When the two returned home in the evening, Qian Ning didn't say anything. Mo Xuan was perplexed.

"Are you tired?" Mo Xuan stopped and held onto Qian Ning's hand.

Feeling the man's warmth, Tong Qian Ning raised her delicate face as she looked at Mo Xuan with a bit of rebuke. Tong Qian Ning's current appearance was more like that of a little girl, so Mo Xuan couldn't help but laugh. "What's wrong? "Why are you looking at your husband like that? But what's wrong with your husband?"

Tong Qian Ning curled her lips and reprimanded him, "You're still laughing, you shouldn't have listened to me just now." Now think about it, we don't have land, where did we get the money to live. Both of our food and clothing are problematic. In the future, if we have more children, what should we do? "

After Mo Xuan heard the little girl's words, he lovingly patted Qian Ning's head. "Don't worry. I won't let you go hungry and freezing. In the future, when you have children, I won't let you and your mother suffer any hardships."

"I'm not afraid of suffering. As long as you are by my side every day, I'm not afraid of anything." Qian Ning suddenly said. Mo Xuan was stunned for a moment before Qian Ning said, "But with a baby, I'm afraid it will suffer."

"Puchi!" Mo Xuan chuckled as he picked up his wife. Tong Qian Ning pounded on Mo Xuan's chest. Seeing that there were still people around, she blushed. "What are you doing, quickly put me down." It's not good for others to see. "

"What's wrong with that? You're my woman, can't I hug you if I wanted to?" Mo Xuan gave a meaningful smile that caught Qian Ning off guard.

"Put me down." Qian Ning saw a few of her sisters who were married in the same year as her looking at the two of them and laughing. Qian Ning felt even more embarrassed.

"Didn't you say you wanted a doll? Your husband will take you home and we will go to the house to have a baby. " Mo Xuan softly whispered into Qian Ning's ear.

Unexpectedly, Qian Ning's face turned even redder as she directly lay in Mo Xuan's embrace, not even daring to raise her head. "Too embarrassing, too embarrassing."

"Haha ?"

The next day, the sky was not yet completely bright. The moon was still hanging in the sky, and there were also stars that refused to leave. Mo Xuan carefully got out of bed by himself, afraid that he would awaken the young mistress in his embrace. After putting on her clothes, she kissed Qian Ning on her forehead. Looking at the sleeping Qian Ning, Mo Xuan's heart was filled with warmth.

In the past, he had thought that he would have to spend the rest of his life by himself. Coincidentally, this woman had walked into his heart and lived in his heart, and he couldn't let her go. Just like what Qian Ning said, in the future, he and Qian Ning would have children in this family, so why was he still wandering around?

He raised his head to look up at the sky, but his tears had started to fall, "Mother, did you see that? Your son has a good wife, and your son is no longer alone. In the future, our son will be better off. "

She then closed the door tightly, afraid that someone would come in and disturb her rest.

"Mo Xuan, why are you here so early?" Li Da, who was from the same village, continuously stuffed half a piece of steamed bun into his mouth.

"I just arrived too. Is everyone here?" Mo Xuan chuckled.

"Everyone is here, only you are new. "Now, let's go to the neighboring village and help them build their house. We can't care less about lunch, have you told your family's Qian Ning yet?" Li Da said in a rough voice.

"She's still sleeping. Let's go. The neighboring village is not far from here. I'll be back at noon. " Mo Xuan said softly.

"You didn't tell Qian Ning, right? Or else, Qian Ning wouldn't let you suffer. If she doesn't want you to go, then sneak in." Zhang San poked Mo Xuan with his elbow.

Mo Xuan didn't reply. Zhang San laughed and said, "What's there to be embarrassed about? Brother, I really envy you to death. Who doesn't know that Qian Ning is the beauty of this entire village, and yet she still dotes on you, her husband? "

"Mo Xuan, is it okay for Qian Ning to be alone at home?" Li Da said worriedly.

"I'm fine. I come back at noon every day. "The Aunt next door will help me look after Ning'er." Mo Xuan smiled sweetly.

This was truly enviable.

As for Qian Ning, she didn't wake up until she heard the crowing of a chicken. Faintly, he began to shout, "Xuan."

However, when he touched the bed, he discovered that it was already empty. Qian Ning felt a little embarrassed, "Could it be that Hubby went to cook again?"

While thinking, Qian Ning hurriedly put on her clothes and ran into the kitchen. However, there was no sign of Mo Xuan in the kitchen. This made Qian Ning feel a little disappointed.

When he opened the lid of the pot, he found that the porridge and steamed buns had already been prepared. Qian Ning picked it up and felt the warmth. She knew that Mo Xuan must have gone out. Recalling what she had said yesterday, she knew that Mo Xuan must have gone out to look for work. As she thought of this, Qian Ning began to gulp down the food in large mouthfuls.

"Hubby, you worked so hard, I can't hold you back." As Qian Ning thought this, the door was pushed open. Qian Ning looked up and saw Aunt Ah smiling as she walked in, "Oh, Qian Ning, you've just woken up."

Qian Ning nodded her head embarrassedly, she pulled over a stool and placed it beside Aunt, "Aunt, have you eaten yet? Do you want to eat something? "

Aunt laughed and said, "I've been eating since a long time ago. Afraid that you would be bored at home alone, I came to accompany you. Mo Xuan came to my house yesterday and said that he wanted to find a job.

Hearing Aunt talk about Mo Xuan, Qian Ning's face reddened.

"Qian Ning, you are also a lucky person. Even though Mo Xuan is fifteen years older than you, in my opinion, Mo Xuan is indeed a good man. "You have to look good, look good, and have a figure. Tell me, in our Tranquil Village, which man is taller than him, and which one is more handsome?"

Hearing Aunt Mo's praise, Qian Ning laughed, "Aunt Ah, if he were to hear you praise him like this, he would definitely be able to ascend to the heavens."

"You little girl." Aunt Qin rebuked as she looked at Qian Ning.

Suddenly, Qian Ning's eyes lit up as she said, "Aunt, I heard you say before that the people in the city all want to embroider their mothers, right?"

"Yeah, what's wrong? You want to do some work? " Aunt laughed.

Qian Ning nodded as her voice became softer and softer, "I want to share some of my husband's burden. I don't want him to be so tired."

"How about this, in a while, the knitting room in the city will send some cloth to my house, if you want to do it then come to my house to get it." "Your female workers are also doing quite well. It's hard to say, if they saw it, they would have found you embroidery every day." Aunt said as she clapped her hands.

Qian Ning wiped her mouth as she said, "Aunt, don't praise me anymore. How can the things I do compare with Aunt? Aunt's embroidery work is the best. How can I compare with Aunt?"

"Your mouth is sweet. "Alright, alright, come over to my place later." Aunt Meng pointed at Qian Ning's forehead.

Qian Ning smiled and said, "Aunt, I don't know how to calculate the wages for embroidery work?"

"This, every one of them is different. An embroidery handkerchief was nothing more than a small sum of money. However, if it was an embroidery cloth, it would only be a little more than one or two coins. Since your embroidery skills are so good, it should at least be two to three taels. " Aunt thought for a long time and slowly said.

Qian Ning was overjoyed. "Alright, thank you Aunt. I'll go and clean up later."

"Alright, then I'll go back and wait for you." Aunt laughed.

Qian Ning nodded, her heart was already excited ?

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