Prince's Fierce Concubine/C9 He Is the Disciple of This King
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Prince's Fierce Concubine/C9 He Is the Disciple of This King
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C9 He Is the Disciple of This King

Yesterday, not long after Su Nanxing left, the Ninth Prince Palace sent someone to the Marquis Anping Palace.

The Dao told her that she would only officially become a teacher tomorrow, so she could rest for the day.

She did not comply with his words. Instead, she came today.

As for the Ninth Prince Palace, they never liked outsiders disturbing them.

Guests with ordinary relations with the Ninth Prince Su Nanxing s, even if they were esteemed guests, might not necessarily be able to enter the Ninth Prince Palace.

Lin Xuecha had actually gone smoothly. Slightly thinking about it, it should have been Su Nanxing's instructions before.

A maid came forward to guide the way, "Princess Yuexi, please follow me."

Lin Xuecha followed her.

Climbing the steps, walking around in circles, she saw a person sitting in a pavilion with an extremely elegant posture.

This person was clearly as beautiful as a lotus, and he was even more beautiful than a woman.

However, he was wearing a big red black robe at an inopportune moment. It was more or less refined, adding a domineering aura and a harsh coldness.

Everyone who saw it felt fear in their hearts.

Two completely different auras perfectly displayed themselves on his body. There was an indescribable contradiction as well as an indescribable harmony.

However, on second thought.

This person had lived in a harsh environment for six years, so it wasn't strange for him to be a bit hostile.

However, he was also involved in this secret. Survivor?


How could someone so easily send him to the border six years ago to hone his skills with his extraordinary status and identity?!

The maid stopped.

She stood beside Lin Xuecha and half bent her body, gesturing to him to come over.

Lin Xuecha walked to the side of the pavilion, she retracted all of her thoughts and greeted the handsome man in the pavilion.

Snow tea, nice to meet you, Your Highness Jing Ran.

Lifting his finger, Su Nanxing casually pointed to a spot, "Sit."

Lin Xuecha stood up and sat at the designated place.

She sat on the opposite side of him, silent and motionless.

There were some pastries on the table. They were exquisite in appearance, making people's appetite go wild.

Lin Xuecha pursed his lips.

He paid his respects to his mother in the early morning and forgot to eat.

Now that he saw what he was eating, he realized that he was hungry.

Su Nanxing swept a glance over her and said:

"Since Princess is This King's disciple, This King has several rules. Princess, you must abide by them."

Hearing this, Qian Wu, who had been standing quietly at the side the whole time, could not help but raise his eyebrows.

Lin Xuecha slightly lowered his eyebrows, "Your Highness, please speak."

"This is –"

Su Nanxing picked up a piece of exquisite cake and handed it over to Lin Xuecha.

"You must accept this gift that This King has given you."

Lin Xuecha stared blankly, seeing the two fair and long fingers in front of him.

As well as the pastries in his fingers.

Although she had been sent to an abbey for ten years, she was not ignorant of the ways of the world.

As a man, Su Nanxing was neither her husband nor her kin, how could he pass her food like that?!

In the eyes of the world, this action of his did have some sort of effect, the suspicion of being in love.

Lin Xuecha thoughtfully looked at Su Nanxing.

Suddenly, she stood up and nodded towards Su Nanxing, taking the pastries from his hands.

Her actions were very proper. As she received the pastries with both hands, her etiquette seemed overly formal.

Seeing that, the lips of the silent Qian Wu twitched a little.

Such a good atmosphere was instantly disrupted by Lin Xuecha, this woman who didn't understand the ways of the world.

The smile on Su Nanxing's lips was faintly discernable.

Seeing Lin Xuecha return to his original position, he said:

"Eat first. I'll tell you about the rules later."

After Lin Xuecha finished eating one piece of cake, he saw Su Nanxing passing her another piece, and he gave her another piece of cake with different tastes.

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