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Su Jin frowned and was silent for a moment. He glanced at Ji Chengzhi and asked, "Miss Marquis Anping, aren't you staying in the nunnery?"

"Reporting to our lord, yesterday, the eldest miss of the Wu Steel Manor, Princess Yuexi, Lin Xuecha, had already returned to the imperial capital and coincidentally met Fifth Prince Su An. The scout reported, Fifth Prince Su An, because he saw Princess Yuexi's ugly appearance and her frivolous manner, which could be compared to a common woman, made him angry.

However, the young miss of Marquis Anping's residence showed that she loved the five kings on the streets. The five kings seemed to be unable to bear it and said that they were going to divorce her. However, their marriage … It was set from a young age. If the Emperor did not agree to it, no one would be able to forgive him. The five kings felt helpless, and then, after not knowing what Lin Xuecha had said, the two of them ended their engagement with Imperial Study. "

Su Jin seemed to be uninterested. He waved his hand and said, "It's just a child playing house. It's just a small matter, not worth mentioning."

Ji Chengqi raised his eyes and vigilantly said,

"This matter was followed up by another. Not only did the emperor give Lin Xuecha the power to choose her own husband, he even rewarded her with ten thousand taels of silver. But today …" Fifth Prince Su An actually sent her a hundred thousand taels of gold, as well as a thousand pearls and jade stones.

Su Jin's eyes narrowed. He knew Su An's personality very well.

Even if he wasn't very sensible at times, he wouldn't do anything to disobey Royal Father.

Royal Father had only just given Lin Xuecha 10,000 taels of silver, how could he dare to give Lin Xuecha 10,000 taels of gold and pearl jade?

The most important thing was …

Why did the ugly woman he rejected send her gold and silver jewelry?!

There was definitely something fishy going on!

Ji Chengqi stared at the change in his expression and calmly analyzed it.

"My lord, I'm afraid this princess isn't a good person …"


Prince Jing Ran's return to the capital, the direct daughter of Marquis Anping, Princess Yuexi's marriage and bounty, became the topic of discussion on the streets.

In another month, everyone in Capital City would be envious of Fifth Prince Su An's wedding.

What a pity …

Yesterday, the person in question had already annulled the engagement.

Since ancient times, the girl and the man had been engaged, even if they were just unmarried …

Once the marriage was annulled, only the girls in the pavilion would have a bad reputation.


This time, the woman who had her marriage annulled didn't have much of an image or legend. Her appearance was so ugly that one would want to prick their own eyes.

What did she deserve? What toad wants to eat swan meat? The words' insult 'and' sex 'all belonged to her.

To this...

Ting Zhu, Lin Xuecha's maidservant, said angrily from the side, "What kind of dog eyes do they have? Can't tell what's on the princess' face, but do they have something growing on them?!"

What do you mean ugly? That's nonsense!

Lin Xuecha chuckled. She didn't seem to mind.

Rumors were stronger than tigers, and this had been the case since ancient times.

She went to the window and looked out.

The sky was already starting to turn white, and the light was getting brighter.

She faintly said:

"It's getting late, we should go and greet them."


Lin Xuecha came early.

But before Marquis Anping's Wife could get up, she waited outside the courtyard.

The cool breeze of summer was pleasant, not cold nor hot.

A cool breeze blew past and lifted a strand of hair from her ear. When it floated at the corner of her lips, it suddenly gave people a messy and beautiful feeling.

She stood outside the courtyard for a long time.

Only then did Marquis Anping's Wife's servant walked out of the courtyard and saluted her:

"Princess Yuexi, Madam will be waiting for you in the main hall. She will be here shortly."

When Lin Xuecha stepped into the hall, it was already filled with people.

Her expression did not change, and she slowly walked in with a dyed smile on her lips.

Back then, she had been thrown into the lake, pretended to have lost her memories, and was able to survive.

At that time, she was five years old.

It was also then that the nurse, in order to keep her alive, knelt down in front of her father and begged him to send her to the nunnery to rest.

Originally …

The nurse wanted to go with her, but on the second day …

Strange death.

"..." It was completely silent.

She squatted down in front of the nurse and did not cry.

The way they looked at their wet nurse was filled with schadenfreude and complacency. She was …

He remembered it clearly for ten years.

Thinking up to here, Lin Xuecha smiled charmingly. She turned around and asked Ting Zhu:

"Ting Zhu, am I not a princess? Why aren't they bowing to me? "Are they all my father's first wife, my first wife of the first rank?

This question was very skillful, and Ting Zhu's eyes lit up as she replied in a loud voice:

"In reply to Princess, Aunt is the Marquis' concubine, and Princess, is a gift from Emperor Chin, Princess Yuexi …

In terms of status, they should pay their respects to the princess. "

Before Lin Xuecha could say anything, a wave of greetings came from behind her.

She did not reply and instead bowed in front of him:

"Snow tea. Greetings, mother. Mother is fine."

As soon as she finished speaking, a wave of greetings and greetings came from behind her.

Marquis Anping's Wife glanced at her indifferently.

"It's been ten years since we last met, but you still have a mother like me in your eyes …"

With a cold snort, she crossed over to the seat of honor.

Lin Xuecha didn't say anything. She waited for Marquis Anping's Wife to get up before straightening up.

After all …

As the eldest daughter who had been suppressed for many years, if she wasn't weak and instead acted like a wild girl, being wild and arrogant, then wouldn't that be …

Was it very strange?

You know, a woman who stayed in the nunnery for ten years...

How could one live in such an unbridled and unbridled manner?

Lin Xuecha lowered her eyes with a respectful attitude. "Mother, what do you mean by that? But, how can I not make good tea?"

Marquis Anping's Wife's eyes were filled with hostility.

Frowning, she asked with narrowed eyes:

"Yesterday, when you returned to the capital, you did not come to pay your respects to me. Furthermore, you cancelled the marriage agreement on your own initiative. You're a dignified princess, how could you not know what's the big picture?"

"Mother has misunderstood. The cancellation of the engagement was not due to the intention of the snow-white tea. Yesterday, Fifth Prince saw the snow-white tea and felt displeased …"

Furthermore, you are the first daughter of Marquis Anping Manor, not to mention the girl who has yet to come out of the pavilion, so how could you be so easily abandoned by others?! "

Lin Xuecha lowered her head and replied softly, "Unfortunately, your highness has already made up his mind. There's no room for negotiation.

"As for the greetings, yesterday, I waited until the snow tea came out of the palace. The sky was already dark, and the snow tea had no audacity to disturb mother. That's why I didn't greet mother."

Marquis Anping's Wife shouted angrily, "In that case, do you even have logic?!"

Lin Xuecha quickly kneeled down and lowered her head, not saying a word.

The silent aunts by the side pursed their lips, but did not say anything.

Marquis Anping's eldest daughter, who was the direct descendant of the family, had her marriage annulled. In fact, she had actually been abandoned.


What a resounding slap to the face of this famous family, Marquis Anping Manor.

Lin Xuecha could be very weak, very weak, very delicate, very willful, but …

She definitely could not, throw Marquis Anping Manor's face!

No reason, this was her responsibility as the eldest daughter.

The atmosphere was once somber, but at this moment, a low and indifferent voice was suddenly heard:

"Madam's eyes are filled with anger. Could it be because this king has come at the wrong time?"

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