Prince's Fierce Concubine/C19 Do You Want to Rebel?
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Prince's Fierce Concubine/C19 Do You Want to Rebel?
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C19 Do You Want to Rebel?

The guard who heard the sound also stopped in his tracks.

After all, in the Marquis Anping Palace, the one in charge of power was still the Second Madame, and not this girl, who had just returned to the capital.

Seeing this, Ting Zhu walked forward in anger and shouted, "Are you guys trying to rebel?! The princess is a Princess Yuexi personally bestowed by the current Emperor, and right now, she is even His Highness Jing Ran's only disciple …

You dare to disobey the princess's orders? Are you tired of living? Do you want the princess to punish you as well? Do you want to take all the blame or …

I want the Emperor, I want Princess Jing Ran, I want to take your heads off your shoulders, and I want to copy your homes, so that you can feel the resentment and grievances in Princess Ping's heart?! "

As soon as she said that, no one dared to ignore Lin Xuecha's orders anymore. Third Madame wailed like a ghost and howled like a wolf, and was dragged out to receive a hundred severe punishments.

Not because of how powerful Lin Xuecha was, but because …

The people behind Lin Xuecha, none of them could afford to offend.

Hearing Third Madame's tragic cries, Ting Zhu finally let out some resentment in his heart.

This fellow took advantage of the princess' absence to insult her uncultured state. She was just a country bumpkin.

He even said that her princess, even if she had Princess Jing Ran as her master, could never compare to Princess Luo Xi. Wild chickens can never become phoenixes. He was beaten.

Now that this fellow cried out so miserably, he deserved it!

She glanced back only to see that Lin Xuecha was looking at her injured face, his expression extremely calm, but the look in his eyes was very deep.

Ting Zhu subconsciously covered his face from being hit, not wanting Lin Xuecha to worry. Even though her princess might have already guessed it …

With a smile on his face, Ting Zhu asked, "Princess, what did Your Highness Jing Ran teach you today?"

Lin Xuecha remained silent for a long while, before he slowly said, "If you're giving up such a slut, you must beat me up if you can."

"Ah …"

Ting Zhu's eyes widened in shock, and he stared blankly for a good long while.

Your Highness Jing Ran, is there such violence?!

Not just anyone could afford to live on a hundred planks. Third Madame had lost more than half her life after her severe punishment.

If not for the fact that Second Madame had invited the best doctor in Capital City to hang her life with expensive medicinal herbs, she probably would have already left with a high fever.

Lin Xuecha's battle had made him famous, and in the circle of famous Capital City families, he had completely become a wicked woman.

Strangely, Second Madame did not come looking for trouble this time, she only sent a Nanny who told her to measure her height and make some palaces for her.

Third Madame's purpose yesterday had been to measure her height and dress her up. If she hadn't caused a ruckus, the outcome wouldn't have been so tragic.

With her princess' reputation ruined, Ting Zhu did not die from anxiety. looked indifferent, as if everything that had happened had nothing to do with me, and she was even more so not anxious to fight.

"Princess, quickly think of a way. If this goes on, your reputation will be ruined. At that time, who would dare marry you?!"

Lin Xuecha straightened his sleeves, and said indifferently, "If your reputation is ruined, you can earn it back. What's the rush?"

Hearing that, Ting Zhu's eyes lit up, "Princess, you've thought of a way, quickly tell me and this servant will listen, this servant will immediately go and do it."

Lin Xuecha frowned, her lips pressed together tightly, as though she was seriously thinking about something.

Ting Zhu stared at her with blazing eyes, waiting for her answer. Unexpectedly, the corner of his lips opened wide as a flower.

"Ting Zhu, it's rare to see someone as stupid as you …"

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