Prince's Fierce Concubine/C18 Who Dares to Come Over?
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Prince's Fierce Concubine/C18 Who Dares to Come Over?
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C18 Who Dares to Come Over?

He thought that since she was an ignorant junior, he would take the opportunity to scare her and request a reward from the Second Madame … It's also a good thing, who knows …

This girl wasn't fooled at all. Instead, she was tricked …

Third Aunt was not someone who knew how to scheme well. In Lin Xuecha's eyes, Third Aunt was just a shrimp soldier.

Originally, she had not wanted to play with Third Madame and there was no point in doing so. However, behind Third Aunt was Second Madame, and behind Second Madame was …

The one with the wolf skin, the one with unlimited power, the Lord of the Six Palaces, that …

The situation was different.

Since she had already revealed her secret to the crown prince, it was impossible for the empress, who was the crown prince's own mother, to not know of her background …

If he couldn't conceal his edge, it would be a bad thing to reveal it …

She asked, "Why isn't Aunt saying anything? Could it be that this princess said something wrong?"

Third Madame pursed her lips stiffly and said haughtily:

"Although the princess is right, but …"

"This princess is right …" Lin Xuecha interrupted Third Aunt, who suddenly spoke harshly.

"Since this princess is right, it means that I did not make any mistakes. Since this princess …

If I did not make a mistake, then why are you pointing fingers at me?! "

"I …"

"You?" Lin Xuecha raised his eyes to look at her, "Third Madame, you're not only pointing fingers at the snow tea, you even brought out your mother in an attempt to put pressure on the snow tea. Overseer? "

"I didn't …"

"You didn't?" Lin Xuecha suddenly took a big stride forward, rushing towards Third Madame, "Third Aunt, you really didn't do that?!

"Everyone here has a pair of snow-white eyes and sensitive ears. Everyone can clearly hear what Third Madame said to Xue Chou just now. Third Madame, what are you trying to argue about?"

Third Aunt's face suddenly paled. She had been interrupted by Lin Xuecha time and time again, and when she heard Lin Xuecha say that he was right and wrong, she was both anxious and angry. She hurriedly said without thinking twice:

"Nonsense, Lin Xuecha, you are speaking nonsense!"

When did she overstep her boundaries and dared to disrespect the Second Madame?!

The corner of Lin Xuecha's lips moved, repeating Third Aunt's words.

"Lin Xuecha... "Nonsense?"

When this soft, completely harmless voice entered her ears, the Third Madame's face immediately turned bloodless.

Tianchen Kingdom, a woman's status may not be the lowest, but …

The lower class ranks, however, were definitely the strictest and strictest.

Lin Xuecha smiled gently, "In this mansion, only father and mother can call Snow Tea by her first name, and only then can I restrict and guide Snow Tea. Since father is no longer in the mansion, instead …

Third Aunt, you insulted Snowy for having no rules, but didn't that take the place of your mother? Snowy said, "Auntie, you're the one who should go overboard. What's wrong with that, but …"

"Auntie, it's fine if you deny it, but you still have to use the name 'Snow Tea' to insult her for speaking nonsense …"

She paused, her dark eyes slowly narrowing. Third Madame could clearly see the malice in her eyes.

Third Aunt didn't even have the time to quiver and refute before she heard Lin Xuecha's voice again, loud and clear in her ears.

"Third Madame, please take the lead and insult the current Princess. Someone, bring Madam Chen (Third Madame) out of the princess and beat her up to a hundred strong."

"Who, who dares …" "Who dares to come …"

Third Aunt was so scared by Lin Xuecha that she turned pale immediately. It was only because she had the Second Madame as her backer, that she was able to hold on for so long.

Lin Xuecha's eyes swept across the people around him.

Nanny and the servant girl looked at each other, not daring to look her in the eye.

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