The next morning, Qian Ning dragged her tired body and opened her eyes. She thought back to last night and shyly covered her head with the blanket. Qian Ning had treated Mo Xuan as her man from the bottom of her heart, so she let go of herself and gave all of herself to Mo Xuan. When she thought of Mo Xuan, Qian Ning realized that her body was completely empty. There was no trace of Mo Xuan.

Just as he was about to stand up, he slipped and fell to the ground. At this moment, Mo Xuan was walking in with a large piece of pork in his hand. Seeing Mo Xuan walk in, Qian Ning shyly put her head back under the blanket. This action made Mo Xuan, who had just walked in, feel amused.

Putting down the pork in his hand, he slowly walked to the bedside and sat down. Smiling lightly, he pulled Qian Ning's blanket over her, revealing her small, exquisite face. Qian Ning rolled her eyes at Mo Xuan when she saw his burning gaze.

Mo Xuan looked at Qian Ning's bashful yet slightly aggrieved face as he pinched Qian Ning's face lovingly. "What's wrong?"

"It's all because of you that I can't get up. I still need to cook for you. " Qian Ning looked at Mo Xuan with an aggrieved expression.

Mo Xuan laughed heartily. "I'll cook for you today." "Is that good?"

"How can I? "No way." As Qian Ning said this, she picked up the clothes on the side and began to put them on.

On the other hand, Mo Xuan had his blanket wrapped around Qian Ning, tightly holding her in place. His face was dark, and he didn't say anything. Qian Ning was startled. She didn't know what she did wrong. Looking at Mo Xuan's ashen face, she didn't dare to take the next step. Mo Xuan got up and locked the door. He turned around and looked at Qian Ning, "In the future, when you get up and take a bath, you have to properly lock up the doors and windows, understand?"

Only then did Qian Ning react, and she nodded with a blushing face. He picked up his clothes and was about to put them on when he saw Mo Xuan staring at him. Qian Ning turned her head away in embarrassment. "Can you turn around? How am I supposed to dress myself if you act like this?"

"Wear it like this."

"Turn around."

"I've never seen anything like it before."

"Turn around."


After hiding in bed, she put on her clothes and pulled back the blanket. Mo Xuan's face had appeared in front of her before she knew it, causing her to jump in fright. "Husband, you scared me to death."

"Did you forget what you said yesterday?" Mo Xuan looked at Qian Ning with a faint smile. Qian Ning lowered her head. "Xuan."

Mo Xuan kissed Qian Ning's forehead. His beard brushed past Qian Ning's small face, making her itch. He couldn't help but laugh out loud.

"What's wrong?" Mo Xuan looked at Qian Ning in confusion.

Qian Ning rolled her eyes at Mo Xuan. "Can you shave your beard? It tickles me."

Upon hearing those words, Mo Xuan stroked his beard and shook his head with a bitter smile. "I didn't expect that I wouldn't have noticed even after growing for so long."

Qian Ning stood up and picked up the pork from the table. She looked at Mo Xuan in confusion as she asked, "Where did this pork come from?" Where did you get the money to buy pork? "

Mo Xuan looked at the piece of pork in Qian Ning's hand and smiled, "This is something I got from the game and Li Tu Hu that I fought on the mountain two days ago." "I'll use it to nourish your body."

When Qian Ning heard this, she took the pork and walked out.

The kitchen was very simple and crude. Other than the stove, it was completely empty. In this small kitchen, it actually looked so spacious. Qian Ning put down the meat and happily put down the meat. This was her home, their home.

As Mo Xuan watched Qian Ning leave, a charming smile blossomed in his eyes. Then, he remembered Qian Ning's words. He turned around and looked at himself in the mirror, stroking his beard. Then he picked up the razor he hadn't used in a long time and began to clean it.

After cleaning up, he looked at the mirror, his heart filled with mixed emotions. He didn't like looking at himself in the mirror before because he was afraid to think about the past that he couldn't bear to look back on. Now that he saw himself in the mirror, he could only helplessly shake his head.

He looked at the untouched crown in the drawer, picked it up, and also tidied up the uncombed hair. He looked at himself in satisfaction, then got up and walked towards his own kitchen.

As soon as he stepped into the kitchen, he heard his little girl talking to herself. When he walked in, he felt a warmth that he had never felt before. What should he do with the pork was better. He should first marinate it so that it could help replenish Hubby's body in the future. "I even brought a few eggs with me yesterday. I'll cook some eggs for my husband today."

Hearing the words of his little girl, Mo Xuan walked in and greeted, "Qian Ning."

Upon hearing Mo Xuan's voice, Qian Ning abruptly turned her head, and when she saw the man before her, she was taken aback. The man in front of him had a delicate face. He had a tall nose, sharp eyebrows, and starry eyes. He looked exactly like a twenty year old youth. Who could tell that he was the sloppy-looking Mo Xuan?

However, when Qian Ning looked at the man in front of her, she felt that some parts of him were very familiar.

"Who are you? Get out of here, or I'll call for help. " For a moment, Qian Ning didn't recognize that the man in front of her was her husband.

At this moment, Mo Xuan suddenly had the thought of teasing Qian Ning. "Little girl, you're so beautiful. Why don't you marry me and I'll raise you!"

Qian Ning picked up her kitchen knife and pointed it at Mo Xuan. "Don't come near me. My husband will definitely beat you to death when he comes out."

"I heard that your husband is over ten years older than you. How would he know how to love someone?" "It's better to follow me." Mo Xuan was still teasing Qian Ning.

Qian Ning cried as she held the kitchen knife to her neck, "I was born to be my husband, and my death was my husband's ghost. Even if I die, I won't betray my husband. "

Originally, when Mo Xuan saw Qian Ning's tears, he had already stopped thinking about how to tease her. However, after hearing Qian Ning's words, Mo Xuan's heart was filled with shock. In his heart, he believed in Qian Ning. He began to thank the heavens for letting him have her.

Seeing that there was blood on Qian Ning's neck, Mo Xuan jumped in fright. He hurriedly said, "Ning'er, I'm your husband, Mo Xuan. Why didn't you recognize me? "Take a good look at me."

When Qian Ning heard this, she stopped her coughing. She took the kitchen knife and slowly walked into the man's room. Looking carefully, there was indeed a bit of it. The voice was similar, but Qian Ning wasn't able to react in time. Mo Xuan had no choice but to cover his chin with his hand. "Look, my beard was shaved. If I tied my hair up, you wouldn't recognize me."

Only then did Qian Ning put down her kitchen knife. She was in pain as she said, "How can you scare me like this?"

Mo Xuan continued to bash his chest as he endured Qian Ning's light hand. Looking at the small cut on Qian Ning's neck, he caressed it with a pained expression, "Well, is it still painful?"

Qian Ning came back to her senses, "It doesn't hurt anymore. You can't scare me like this in the future. Do you think that since you are older than me, I will reject you and put a stain on your face? " Qian Ning's heart skipped a beat as she recalled what Mo Xuan had just done.

Following that, Qian Ning swore to the heavens, "I, Tong Qianyu, swear to the heavens that in this life and for eternity, I will be Mo Xuan's man. Death is Mo Xuan's soul. "Even if I die, I won't abandon my husband. If something goes wrong ?"

Without waiting for Qian Ning to continue speaking, Mo Xuan kissed her and stopped her oath. Only after a long time had passed did Mo Xuan finally loosen his grip on Qian Ning. "No need to swear, I believe in you."

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