Prince's Fierce Concubine/C16 The Way of His Master's Wife
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Prince's Fierce Concubine/C16 The Way of His Master's Wife
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C16 The Way of His Master's Wife

Su Jin glanced at Eleventh Prince, who immediately went silent like a dried up flower, looking pitiful.

But right now, Lin Xuecha was not in the mood to be bored, to enjoy his dejected expression.

Only one person had asked a question.

The question caught her by surprise and left her speechless for a long time.

"Breaking the engagement with Fifth Brother, I didn't ask for it, but I received Fifth Brother as compensation as well, a hundred thousand gold," Su Nanxing said expressionlessly, his voice was also light, and his emotions were low.

"Exchanging the position of an imperial concubine for ten thousand taels of gold. Snow tea, do you regret this transaction?"

Su Jin's sharp eyes fixated on Lin Xuecha's body, quietly thinking about the meaning behind Su Nanxing's words.

Just a second ago, she thought Su Nanxing would be helping her with all his heart, but when Su Nanxing asked that question, she knew that Su Nanxing would also push her to the heart of the struggle.

No, not at all...

That was because the person protecting her would never push her from behind if she failed to gain a foothold.

In front of her enemies, she needed to hide, not … It released a sharp light.

Lin Xuecha looked at Su Nanxing for a long while before saying:

"The beauty of adulthood, the reciprocity of benefits, the Snow Tea..." There's no need to regret it. "

Hearing her words, the corner of Crown Prince Su Jin's mouth curled up into a smile.

This girl was indeed not a good person …

He wasn't stupid. Having been proven to be true, his probing heart had eventually settled into place.

Amongst the people present, only the silent Qian Wu knew the reason behind his master's words.

The Crown Prince had a lot of thoughts, and he was not someone to be trifled with. In his residence, there were numerous strategists and strategists.

How could she not guess what her thoughts were?

Master had told him before, that on the first day Princess Yuexi came to his mansion, the crown prince would definitely visit his mansion.

Since Princess Yuexi had not returned to the Capital City for ten years, and she didn't have anyone in the manor to protect her, her misgivings were too heavy to easily be believed by anyone.

In order to delay the current situation and gain Lin Xuecha's trust, her family's master had even told her to only come to class tomorrow.

Today, Lin Xuecha suddenly came to visit, he did not keep her, and only...

In the end, he was still unable to avoid the crown prince …

He understood that this was his family's master.


This Princess Yuexi, however, might not understand …

Looking at the crown prince's leaving figure, Lin Xuecha's gaze turned ruthless. When he looked back, he was already clear on the situation.

She bowed towards Su Nanxing, then stood up and took her leave.

Su Nanxing looked warm, "Come to class tomorrow."

Lin Xuecha indifferently glanced at him, gave a "yes", then turned around and left the manor.

Seeing that, Qian Wu who was standing behind Su Nanxing, frowned.

The figure of the woman, Ting Yu, became further and further away. When she looked into his eyes, all that was left was a blurry green color.

He pursed his lips, hesitated for a while, and then said:

"Master, Princess Yuexi, looks like you're a bit angry …"

The handsome man did not speak for a long time.

His gaze was fixated on that wisp of azure color, his exquisite facial features like a lotus, exceptionally soft.

The corner of his mouth curved into a deep smile. Only when the cyan light in his eyes disappeared did he faintly speak.

"She's not angry, she's … "Be on guard."

Beware of his.

Qian Wu's frown deepened.

Master wanted to obtain the Princess Yuexi's heart. If the Princess Yuexi became wary of Master, then wouldn't it not be beneficial for Master to take a wife and return to the clan?!

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