Tomorrow was the day that Mo Xuan and Tong Qianyu would return to the sect. Early in the morning, Qian Ning began to pack up her things that she planned to bring back to her family. However, looking at the house, it was like looking at the walls of a house.

Tong Qian Ning sighed slightly, "Just these things alone, my husband will be laughed at." Thinking about it, Tong Qian Ning's eyes lit up. She hastily ran to the dowry box she had brought and happily opened it, picking up the few exquisite embroideries and bottles of unused rouge powder as well as the hairpin her mother had ordered her people to bring back from the city.

Tong Qian Ning had naturally seen a lot of things in her previous life, so this hairpin was definitely worth a few coins to Tong Qian Ning. During his rebirth, these worldly possessions were not even worth mentioning to Tong Qian Ning.

Tong Qian Ning wrapped a small cloth around the jewelry and quietly opened the door. Not seeing the man's figure, Tong Qian Ning was slightly disappointed as she said with a slightly sad voice, "It's still early in the morning. Where did you go? I don't know."

Thinking of this, Tong Qian Ning went to the city with the Lin family's sisters. A few people were talking and laughing along the way.

"Qian Ning, is Mo Xuan nice to you?" A burly woman pulled on Tong Qian Ning's sleeve and laughed.

When Tong Qian Ning heard these words, she remembered how Mo Xuan had shaved, tied up his hair, and appeared gentle and refined. Then, she unconsciously blushed. "Aunt Ah, he treats me pretty well."

"Oh, look, this little lady is still shy. "That's true, this man knows how to love when he's older." A short lady who was about the same size as Qian Ning said with a light laugh.

Being laughed at by the two, Tong Qian Ning wanted to find a hole to hide in. Suddenly, Aunt Ah looked at the bag behind Tong Qian Ning, and asked puzzledly, "Qian Ning, what are you doing in the city, and carrying such a beautiful little bag?"

Tong Qian Ning lowered her head, her heart pounding against the drum. Be it in her previous life or this life, Tong Qian Ning's mother had told her that men loved face. Thinking about this, Tong Qian Ning subconsciously tightened her small cloth bag and smiled, "It's nothing, just some clothes that can't be worn. I want to take them to the city for the tailors to help change."

When the two of them heard Tong Qian Ning's words, they naturally knew about Mo Xuan's family background and smiled to each other in tacit understanding.

When they arrived at the city, Tong Qian Ning and her two aunts parted ways, and arranged to meet at the city gate tower for an hour. Tong Qian Ning was anxious to get rid of this matter, so she bought some things and went home. When she returned home tomorrow, she couldn't let her husband lose face. Thinking about this, Tong Qian Ning rushed to the entrance of the pawnshop as if she was flying.

When they arrived at the entrance of the pawn shop, Tong Qianyu put the small cloth bag on her chest and patted it. She took a few deep breaths to calm her anxious heart. After all, she had never been in a pawnshop before.

As he walked into the pawnshop, the eyes of the little boy within lit up. After glancing at Tong Qian Ning's clothes, he said with disdain, "What are you doing here?"

When Tong Qian Ning heard this, she looked up and saw the waiter. She then smiled sweetly and placed the small cloth bag in front of the boy, "Little brother, I would like to ask how much silver can these things cost?"

The servant casually glanced at the items within Tong Qianyu's bag and casually said, "These items are at most worth one tael of silver."

"Only one tael?" Tong Qian Ning frowned slightly, but was not satisfied. She pulled the young lad forward and said, "Look carefully, these things are worth at least two or three taels of silver."

"Big Sis, two to three taels of silver?" Don't joke around, just with these things of yours, it's already not bad if I can give you one or two. " The waiter pretended to look at Tong Qian Ning.

Although Tong Qian Ning wanted to reject him, when she thought of tomorrow's arrival, Tong Qian Ning was left speechless.

