Prince's Mischievous Consort/C1 Spent all the time in the world
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Prince's Mischievous Consort/C1 Spent all the time in the world
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C1 Spent all the time in the world

"Susu, if you say that you will only marry me, how can you go back on your words?"

"Susu, I will make you think of me."

"Putting the world down, it's all because of you that I've gone mad."


Bai Su woke up from her stupor and sat up abruptly.

In the spacious and bright room, everything was filled with a cheerful red color.

This is her new house, yes.

The night two days ago should have been her and Prince Jin's wedding night, but she was somehow kidnapped.

Prince Jin didn't like her and hadn't even been to his new home, so he naturally didn't know about her disappearance.

"I've had another nightmare ?" Bai Su wiped away the cold sweat on her forehead, the hoarse voice of the man in his dreams still constantly reverberating in his ears, "Are you going crazy because of me?"

"Is it true or is it a nightmare? That man ? "How insolent." Just as Bai Su was muttering to herself, the door was suddenly pushed open.

The servant, Xi Yan, walked in and saw the sober Bai Su and immediately exclaimed: "Princess, you're awake!"

Bai Su, Grand Princess of the Ling Kingdom, the one who was just married into the Beimu Kingdom, an imperial concubine.

"Yes." Bai Su nodded her head and stretched herself out of the bed.

Xi Yan wanted to say something, but hesitated: "Princess, where did you go the night before yesterday? I've been asleep for a day and a night since I got back ? This servant is worried to death. "

Bai Su slightly frowned, thinking of the voice in her dreams, and couldn't help but tighten her lips.

Just as he was thinking about how to explain it to Xi Yan, he heard faint sounds coming from outside the house, so he changed the topic and asked: "Look who is outside."

Xi Yan stopped to help her put on her clothes, walked to the window, and glanced down the pavilion.

Turning his head to look at Bai Su, he said furiously, "It's Third Princess! Hmph, relying on the Prince Jin's favor, on the second day of Princess marrying Prince Jin, he couldn't wait to be married into Prince Jin as a concubine. It's a good thing that she's the princess' little sister. "

Bai Su walked to the side of the table, raised her head and looked at the fuming Xi Yan, and smirked: "You girl, I'm not even angry, what are you angry about?" She casually said as she poured a cup of water, "Let's go down and see what she has come here for."

The flowers and trees in the yard were flourishing.

Seeing that Bai Su had walked out, Bai Zhi quickly took a step forward and bowed to her.

Looking at Bai Zhi's flirtatious expression, Bai Su laughed faintly: "Since little sister is so delicate, no wonder Prince Jin is so compassionate."

She had originally said it casually, but did not expect Bai Zhi to suddenly kneel down and grab onto her leg, and cried out: "Elder sister, don't blame me for it, I am sincerely in love with Prince, I hope elder sister will grant my wish."

Bai Su didn't like being touched by people she hated, so she reflexively moved her legs away to avoid them. Unexpectedly, Bai Zhi suddenly fell backwards!

With an "Ah!", he fell to the ground.

She held up her arms as she looked at Bai Su with teary eyes and sobbed, "Elder sister, please don't be angry at Zhi Er ? "Sob, sob, sob ?"

Bai Su was dumbstruck, she did not use any strength to pull back her legs.

Before she could react, a cold voice came out: "Bai Su, what are you doing?"

Mu Lingfeng, who was dressed in black silk clothes, walked in quickly and supported Bai Zhi up as she held her in her arms.

Bai Zhi raised her head and said in a low voice, "Prince, I'm fine." His gaze was so gentle that it seemed as if water was about to drip out of it.

Seeing that a small piece of skin had been torn off from her palm and was suffused with a tinge of red, Mu Lingfeng frowned. He raised his head and glared at Bai Su with eyes that seemed to want to devour him, and said coldly: "It's only been three days since we've entered the palace, and you're already so impatient to exercise your rights as an imperial concubine?"

Saying that, he suddenly made a move and grabbed Bai Su's neck!

"This king will tell you this, Zhi Er is not someone you can bully!"


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