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Prince's Fierce Concubine/C5 Finally He Came Back?
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C5 Finally He Came Back?

Now, with Lin Xuecha's head lowered, he could not see Marquis Anping's Wife's expression nor the face of the person who just arrived.

He only knew that once that person walked to her side, he would firmly stand there.

This person was wearing a pair of boots with golden stripes and lace on it.

The hem of his clothes were completely black, mixed with a bit of red.

She raised her eyebrows.

As he was trying to figure out the identity of the person, he heard the sound of tables and chairs moving and loud greetings.

The person did not show any expression and just said:

"My respects. Stand up."

Lin Xuecha's eyes flashed.

It was the person who had returned to the capital with her on the same day as yesterday.

Marquis Anping's Wife's fawning laughter slowly entered his ears.

"Your Highness Jing Ran has worked hard on this long journey, I had just returned back to the Capital City yesterday, and now you are coming to the Marquis Anping Palace. I should have come to pay a visit. Why would I have to trouble Your Highness to come personally? "Hurry, hurry, your majesty, please sit."

"There's no need to sit."

The man's voice was especially pleasant to hear. He said,

"Today, I have come to visit Madam. I am only from Marquis Anping. I once asked this king to pass a message to Madam.

When the age of the Princess Yuexi reaches the age of 15, that will be the time for him to return to the capital. "

Returning to the Capital...

Returning to the capital!

Lin Xuecha's finger was placed inside his sleeve, and tightly gripped onto it.

Was her father coming back?

He was finally willing to come back …?!

The Marquis Anping's Wife and the imperial concubines all had looks of joy on their faces.

The Marquis Anping's Wife said, "The Marquis is coming back, this is great, I don't know what else the Marquis said, may I trouble Your Highness to inform him."

The handsome man lowered his eyes slightly.

He glanced at the person kneeling on the ground, his pitch-black eyes were emotionless.

"Marquis Anping, if you want this king to accept you as my disciple, teach her how to conduct herself properly, I won't say much."

Marquis Anping's Wife was stunned.

Ting Zhu, who was kneeling behind Lin Xuecha, inhaled a breath of cold air.

What kind of person is Princess Jing Ran, who doesn't know her Tianchen Kingdom?!

If a princess could become his disciple, then who would dare bully her princess with their Capital City?!

Lin Xuecha frowned, looking displeased.

Fortunately, she lowered her head.

That was why no one saw her expression.

Generally speaking, smart people weren't easy to fool.

A clever person like Su Nanxing was rarely seen, so... It was even harder to fool him!

How could she like being his disciple?!

Marquis Anping's Wife was startled for a long time before he finally exclaimed:

"Your Highness is referring to the princess, are you sure it's that child, Snowy?"

Princess Luoxi was intelligent and sensible. Her zither, chess, calligraphy, and paintings were all of outstanding quality. She treated people with respect and was understanding the ways of the world.

Such an outstanding woman, to be Su Nanxing's disciple, would she not humiliate him?

The handsome man turned and slowly looked at Marquis Anping's Wife.

His voice was neither cold nor indifferent as he slowly asked:

"Are you questioning This King?"

With a single sentence, it caused a thousand ripples.

What do you mean one hit one kill, Lin Xuecha thought, that's all.

Marquis Anping's Wife was speechless, his face was embarrassed.

Su Nanxing did not say much, as though he was tired of talking to Marquis Anping's Wife.

That's right, his expression showed that he was tired.

Everyone sneaked a peek and saw it clearly.

And so …

His next sentence was to take his leave.

It was very polite, and there was nothing wrong with his tone.


Everyone had a strange feeling, like a cold blade scraping their faces.

Condensed into ice, freezing to the core.

Marquis Anping's Wife hurriedly walked forward.

However, she remembered Su Nanxing. She did not like the taboo of others getting close to her, so she did not dare to get that close to her.

Stopping five steps away from him, she bowed to see him out of the house.

Su Nanxing's face was calm, he did not do anything … Marquis Anping's Wife's grovelling and grovelling, while she was slightly moved.

His eyes, which were as black as stone, drooped slightly as he looked at the woman kneeling beside him who had not spoken since the beginning.

Opening his thin lips, he asked, "You don't want to see me off?"

Lin Xuecha's eyebrows twitched. Seeing the opportunity, the Marquis Anping's Wife immediately said:

"Snow Tea, His Royal Highness is talking to you. Hurry up and get up."

Hearing that, Lin Xuecha slowly stood up.

After kneeling for a long time, his knees felt numb.

She half leaned over, wondering if she should greet him.

After all, she hadn't returned to the Capital City in ten years.

But if the etiquette was still standard, could it attract the Marquis Anping's Wife's suspicions?

However …

This thought, went through Lin Xuecha's mind once, then she bowed to him and said:

"Your Highness, after you."

The matter of annulling the engagement became the talk of the town.

The woman from the harem, knowing that she had returned, would not fail to announce her entrance to the palace.

At that time, she wouldn't be able to make a mistake.

He might as well pay his respects today as to prevent others from spitting out of his mouth in the future.

The man's gaze slowly spun around her face.

Who knew, in the end, he … What are you looking at?

It was a good thing that he didn't look at it for a long time before he withdrew his gaze.

However …

The moment he turned around.

After a moment of silence, his indifferent and forceful voice suddenly rang out in the hall. The hearts of everyone in the hall shook when they heard this.

"In the future, remember to look at This King's response."

A woman's status was never more noble than a man's.


People from the royal family.

Although Lin Xuecha was honored as the princess, he did not possess the noble bloodline of the imperial family.

But Su Nanxing, was the genuine prince.

His identity was extremely respected, and he was valued highly by the old emperor. When the ministers of the imperial court saw him, they would also bow to him and bow to him.

Talking to someone like him...

How could she look at him?

How could she look straight at him?!

Someone who could directly look at him, was definitely not someone at the level of a princess like Lin Xuecha.

And now …

When he wanted Lin Xuecha to reply, he saw his response …


What did it mean?

Su Nanxing only wanted Lin Xuecha to send him out, while the rest of the people were stunned.

Marquis Anping's Wife watched as the two of them left, and thoughtfully narrowed his eyes.

On the road out of the manor, Su Nanxing was walking in front of Lin Xuecha, walking at a leisurely pace.

Lin Xuecha followed behind him, and was not far from him.

There was no one by her side, so Lin Xuecha put up his guard. Behind him, he secretly thought about the reason this person helped her.

Although she wasn't a person who had photographic memory, her memory was definitely not bad.

She was certain that she did not have much of a relationship with Su Nanxing when they were young.

At most, he had only seen two.

But just now …

Yet he openly helped her, raising her worth.

He didn't understand why. Was it because of his father?

After all, he had lived with his father at the border for many years. It wasn't impossible for his father to beg him to take care of her.

But it didn't make sense either …

Her father's daughter wasn't the only one.

Before she could figure out what was going on, the man walking in front suddenly turned around and she unexpectedly ran into him.

The faint fragrance of the medicine assaulted his nose, Lin Xuecha reacted for a moment, and then retreated.

She lowered her head, ready to apologize.

However, the man in front of her opened his mouth before her and asked very suddenly, "Do you want to know about your father's matter?"

raised her eyes and looked at Su Nanxing. She asked:

"Your Highness is willing to say that I am naturally listening attentively."

"When This King returns..."

The man looked down at her, his pitch-black eyes unchanging. He said, "Marquis Anping has lost an arm."

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