Prince's Fierce Concubine/C6 The Man Withdrew His Hand
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Prince's Fierce Concubine/C6 The Man Withdrew His Hand
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C6 The Man Withdrew His Hand



Lin Xuecha's breathing stagnated, and his heart suddenly hurt.

She stared blankly at Su Nanxing.

She could not digest the news that had suddenly entered her ears. She could not hide the real emotions in her eyes.

As soon as she thought about it, she realized that something was wrong.

Marquis Anping was a martial general, how important was a martial general's hand?

Moreover, he was a general and even a commander. If he lost an arm, his military will would definitely be thrown into turmoil.

It was absolutely impossible for Su Nanxing to choose this time to return to the Capital City, because —

He needed to stabilize the general situation and stabilize the morale of the troops. He simply could not leave.

Then what Su Nanxing said...

Wasn't this just testing her?

Thinking about it, Lin Xuecha's heart trembled, the handsome man in his eyes, and his pursed lips, suddenly revealed a smile.

"The reaction is a little slow, but it's not as bad as This King imagined."

Lin Xuecha clenched his fists.

She knew that intelligent people had an extremely keen heart and a pair of sharp eyes.


She hadn't thought that in her first exchange, she would lose to the person in front of her.

This feeling, it had to be said, was truly … annoying!

Pursing his lips, Lin Xuecha wanted to open his mouth and scold Su Nanxing, don't make fun of her father.

The man in front of him suddenly leaned over. His face was as handsome as a lotus.

The man's eyes were deep.

A trace of darkness circulated within his black and indifferent eyes.

Those were emotions that she could not understand.

He raised his hand and slowly moved it closer to her face.

This action was as though he was going to touch her face …

Thinking up to here, Lin Xuecha quivered, and subconsciously retreated.

However, in the next second, she felt something tighten around her waist. She couldn't retreat anymore and was trapped by someone.

The atmosphere suddenly became strange.

Lin Xuecha raised his eyes and looked at the mastermind, a pair of pitch black eyes filled with caution.

They weren't far away, but neither were they close.

Su Nanxing only extended his hand, grabbed her waist but did not bring her back.

The hand that had been raised towards her face suddenly extended to the top of her head, pinning back her swaying wooden hairpin.

He could feel what he was doing.

Lin Xuecha frowned slightly.

She had just crashed into his arms. Perhaps the wooden hairpin had been wrong at that time.

But, why did he not help her just now?

Must she misunderstand him because of an illusion?!

The man withdrew his hand.

Lin Xuecha looked at Su Nanxing without moving.

Following which, he bent down and a faint medicinal fragrance drifted into her nose.

Su Nanxing stopped by her ear.

His voice was low.

Every word was extremely slow and clear, and every word was heard by her.

"What This King likes are eyes filled with fear and trepidation, while what This King hates …" It's a cautious look. "

Lin Xuecha's pupils constricted, he sensed that his words were warning her of something.

Sure enough …

The handsome man stepped back slightly.

He lowered his eyes and focused her gaze.

Lin Xuecha could clearly see that within his eyes that were as calm as water, there was a trace of a smile.

He only smiled, not looking straight in the eyes.

She narrowed her eyes as her guard up, causing her confusion to deepen. Suddenly, she heard the man speak slowly:

"Don't make any more mistakes, or This King will... I won't forgive you. "

Lin Xuecha stared at him deeply, as if she was sizing him up, as if she was deep in thought at the same time.

After a moment, a smile appeared on her lips.

"There will always be a day when saints make mistakes. How can it be possible for a weak girl like Snowy to never make a mistake again?"

Su Nanxing slightly raised her phoenix eyes and looked down at his arm. Raising her head, she said:

"It's just that, since Your Highness is the instructor of Snow Tea, then …" Men and women should not be intimate with each other.

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