Prince's Mischievous Consort/C10 Daughter's body
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Prince's Mischievous Consort/C10 Daughter's body
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C10 Daughter's body

Bai Su was shocked, and sighed under her breath, not only was she being followed, her body was also being seen through, it seemed that she was going to get really unlucky today!

She was not stopped by the shout. Instead, she quickened her pace and ran towards the front.

However, a person suddenly appeared horizontally at the mouth of the alleyway in front of her, stopping her in her tracks.

Bai Su turned her head. The person behind had already slowed down her footsteps and was looking at her proudly. Then, she walked towards her step by step.

There were wolves in the front, and tigers in the back.

What should he do?

Bai Su looked carefully, the person in front was fat and skinny. With her small physique, wanting to rush towards the fatty in front of her was simply a dream. However, even though the person behind him was thin, he ran very fast.

Just as Bai Su was in a dilemma, Fatty and the skinny guy had already walked over and placed her in the middle.

The skinny guy had a scar on his face as he stared at the money pouch on Bai Su's waist and said in a high-pitched voice: "My wife, give me all the money you have and I will let you go. "Otherwise, hehe, I will kill you first!"

Hearing this, Bai Su was startled, and subconsciously retreated until she leaned against the wall.

Seeing that she did not say anything, the fatty stammered, "Young, young lady, why don't ? why don't you obediently hand over the money! My, my, my brother. Keke is someone who can speak, you can do whatever you want. "

Normally, Bai Su would definitely laugh when she heard the fatty's words.

But at this moment, she was being attacked from all sides and she couldn't laugh at all.

The scrawny man obviously had no patience. Seeing Bai Su not saying anything, she glanced at Fatty and said sharply: "Brother, go and take this bitch down!"

"Oh ? oh." The fatty looked simple and honest, yet obedient. After he finished speaking, he walked towards Bai Su.

Seeing the fatty, who was as big as her, walking closer, Bai Su swallowed her saliva and subconsciously retreated towards the wall behind him.

Fatty walked step by step in front of her, and without saying anything further, he stretched out his Demon Claw towards her.

Bai Su took a deep breath, suddenly raised her hand, and pierced the silver needle between her fingers into the fatty's palm.

"Ah!" A ghastly cry rang out, and Fatty took two heavy steps back. He covered his hands with a twisted expression on his face.

Seeing that, Bai Su anxiously ran towards the gap where Fatty was hiding.

However, before he could even run two steps, he was grabbed by the thin man.

"Damned woman, how dare you plot against my brother!" He screamed as he swung his palm towards Bai Su.

'Bang! 'a loud sound was heard.

Bai Su was stunned!

Soon, the thin man raised his hand again.

Bai Su carried the medicine in one hand and her other hand was grabbed by the skinny guy.

Seeing that slap about to land on her face, she hurriedly closed her eyes in fear.

At this moment, her inner monologue was actually soy sauce.

It was one thing for me to be bullied by that scumbag Mu Chihuo, but who told me to not show mercy in front of others! Now, he was bullied by these hooligans even when he stepped out of the door. He truly died from grievance! Why do you think I don't know kung fu? If laozi knew kung fu, how could laozi be so angry!

He cursed for a long time, but that slap did not land. Instead, a pig-like miserable cry came from beside his ear: "AHH! "Pain ? it hurts!

Bai Su was surprised, she quietly opened one eye, and saw a boy half a head shorter than him.

He was pinching the thin man's wrist, blocking his slap for her.

Bai Su shook the skinny guy off and hid behind the teenager. She smiled awkwardly: Thank you Young Hero, thank you Young Hero! As she said this, her face suddenly changed and she read out loud in surprise, "Why do I feel like I've seen you somewhere before?"

The youth did not say a word. He shook the thin person off and said at a moderate pace, "Scram."

He really was a cold and reserved young man.

Even though the fatty and the skinny man were unwilling, they knew that they couldn't defeat the young man, so they turned around and ran.

"Ah, I remember!" Bai Su pointed to the youth's nose and said excitedly: "You're the teenager next to Wearing White Clothes And Beautiful Men."

The youth ignored him. With an expressionless face, he turned around and walked toward the mouth of the alley.

Bai Su looked at the empty alley and chased after it: "Wait for me, wait for me!"

If he left her here alone, who knew what would happen?

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