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C11 Too ugly

At the entrance of the alleyway, there was a carriage that seemed simple, but was in fact very particular.

Bai Su chased after the teenager as she ran out. Her face was not red, but her heart remained calm as she said, "Kid, why don't you take a ride?"

The youth stopped in his tracks and turned around to look at Bai Su. He spat out two words coldly, "Go away."

The corner of Bai Su's mouth twitched: "What an unlovable child."

Hearing the word "child", the youth's expression changed, and he slammed his palm towards Bai Su's chest.


Just as the young man's palm was about to touch Bai Su's chest, a gentle voice came out from inside the carriage, causing the young man to stop in time.

Bai Su never thought that the youth would attack so quickly. The moment she thought of how she was almost attacked on the chest, she scolded loudly, "Brat, who taught you to act as soon as there's a conflict?"

The youth glanced at her before withdrawing his hand. He didn't say anything.

"It's really impossible to hit a fart with eight rods!" Bai Su glared at him and turned to leave.

A gentle voice came out from inside the carriage: "Fei Yu, please get on the carriage."

Bai Su recognized the voice. It was from the Wearing White Clothes And Beautiful Men that he had bumped into in the large pharmacy of Tongji Hall.

She glanced at the youth, curled her lips, and said: "Oh, so your name is Fei Yu, you really are a child who doesn't like to talk!"

She deliberately emphasized the word "child".

Hearing that, Fei Yu clenched his fists in anger.

But this time, he did not make a move. He helplessly extended his hand and coldly said, "Please."

Bai Su laughed proudly and stepped onto the carriage.

The interior of the carriage was very spacious. In the middle, there was a tea table, and three of the seats were covered with cushions. It wouldn't be a problem for three or five people to sit inside.

Wearing White Clothes And Beautiful Men sat on the right, holding a teapot in one hand and a jade cup in the other, pouring tea.

His hands were smooth and white, more delicate than a woman's.

Although he was wearing a mask that covered most of his face, the lines of his jaw that were slightly exposed were beautiful, causing people to be unable to shift their gaze away when they looked at him.

After Bai Su sat across from him, he did not even look up at her, but instructed her in a clear voice: "Fei Yu, escort this lady back home."

Seeing that the carriage did not move, he stopped in his tracks, raised his head and looked at Bai Su, and asked: "May I know where the young lady lives?"

Bai Su told him an address not far from the Prince Jin Palace.

After the carriage started moving, Bai Su looked at Wearing White Clothes And Beautiful Men and smiled: Thank you, young master, for saving me.

The corners of Wearing White Clothes And Beautiful Men's mouth curled slightly. He put down the teapot, picked up a jade cup, and handed it over to Bai Su, and said: "Miss, would it be possible for you to taste this one's personally brewed tea?"

His voice was gentle and his manner polite.

Bai Su subconsciously accepted the jade cup, "Young Master, you must be careful."

When he brought the jade cup to his lips, he suddenly stopped and looked at Wearing White Clothes And Beautiful Men, asking in surprise: "How did young master know that I am a daughter?"

Wearing White Clothes And Beautiful Men laughed: "Lady's appearance is soft and beautiful, anyone with eyes can see through her. "What's more ?" He paused, then said, "Please forgive my presumptuousness, but the reason I was able to see through the girl's body was because I smelled her scent in the pharmacy."

"Oh ?" Bai Su was enlightened, and replied with a prolonged tone, "So it's because of the body scent." She brought the jade cup to her lips and sipped the tea in the cup.

The Wearing White Clothes And Beautiful Men stared at her movements, she could not help but smile, "Young lady, are you always this cautious?"

"?" Bai Su was startled.

Wearing White Clothes And Beautiful Men said: "I mean, if I had drugged the tea, I'm sure you would have been tricked."

Bai Su laughed: "You won't."

"Why?" The Wearing White Clothes And Beautiful Men thoughtfully asked, "Is it just because I saved the lady once?"

Bai Su replied: "Not really. It's just that I don't think you're that kind of person. " What's more, was there anything in the world that her nose couldn't smell?

Wearing White Clothes And Beautiful Men looked at her mysteriously, smiled and did not say anything else.

Bai Su picked up the teapot and drank a cup of tea. After drinking it, he looked at the white jade mask on Wearing White Clothes And Beautiful Men's face and asked curiously: May I know why Sir always shows me your face with a mask?

Wearing White Clothes And Beautiful Men was startled, she did not expect her to ask this question so directly.

Seeing that he did not say anything, Bai Su guessed: "Could it be because she is too ugly?"

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