Prince's Fierce Concubine/C8 He Was Protecting Her
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Prince's Fierce Concubine/C8 He Was Protecting Her
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C8 He Was Protecting Her

Perhaps …

He might not treat Lin Xuecha well.

Just now, the way he had protected her was a bit worrisome.

"There is indeed a slight change in Your Highness' personality." The corner of Lin Xueyu's mouth still held a smile, but there was no smile in his eyes.

"So mother, big sister, as the only disciple of His Highness, she might not have a good life. Why don't we wait and see."

Marquis Anping's Wife was silent for a moment.

Suddenly, she patted Lin Xueyu's soft spring and smiled at him:

"Don't worry about it. If she's doing well, mother will definitely make sure she's completely fine before your father returns. Very well."

Lin Xueyu lowered her head. Her pink lips held onto a curve, and revealed a little smile.

Worry free, trouble free, silence free, a day like the dead, is not …

Is that all right?

The next morning.

Stepping onto the parasol leaves and falling flowers that covered the ground, he passed through the courtyard that was dark and gloomy, and went straight to the door.

He raised his hand and the wooden door opened with a creak.

As if she was afraid of scaring someone, she lowered her footsteps and slowly crossed the threshold, entering with large strides.

Ting Zhu respectfully stood outside the door and did not follow her in.

It wasn't her first time here.

Yesterday, when they returned home, she accompanied her princess to burn incense here.

The furnishings inside the room were somewhat old, and it seemed as though they had been there for quite a few years. However, there wasn't a speck of dust to be seen.

There was everything in the room, the woman's dressing table, bed curtains, chairs, and...

A altar table.

Lin Xuecha's gaze fell on the tablet above the altar.

It read: "My beloved wife, Lin Qi's position."

The fruits on the table were fresh and fresh, and the ashes in the censer were fresh. It seemed that there were people who came here often to offer incense sticks of time to worship the censer.

Lin Xuecha knew about that person.

She was the daughter of the wet nurse, as well as the person her father had designated to come and offer sacrifices to before leaving for the border …

Lin Xuecha took three incense sticks from the side and blew the fire piston to light it up.

Kneel, she said solemnly.

Fifteen years ago, she had come to this strange empire filled with hatred and despair. It was this woman …

Using her gentleness and love, bit by bit, he called back her business.

In her previous life, not long after she was born, her parents were assassinated, and she was adopted as a killer.

She had never felt the love of her parents before, nor did she know what kinship was. It was this woman and her Marquis Anping who made up for her regrets and gave her five years of warmth.

He called her mother and called her father. She was their precious daughter, and they were living happily ever after.


But ten years ago today, his mother was forced into a corner.

And the person who forced her …

A strong killing intent flashed past his deep black eyes. With a pained look in his eyes, Lin Xuecha gritted his teeth and bowed while bowing.

Mother, there will be a day when their daughter will make them understand the meaning of paying a debt of blood with blood!

Ting Zhu stood at the door, quietly looking at his own princess.

Lin Xuecha usually showed off his strength to others.

In her ten years in the temple, she had never seen Lin Xuecha's face which was filled with sorrow and extreme coldness.

Although she didn't know why, when her princess stepped into this room, a solemn and sorrowful expression would appear on her delicate and pretty face.

However, in her heart, she felt sad as well, her mood heavy.

Just as he was about to go up and comfort her, Lin Xuecha had already stood, stuck the stick in the air and turned around.

Ting Zhu stopped in his tracks.

The next second, the sound of the door closing could be heard, as well as the calm tone of her princess voice.

"Prepare the horse, I want to go to Ninth Prince Palace."

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