Qian Ning happily hugged the clothes that she needed to embroider tightly in her bosom. In her eyes, the future happiness of her family of three could be seen. There was an unconcealable smile on his face.

"Put it away first. When hubby comes back, give hubby a surprise." Qian Ning gently placed the clothes into the wardrobe. After that, he clapped his hands. He had to prepare lunch for his husband. To Qian Ning, this sort of lifestyle was very satisfying and fulfilling.

As for Mo Xuan, he was helping to build a house in the neighboring village. His agility was so fast that it caused many people to be dumbstruck. However, the strongest person, Li Da, saw how Mo Xuan effortlessly lifted the great beam that he needed all of his strength to carry. Li Da excitedly ran over and asked, "Mo Xuan, why is your strength so strong?"

Upon hearing his words, Mo Xuan shook his head with a bitter smile. I have to go back at noon. "

"Good, good, good." Li Da felt that he had met a rich man. If he did what Mo Xuan did, the house that they had originally planned to finish in half a year would be completed in three months. If he brought Mo Xuan around to build a house in the future, then that would be fine. This made Eldest Brother Li and the rest very happy.

Mo Xuan was originally a martial artist, so this thick beam wasn't too heavy for him. However, carrying so much in one morning was a bit too much for him.

"Come come come, everyone stop and come over for dinner." A coarse voice man impatiently knocked the edge of the pot with a big spoon. His fat body was reflecting some of the sweat that had washed over it.

Li Da rushed over with a flattering smile, "Brother Zhang, what kind of dishes are you cooking today? Are there any meat?" He looked into the pot.

Zhang Feng used his spoon to shake himself. Li Da hurriedly dodged, "You brat, what else do you have to despise? "If you want to eat, don't eat."

"Eat, eat." Li Jun laughed loudly as she received the steamed bun. She turned around and was about to give the steamed bun to Mo Xuan to eat. However, when Li Da turned around and looked around, Mo Xuan was nowhere to be seen. "This kid really runs fast." Li Da put the steamed bun in his mouth and took a big bite.

All along the way, Mo Xuan was worried about the safety of his wife. When he heard that he was going to work, he immediately turned around and walked back to his house. The pain in his shoulder could faintly be felt, but Mo Xuan only furrowed his brows. His footsteps didn't slow down at all.

After arriving at his own house, Mo Xuan slowly stopped. He dusted off the dirt on his body and picked up the robe he had left there in the morning from behind a tree. He then quickly took off the robe and put it on. Only then did he open the door of his house and walk in.

Joy filled his face as he walked into the room. He saw that Qian Ning was currently sleeping on the dining table. On the dining table, there were two pairs of clean tableware. Obviously, Qian Ning was waiting for him to come back for dinner. Mo Xuan felt a surge of warmth in his heart.

"Ning'er." Mo Xuan gently walked up and patted Qian Ning's back. Only then did Qian Ning slowly open her drowsy eyes. The moment she saw Mo Xuan, her eyes lit up and she hurriedly stood up. "Husband, you're back. Hurry and eat."

Mo Xuan was pulled by Qian Ning's hand and a sharp pain came from his shoulder. However, Mo Xuan didn't show it. He followed Qian Ning and sat down.

"In the future, if I return late, you don't have to wait for me to come back before eating. You eat first, I'll eat again when I get back. " Mo Xuan looked at the steaming hot dishes on the table.

Qian Ning didn't say anything. She just took a hot steamed bun and passed it to Mo Xuan. "I'll wait for you to come back before I eat. It'll feel like home when we eat together."

When Mo Xuan heard this, his hand that was holding onto the chopsticks involuntarily paused for a moment. Then, he dotingly smiled at Qian Ning. "Alright, I'll be back as soon as possible in the future."

"Alright, hurry up and eat. Wait until your stomach gets cold, then it'll be easy to eat until it breaks." Qian Ning said with a smile.

The couple had a warm meal.

After the meal, Mo Xuan took advantage of the time while Qian Ning was in the kitchen washing the dishes to take off his clothes and look in the mirror. Only then did he notice that there was a large bruise on his right shoulder. However, Mo Xuan didn't feel any pain because he was already surrounded by happiness.

Afterwards, he took out a healing ointment that he had not used for over ten years and treated it well.

Seemingly hearing the sound of Qian Ning's footsteps, Mo Xuan hurriedly put on his clothes, covering the injured area.

"Ning'er, why are you so happy today, is there any good news?" What Mo Xuan couldn't ignore was the smile on Qian Ning's face. Ever since she entered, she hadn't stopped moving.

When Qian Ning heard this, she walked towards the wardrobe and asked, "Master, what kind of work did you find today?"

"Ah, no, I'm not tired. I'm just helping people carry things. Don't worry about your husband. Now, what I care about is, what's wrong with you? " Mo Xuan dodged Qian Ning's question. He didn't want his little girl to worry about him.

"Husband, look." Qian Ning joyfully carried the clothes in front of Mo Xuan.

Looking at the beautiful clothes, Mo Xuan was puzzled. "Where did this come from? Whose clothes? "

"I brought this from Aunt's home. I heard it's the clothes of the young masters and young sisters in the city. Every month, someone will send it to Aunt's home to find someone to weave. I just happened to have nothing to do at home, so I wanted to do some work to help my husband share his worries. " Qian Ning looked forward to it, her eyes filled with a smile. It was as though he was holding a prize, showing off to Mo Xuan.

With one hand, he casually threw his clothes on the bed and the other hand held onto Qian Ning's slender waist, trapping her in his embrace. "I don't need you to worry about me, I will not let you suffer any grievances with this family here. "You just need to stay at home and enjoy your life. When you have nothing to do, go to the neighbors' house and hang out with their old friends."

"Husband, you said it already. This is our home, how can I let you work hard all by yourself?" When Qian Ning heard that Mo Xuan doted on her so much, her nose turned sour. Regardless of whether it was her previous life or this life, Mo Xuan was the first man to love her so much. How could she bear to let her husband leave her house?

"Alright." Mo Xuan no longer refuted because Qian Ning was right. This was their home. However, once you have a child in the future, you won't be able to do this anymore. " Mo Xuan stared at Qian Ning as he spoke.

"Alright." Qian Ning's face turned slightly red, "With a baby, even if you want me to do it, I won't do it."

"Little girl." Mo Xuan lovingly scratched the tip of Qian Ning's nose.

Qian Ning looked at Mo Xuan's blazing eyes and hurriedly wanted to leave his embrace. How could she not understand the meaning behind them? However, it was already daytime, how could Qian Ning feel embarrassed?

Who would have thought that the man would not give Qian Ning the chance to escape? He grabbed onto Qian Ning's small hand and pressed her down onto the bed.

"Husband, what are you doing? Are you not afraid of being laughed at in broad daylight?" Qian Ning blushed all the way to her ears. The more Qian Ning was like this, the more Mo Xuan was unable to extricate himself. Even Mo Xuan himself was unable to explain why his love for Qian Ning had become more and more intense, and he was unable to extricate himself.

"It's fine, we need a baby so you don't have to do these things." Mo Xuan's hurried breathing entered Qian Ning's ears. Even though Qian Ning wanted to refuse, Mo Xuan swallowed her next words ?

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