At this time, a shopkeeper walked in from the front. The moment he saw Tong Qianyu, his originally listless appearance immediately became high-spirited. He hurriedly walked over and asked Tong Qianyu with a beaming smile, "What is this young lady up to?"

When Tong Qian Ning saw the shopkeeper, she weakly pointed to the cloth bag on the table. "These are the items."

"Oh, these things." The shopkeeper picked up the embroidered handkerchief and looked it over carefully, then laughed at Tong Qian Ning: "This embroidered handkerchief is indeed exquisite. "Indeed, it's not too bad. How much do you want me to earn?"

"Two or three taels of silver." When Tong Qian Ning heard this, her heart, which had originally sunk to the bottom of the valley, immediately jumped with joy. Her delicate little face was filled with hope.

"Three taels of silver is still worth it. How about this, just three taels of silver!" The shopkeeper told Tong Qianyu that these things were definitely worth three taels of silver.

At this moment, Tong Qian Ning treated the shopkeeper as a kind person. "Thank you, shopkeeper. You are such a good person."

The waiter found it hard to accept the shopkeeper's answer. His shopkeeper was extremely stingy, not even willing to give him a single cent. Today, he actually spent three taels of silver to buy Tong Qianyu's crappy things.

Tong Qian Ning took the three taels of silver and rushed out of the pawn shop. To Tong Qian Ning, these three taels of silver were more than enough.

"Manager, these things of hers aren't even worth three taels of silver. Why do you still want to give them to her?" When Tong Qian Ning disappeared from their line of sight, the boy was still unable to suppress the doubts in his heart.

"What do you know? That girl was told to do so by someone in the past." I have seen her portrait from him. The better we are to her now, the better off we may be in the future. " The face of the manager was filled with greed towards money.

When the waiter heard this, his eyes that were not very big suddenly became as big as a date, "It can't be, it's that wild girl."

The shopkeeper glared angrily at the little fellow and said, "What wild girl, open your eyes wider for me."

"Yes, yes, yes." The little fellow hurriedly replied.

Speaking of which, Tong Qian Ning was holding three taels of silver and happily choosing the items to bring back to her parents' home tomorrow. Her face was filled with the flirtatiousness of a young daughter-in-law.

Qian Ning, who was carrying meat and vegetables, hurriedly ran to the city gate, afraid that she would miss her promise with her two aunts.

When Qian Ning reached the city gate, she saw her two aunts happily chatting with a young man. Qian Ning didn't recognize the young man and was hesitating whether she should go over. She thought to herself that she had already married someone, so she couldn't let her husband misunderstand her.

Who knew that when Aunt Pang saw Qian Ning, she waved at her and said, "Qian Ning, Qian Ning, over here, come here."

Qian Ning walked over awkwardly, she didn't even raise her head to look at the young man. However, Qian Ning could feel that the young man's gaze never left her.

"Qian Ning, I really didn't expect that Mo Xuan would be dressed like this. It's hard to tell that he's a man in his thirties. If it wasn't for Mo Xuan greeting us, we really wouldn't have recognized him. "

"That's right, looks like getting married isn't the same."

Hearing their conversation, Tong Qian Ning suddenly raised her head. The man in front of her was staring at her, and although he appeared gentle and refined on the surface, Tong Qian Ning could feel that he was angry.

When the two aunts saw this, they left together. "Alright, you two husband and wife can go back together. We'll take our leave first."

"Aunt Ah, be careful on the way." These were the first words that Mo Xuan said.

After watching his two aunts leave, Mo Xuan did not even spare a glance at Tong Qian Ning before turning to leave. Tong Qian Ning pouted her lips as she looked at her master in grief, but she did not know what she had done wrong.

After walking for a while, Tong Qian Ning really couldn't carry the things in her hands anymore, so she walked much slower. Mo Xuan turned around to take the heavy things in Tong Qian Ning's hands, and it was only then that Tong Qian Ning noticed that Mo Xuan was also holding a lot of meat and vegetables ?

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