Prince's Fierce Concubine/C20 Greetings Your Highness
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Prince's Fierce Concubine/C20 Greetings Your Highness
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C20 Greetings Your Highness

Her bad reputation was naturally intentional. However, this person wanted to ruin her reputation and make her a laughingstock in the world. Her goal was something she wasn't sure of yet, so how could she alert him?

Her enemies were too many and too powerful. It was the truth to be cautious.

Other... She couldn't care less.

Lin Xuecha came to the Ninth Prince Palace yesterday, but this time, he did not summon anyone to bring her to the pavilion.

Fortunately, her memory was not bad and she came to the pavilion familiarly.

Within the pavilion, there was a man dressed in a large red black robe. He stood atop the pavilion with his back to her, his hands clasped behind his back. It was unknown as to what he was looking at.

Seemingly hearing movement, the man slightly tilted his eyes, and with a face as beautiful as a painting, as indifferent as water, his gaze fell upon Lin Xuecha's body.

Lin Xuecha also looked at him, went up and bowed, and greeted the man:

"Snow tea, greetings your majesty."

The Ninth Prince Su Nanxing was silent.

He looked at Lin Xuecha, who had lowered his head and maintained a humble posture but was extremely far away from him, and slightly lowered his eyes.

"Come here."

Lin Xuecha blinked her eyes lightly. She stood up and walked over to Su Nanxing.

Su Nanxing pointed to the chair beside him, "Sit."

Lin Xuecha obeyed and sat down. He passed the book on the table to her and casually asked, "Have you eaten?"

"Snow tea has already eaten, thank you for your concern, Your Highness."

On the cover of the book, there were no words written on it. As she answered Su Nanxing's question, she opened it and read.

However …

She had yet to open the book when a touch of warmth covered her hand. It was neither light nor heavy, but it successfully stopped her from doing anything.

Lin Xuecha was surprised, and instinctively retracted her hand.

Whether it was her previous life or this life, apart from her master's family, she had never had any intimate contact with an unfamiliar person of the opposite sex.

And … In this dynasty, even if it was a master-disciple relationship, they could not casually touch each other.

With Su Nanxing suddenly holding her hand, it was already not bad that she did not reflexively punch him.

She looked at Su Nanxing.

Su Nanxing's eyes were emotionless, fixed on her hands. His eyes were clear, as if the matter of him touching her just now, wasn't the slightest bit inappropriate …

After pausing for a moment, he looked at her and slowly said:

"I'll go back to my study to read this book."

Lin Xuecha's expression changed slightly.

Her gaze swept across Su Nanxing's face, and didn't find anything wrong. In the end, she calmed herself down and nodded, "Yes, I understand."

Su Nanxing lowered his head and picked up the pastries on the table to eat.

Lin Xuecha was left standing on the side with nothing to do.

The golden rays of the sun shone through the cottonwood trees, illuminating the unparalleled beauty of Su Nanxing's face. It created a shadow on her face, making her look even more charming.

Su Nanxing carelessly glanced at her, saw through the expression in her eyes, and said:

"Since you don't like to wait, in the future, eat breakfast with This King."

Lin Xuecha's eyelids jumped.

She turned to look at Su Nanxing, only to see him picking up a cup of tea from the table and take a sip.

She was very confident and bored. She had only shown it in her heart and there was no trace of it on her face.


The man in front of her was holding a cup of tea while drinking lightly, yet his mind was so meticulous that even when he was eating, he was still in the mood to do so. He wanted to guess what she was thinking?

More importantly, he had guessed correctly …

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