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C17 He Does Not Explain


However, Master had just asked a big favor to Lin Xuecha.

A dormant enemy was far more dangerous than an enemy exposed to the sun …

Lin Xuecha now knew that the crown prince might be wary of her and might even use her.

This was better than the Crown Prince sending himself into a trap without knowing anything.

He asked, "Mistress, don't you want to explain?"

If he explained it, Lin Xuecha would definitely understand Master's intentions, and wouldn't be wary of Master, it would also benefit Master's path to pursuing his wife, making it a little smoother …

It was indeed a good idea. However, the master in his mouth shook his head. A meaningful smile appeared on his face, but he did not open his mouth to speak anymore.

He will not explain...

With Lin Xuecha's intelligence, he might not be able to guess it right now, but it was impossible. He had not been able to guess his intentions.

He would wait for her, wait for her to feel guilty, wait for her to feel that she was herself, that she was being petty, that she felt sorry for him.

Waiting for her, throwing herself at him...

Lin Xuecha returned to the Marquis Anping Palace, and just as she returned to the courtyard, she saw a group of people standing in her courtyard, staring at her with shining eyes.

She swept her gaze across the crowd, her gaze indifferent.

Her little girl, Ting Zhu, was standing in the corner. Half of her face had a clear five-fingered mark, and her black, supple, long hair was also in a mess, making her look extremely miserable.

Lin Xuecha's black eyes narrowed, and his bare hands under his wide sleeves tightened all of a sudden.

But there was no fear in Ting Zhu's eyes, when he saw her, he immediately walked forward and followed behind her.

There weren't many people, only two or three Nanny s and three or four maidservants.

Third Madame was not really favoured, to be exact, other than her dead mother, no one else in the Marquis Anping Mansion had truly been spoiled before.

Lin Xuecha suppressed the anger in her eyes. Her steps were slow but steady, with a small step.

Third Madame squinted, she was not satisfied with Lin Xuecha's noble way of walking.

She raised her chin. Her tone was strict and respectful, but her tone was sharp and haughty.

"Where did the princess go?"

Lin Xuecha smirked and asked, "Where did this princess go? Do I need to report to you?"

"That's not it," Third Madame laughed coldly.

"Princess's status is noble, now that you have returned to the Capital City and Marquis Anping Palace, you naturally have to listen to my wife's words.

The County Official had to report to the Madam, but the Princess had left the Manor without permission, so she did not place the Madam in her eyes. How is that proper?! "

Lin Xuecha's smile suddenly disappeared, and she asked innocently.

"My family is not allowed to leave the Palace without permission. You must report this to the Mistress before leaving, Capital City … "There's such a rule?"

Capital City was the most prosperous region in the world of Tianchen Kingdom.

Its humanistic history, religious beliefs, and openness were all much better than those of other regions.

This dynasty may be filled with men and women, but not all women have a lower status.

As long as the reputation of the woman after him wasn't too bad, for example, the jealous woman could still remarry.

A lady from a noble family wasn't a person who wouldn't step out of the door, and …

The higher the status a woman had, the more rights she would have.

This included the freedom to leave the estate …

Third Madame's expression was one of disbelief.

How could she know that Lin Xuecha had lived in the monastery for ten years and had never been enlightened before?

Yet, he had even grasped everything that the Capital City was related to his daughter's family reputation.

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