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Prince Jing Ran had gone to the border at the age of thirteen. It had only been six years, and he hadn't even reached the crown yet. How could he …?!

The guard frowned, but then relaxed. "Perhaps it's because His Highness is in good health that His Highness has been granted permission to return to the imperial capital."

"Do we need to inform the higher ups about this?"

The guard shook his head again, "No need, Prince Jing Ran will return to the capital. Even if we don't say anything, the news will spread throughout the capital in a day."

After the carriage entered the city, it didn't stop at the capital and instead proceeded towards the north side of the city.

The northern part of the city was bustling with activity, and the streets were bustling with activity. Passersby were all pedestrians.

The carriage turned a corner.

He didn't know what was going on in front of him, but a group of people had surrounded him, sealing off the path so that not even a drop of water could leak out …


The driver took a close look at the signboard in front of him. It was the biggest restaurant in the imperial city.

He frowned coldly as the carriage slowed down.

Someone's voice came from the front, sounding rough and angry, "Lin Xuecha! Don't be cocky, ugly woman. This King will definitely divorce you today! "

"Hugh, there's no way."

The woman's voice was neither salty nor indifferent, but her tone was firm.

"But if you want to cancel the engagement, there is still a possibility. Your Highness … Do you dare to try? "

The coachman was silent for a moment.

He was just about to ask in a low voice when a calm voice floated out of the carriage before him.

"Stand aside."

"Yes, Mistress."

The coachman pulled the reins and pulled the carriage to the side of the road.

At that time, everyone's attention was focused on the men and women standing in a circle.

However, no one noticed that not far away, there was an extravagant carriage parked there.

The sound of a man gritting his teeth rushed into the sky, filled with rage and helplessness.

"Alright, if you really agree to cancel the engagement, This King will promise you however much you want."

"Prince really does hurt people …"

There were women who wanted to cry. They raised their eyes and looked at the man in luxurious clothing before them.

As the red dots on her face jumped, her appearance became even more unbearable to look at.

The man in front of her pursed his lips, his beautiful phoenix eyes tightly knitted together, as if he was enduring something he loathed.

A trace of cold light quickly flashed through the girl's deep eyes.

She was very clear on what the person in her eyes was enduring.

Fifth Prince of the imperial city loved beauties the most.

Now her face was mottled red, her eyes were puffy, and her face was ugly.

Even ordinary people felt that it was extremely ugly, needless to say, enter his eyes.

The girl withdrew the look in her eyes and pretended to be sad as she said:

"Since Your Highness doesn't like snow-white tea, so be it. Why don't we enter the palace first and speak about the relationship between us in front of the Son of Heaven …"

"I will explain it clearly. Once the marriage contract is dissolved, I will tell Prince how much money you need. Do you feel that it's alright?"

The man's eyes slightly moved. His expression was one of slight annoyance, but he patiently said, "Since that's the case, then follow me into the palace and cancel this damnable engagement."

As the man's arrogant voice faded away, the protagonist left and the crowd dispersed.

The carriage which had been parked by the side continued to move forward at high speed.

The carriage moved a little faster, and the interior of the carriage swayed and swayed.

Someone lifted up a corner of the carriage's curtain. That beautiful face that was as beautiful as a lotus was revealed just like that, without any forewarning.

By the time they reached the other side of the street, the road was already empty.

Some passersby focused their attention on this luxurious carriage.

However, he was shocked to discover that the owner of the carriage, his indifferent gaze, had continuously... It was congealed at a single point.

However, it only took a moment for the owner of the carriage to retract his gaze, and the carriage's curtain to be covered.

Someone curiously followed the direction of the handsome man's gaze just now. The result was inconceivable.

The only reason was that the man on the carriage was actually looking at them …

That ugly woman!


As expected, within a day, the news of the return of the sickly Ninth Prince and Prince Jing Ran spread throughout the capital.

The people on the streets discussed animatedly.

Prince Jing Ran was a miraculous existence in terms of Tianchen Kingdom.

He was sick in his youth and dull in his nature.

Among his peers, he learned to crawl while others learned to walk.

When others learned how to crawl, he learned how to crawl. In the end, he could neither walk nor crawl.

It was silly, but when he was five years old, there was a dramatic twist.

His Consort Mother, Noble Consort Qin, had an unexpected serious illness, and even he had a serious illness.

When he recovered from his illness once again, he understood the ways of the world and was very young.

Writing poems at the age of seven, reciting the Four Books and Five Classics like the back of his hand.

He dared to argue and learn from a scholar at the age of eight, and dared to compete with a rank 1 officer, General Marquis Anping.

When he was eleven years old, the area around the Tianchen Kingdom River had become extremely dry. He rushed up to the throne room and argued with the Minister about a plan to resist the drought.

It was just a verbal dispute, but he had a whole new level of respect for the court minister.

The way to resist the drought was also something the current Son of Heaven was very happy about. He ordered it to be done accordingly.

However, in March, the drought gradually improved, and the uprising caused by the famine gradually subsided.

His drought-resistant plan had been spread around the world. Jiang Du had recovered in less than a year, and its prosperity had even increased in the past.

After that, the Tianchen Kingdom Ninth Prince, Su Nanxing, rose to fame and was known by the whole world.

The Emperor bestowed upon him the title of —

King Jing Ran.

People called him Prince Jing Ran.

At that time, apart from the crown prince of the Eastern Palace, he was the only prince with the title of prince.

His status was extraordinary and his future was limitless.

But unfortunately …

When he was thirteen, Consort Mother died of an illness, which made him even more ill.

The tens of imperial physicians in the palace all shook their heads and diagnosed. Their lives would not last until the year of the weak coroner.

The Son of Heaven was grieving, and the people were weeping.


The news of Prince Jing Ran's prophecy spread out from the palace, causing his personality to change drastically. From then on, his personality became uncertain, cruel, ruthless, and ruthlessly ruthless.

The world could not guess the truth.

Because the day after the rumor was revealed, the Son of Heaven, in the name of pity, ordered him to be sent to the border to practice martial arts with Marquis Anping and train his troops. He wanted to strengthen his body and temper his mind, hoping that his fate would change.

At that time, lanterns were being lit in the residence of the crown prince of the Eastern Palace.

"You just said that Ninth Younger Brother of my palace has returned?"

"The spy in the palace, you can see it clearly. Ninth Prince Su Nanxing, he has already entered the palace."

Eastern Palace Crown Prince — Su Jin narrowed his eyes and frowned:

"What's Royal Father's attitude?"

His advisor, Ji Chengqi, said slowly, "The spy reported that the Emperor was extremely pleased, but Ninth Prince's body was never good."

This... A strategist.

He had yet to ask about Su Nanxing's situation, but Ji Chengzhi had already told him what he wanted to know.

The corner of East Palace Crown Prince Su Jin's mouth curled up slightly, "Everyone says that you can't win in a short time, but it's probably because he is too sharp and angered by the heavens that you won't be able to live for long."

When Ji Cheng Qi heard this, he remained silent.

When the coldness in Su Jin's eyes gradually faded, he opened his mouth and said something else.

"Yesterday, the eldest lady of the Wu Steel Manor dissolved the marriage between her and Fifth Prince Su An."

Marquis Anping Residence's eldest daughter, the one who... A girl that wasn't strangled to death by him?

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