Prince's Fierce Concubine/C7 She Lost Her Memory
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Prince's Fierce Concubine/C7 She Lost Her Memory
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C7 She Lost Her Memory

Su Nanxing fell silent upon hearing this.

He stared at her carefully, his brow mild, the sun falling on his nose and casting a faint shadow.

After a long time.

When Lin Xuecha was looking at her so carefully, he really couldn't take it anymore.

The man chuckled softly and only said two words.

"Very good."

He retracted his hand and placed it behind his back.

Then, he turned around and took a step forward. Lin Xuecha stared at his back and barely let out a breath of relief.

Follow his pace.

This time, Su Nanxing did not stay in the Palace.

Just as he was about to get on the carriage, he seemed to have thought of something and stopped in his tracks.

"I've heard that the princess has once lost her memory. I wonder if you still remember what day tomorrow is?"

The man's voice was gentle and gentle, like slow flowing water, neither panting nor anxious.

Lin Xuecha was stunned, his mind was blank, unable to reply.

It was a good thing that the man did not have any intention of asking Lin Xuecha to reply. After he finished asking, he went straight to the carriage.

The sky was bright and clear, and the warm yellow sunlight made people feel warm.

However, Lin Xuecha felt a chill on his back and his clothes were instantly soaked.

She rolled her eyes.

Her cold gaze followed the gradually moving carriage, until the luxurious carriage disappeared. Only then did she slightly recover her senses.

The day after tomorrow was the tenth of June, the day of her own mother's death.

To the people around the Marquis Anping Palace, tomorrow's day was considered very ordinary.

But to her, it was no ordinary thing.

Because that was the time — when her own mother really died.

It was also the day ten years ago when she had narrowly escaped death and survived with great difficulty.

However, this was a secret.

In this world, there were only three living people who knew about it. Even her own father did not know about it.


How did he know?

Suddenly, he thought of an idea, Lin Xuecha's brain exploded out, causing all the blood in his body to freeze, and blurted out:

Could it be that he was one of the survivors?!

Marquis Anping's Wife said goodbye and went back to his own courtyard.

Inside the courtyard, there was a woman dressed in a bright blue dress. On her exquisite hair bun, there was a butterfly-shaped golden hairpin stuck in her hair.

With a slight smile, the tassels swayed, moving and beautiful.

Seeing this person, Marquis Anping's Wife's expression couldn't help but soften as most of the emotions in his eyes turned soft.

She waved her sleeve, and all the servants in the yard left.

The lady seemed to have seen Marquis Anping's Wife and revealed a smile.

She nodded towards Marquis Anping's Wife and called out, "Mother."

"My daughter is very obedient."

Marquis Anping's Wife laughed, and asked directly:

"You were in the hall just now. Did you see anything?"

The second daughter of the Marquis Anping, Lin Xueyu, was another princess with a title in the palace.

Lin Xueyu walked forward and gently hooked her hand with Marquis Anping's Wife's.

"Xueyu just now, she stood behind the screen for a long time. Although I can see everything in the hall clearly, with big sister's personality …

"Xueyu is really uncertain, in a short period of time, I can't tell, but, but, if it's Your Highness Jing Ran, you've become my elder sister's instructor master …"

As he finished speaking, Lin Xueyu paused for a moment, as though he was about to say the rest of his words, which was a bit difficult to say.

Marquis Anping's Wife stopped in his tracks.

She frowned and looked at Lin Xueyu, "How is it?"

Lin Xueyu's expression was calm as she smiled, "Mother knows, Your Highness was once a miracle in my Tianchen Kingdom. Not to mention that elder sister is not stupid, even … Her talent is dull, and her highness was also able to turn corruption into miracles. This is why Xueyu believes that with everything that elder sister has lacked for ten years, she will very quickly surpass Xueyu. "

Marquis Anping's Wife's expression tensed up, but he said:

"However, when I see the Ninth Prince this time, his character is different from the usual courtesies …"

But today, with just a few words between him and her …

It was as though he had become somewhat cold and unfeeling.

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