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Prince's Fierce Concubine/C2 How Can I Hear a Man's Voice?
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C2 How Can I Hear a Man's Voice?

"He must be here!"

"But …"

A female voice said hesitantly, "This is the bedroom of the direct descendant of the Marquis Anping Palace. I'm afraid it's not good for you to barge in like this."

Lin Xuecha held back the uneasiness on his neck due to the warm breath and asked the person outside, "Why did I hear a man's voice?"

The man beside her could clearly feel the warmth of her stomach through his long arm.

This was the result of the woman in his embrace wearing a thin layer of clothing during the summer.

As though he had never been so intimate with anyone before, the man's entire body tensed up.

The muscles on his arm tightened as well, and the pain from the wound became even more obvious.

On his forehead, no one knew …

Was it because the temperature in the bed was too high, causing sweat to form, or …

The wounds on his body were too deep for him to bear.

Listening to the gentle voice of a woman drifting out of the room, Mistress Ci frowned and didn't say anything.

The official at the side took a few steps into the room.

His expression was cold, but his voice was gentle. After all, he was the famous Grand Master, so he didn't dare to offend him.

"Do not worry too much. I am here to capture the culprit. He has been severely injured, and the stench of blood is dense. Without a doubt, he is here."

With that, he immediately ordered, "Men, search!"

"Who dares to come over?!"

Lin Xuecha bellowed, his voice was cold.

"As a man, how much do you know about women? Today, my body wasn't feeling well, so I lay on my bed to rest. Yet, I was bullied like a sick cat by all of you! Tzu He Tzu Hsi, I have no objection to the fact that you asked me to take water and wash clothes and chop firewood for cooking, but you went too far to let a man into my house.

Just say that in a year's time, I will become the Fifth Princess of Tianchen Kingdom, and if you dare to let a strange man into my house, it will ruin my reputation. If my husband finds out about this, he will skin you alive and tear apart your bones! "

Her words were aggressive and serious, shocking the scene for a moment.

At the end, Matriarch He had concerns that would ruin her reputation and make punishments difficult for her. These were two different concepts.

Thinking about it, Master Ci He stopped the leader of the officials, and said, "Although the people of Princess Yuexi are down and out, but their status …

"But she is still as noble as ever, and is someone that even the Eldest Master cannot afford to offend. I hope that you will give me some face and not make things difficult for me."

The leader of officials frowned in displeasure, and Master Tzu He continued, "Old master Fu, you don't bleed because you're injured. Princess Yuexi is a girl's house after all.

Presumably, the old master would understand. Moreover, her daughter's family valued innocence the most. Moreover, she was the future Fifth Princess, a member of the royal family … "It's better if you don't provoke me, old master!"

As soon as he finished speaking, the room fell silent. For a long time, not a single sound could be heard.

Lin Xuecha's finger subconsciously curled as he secretly tensed up.

To be honest, she wasn't sure either.

For nine years, she had never revealed her identity.

It was because she knew that Matriarch He was that woman's lackey. Although she would not easily take her life, it would also not let her off easily.

What's more … Those people in the capital wouldn't let her off so easily.

How could he care if she was innocent or not?

Therefore, she could only reveal her identity as the future Fifth Princess. She was still part of the royal family, so they would more or less be wary of her.

Her identity could only be used during life-saving times. Normally, it wouldn't be of any use at all, and there was even the possibility that …

The master teachers of the monastery are fed up with it.

By then, her life would be even more miserable.

She couldn't kill these people now.

Because she, who was far away in the capital, was unable to make a move against them since she was unable to return to the capital!

The only thing she could do now was to wait and hibernate. She had to endure. The only way to change her fate was to return to a place close to power and gain power!

Otherwise, it would all just be a waste, an illusion, and nothing more.

The man beside her pressed her hand. In the dim light, he could feel her subtle movements and his eyes couldn't help but flicker.

As if a century had passed, Lin Xuecha finally heard the word "withdraw".

Soon after, she heard Matriarch He telling her to rest longer and to give her one day off today.

When the door closed again, she let out a small breath and relaxed.

The man beside her seemed to have let out a breath of relief. He was less nervous, and the pain in his arm seemed to have magnified several times. The silver needles that were pressing against her delicate neck lost their strength in an instant.

The man's arm fell.

As expected, it struck her heart.

Lin Xuecha was completely caught off guard by the smash, and with a stuffy groan, her beautiful face instantly flushed red.

The man was also stunned.

In the darkness, his unperturbed pupils suddenly constricted. His entire body stiffened as he instinctively retracted his hand.

Lin Xuecha was no longer a threat. She sat up, lifted up her blanket and was about to beat this lecher to death.


Lin Xuecha only felt a pain on his neck as his eyes turned black. His body couldn't control it and he fell down backwards weakly.

Before sinking into a coma, she even said:

"He really is an ingrate …"

One year later.

The afterglow of the setting sun of early summer was slowly retracting its fiery red glow. The sky was gradually becoming dimmer.

Outside the imperial capital, a carriage slowly drove in.

Just as one of the guards was about to order the driver to stop and inspect the carriage, the coachman wearing a bamboo hat took out a token from his chest pocket and showed the coachman his identity.

In the middle of the token, there was a large word carved on it, 'Dragon and Phoenix Dance'. The calligraphy was extremely powerful.

The guard was frightened and was about to kneel down.

The coachman wearing a bamboo hat raised his hand, causing the guards to be unable to kneel down.

Before the guard could react, the coachman had already said coldly, "There is no need to be too modest. We are just entering the city."

The guard hurriedly replied, "Yes, yes, yes, this servant understands."

After those words were said, there was no one left to stop them as the carriage smoothly entered the city.

The guard watched the carriage leave. He was relieved as he saw the carriage turn and disappear.

Seeing this, another guard asked curiously, "I wonder which lord of the imperial city is able to scare you so much?"

The guard who had just retracted his gaze had a look of shock on his face.

It was as if he had not recovered his wits yet.

He only shook his head. After a while, he said, "He's back."


"Your Highness Jing Ran."

The other guard was shocked and immediately asked: "Are you talking about Prince Jing Ran who is known as a child prodigy?!"

"That's right!"

"But, wasn't it six years ago, when His Highness Jing Ran followed the Marquis Anping to the border to learn martial arts, because of her weak body, she became stronger, why is it …"

Another guard whispered into the guard's ear.

"Isn't it rumored that His Highness Jing Ran's health is not good, and that her fate is only that of a weak crown, and that the Emperor ordered her to go to the border, that she is only that of a weak crown, and that she absolutely cannot return to the capital?"

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