking About?
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C15 What Are You Thinking About?

The hall was very quiet.

It was so quiet that even the active Eleventh Prince didn't dare breathe too loudly.

Seeing that she did not answer, Crown Prince Su Jin's eyes flashed.

"What? Is it hard for the princess to answer my question?"

Su Jin had never been a good person.

When he was young, he dared to force a wife of the house of the Marquis to death, and he also dared to grab a child by the neck in an attempt to destroy him.

This person was vicious, and extremely clever. She had only just returned to her Capital City, so standing firmly was the most important.

Compared to the crime of not knowing the tea ceremony, it was not enough. It could be compared to his life …

Lin Xuecha pursed his lips, preparing to speak the truth, but suddenly, Su Nanxing who was silent opened his mouth:

"As the future crown prince, if you want to think of a way, you can make your men do it. What do you want to do in order to make things difficult for my people?"

With that said, not only was Su Jin stunned, even Lin Xuecha was stunned.

Everyone in the hall was stunned, only Su Nanxing's personal guard, Qian Wu, had the same expression.

Su Nanxing's reputation was known by everyone in the palace, and even more so by everyone.

No matter how hard Su Jin tried to make things difficult for him, his face remained calm and composed.

She had never seen him fight back so bluntly for someone's sake …

As for her, Lin Xuecha, and Ninth Prince Su Nanxing, they could really only be considered as normal acquaintances. The number of times they had met, could be counted with one hand.

She also didn't believe that Su Nanxing, who had been calm and low-key for so many years, would interfere with her affairs for the sake of her father and publicly provoke people like the crown prince for her.

But why...

Yet now he was helping her so unadorned, placing her on his side, the person that he, Jing Ran, was protecting?

Lin Xuecha focused on Su Nanxing's beautiful, picturesque face, a complicated look in his eyes.

What intentions did Su Nanxing have to help her?!

Su Jin slightly narrowed his eyes, he looked at Lin Xuecha, and then swept his gaze across Su Nanxing's body.

"From what Ninth Younger Brother said, I was just casually asking. If someone else saw your anger, they would think that I had done something to the princess …"

A hint of sternness flashed through Lin Xuecha's pitch-black eyes. She did not make a sound, and stared straight at the hem of her skirt.

Su Nanxing's eyes were calm as he picked up the teacup and took a sip of the tea.

Seeing that, Su Jin's deep eyes suddenly changed.

What he hated the most was Su Nanxing wanting to fight him, yet not wanting to fight with him.

He was calm and composed, as if he had nothing to do with the world. Yet, at critical moments, he was a man who liked to interfere. He was the most hateful!

Unfortunately, the Royal Father doted on him, so he could not go easy on him …

Su Jin retracted his thoughts, he had found fault unilaterally for many years, and had long since mastered the art of restraining his emotions and treating Su Nanxing as if he did not care at all.

He looked at Lin Xuecha, his lips curved in a smile, and said:

"I wonder why Fifth Brother wanted to cancel the engagement with the princess. An outstanding woman like her should be someone from my imperial family."

Lin Xuecha lowered his head, his eyes cold and unfeeling, "The Crown Prince is too kind, the Fifth Prince's heart belongs to someone, and the Snow Tea is also not very good-looking, and she does not have any talent, so she is not worthy to be the Fifth Prince.

Eleventh Prince might not be able to listen, but he suddenly interrupted and said:

"You also know that fifth brother's position is honorable, and his appearance is extraordinary. I wonder how many women in the world would want to obtain his position as main wife. You are so foolish, to actually clasp your hands so easily!"

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