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Prince's Mischievous Consort/C12 Wind flowers snow and moon
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C12 Wind flowers snow and moon

Although her voice wasn't loud, it was extremely clear to the people who had been practicing martial arts for a long time.

Was it because he was too ugly?

When he said those words, not only did Wearing White Clothes And Beautiful Men blink his eyes, his face was also filled with desire.

Even Fei Yu who was driving the carriage could not help but curse under his breath. Stupid woman, if her young master was called ugly, then there would be no man in the world who would look good.

Fortunately, Bai Su did not dwell on this issue and quickly forgot about it. Lowering her head, she began to play with the items that she brought with him.

Wearing White Clothes And Beautiful Men was deep in thought, and felt that her muddleheaded personality was rather cute.

Bai Su smelled a light fragrance of medicine. Raising her head, she saw that Wearing White Clothes And Beautiful Men was holding onto a small bottle of medicine, and asked: "What is that?"

Wearing White Clothes And Beautiful Men did not answer immediately. Instead, he opened the medicine bottle and used his little finger to pick out some ointment. He then raised his head and looked at her: "Your face is a little red and swollen, I'll give you some medicine."

His voice was gentle and his tone was natural.

Bai Su was stunned for a moment, then realized that her face that had been slapped by the skinny guy really hurt a little.

Suddenly, a cool touch came from her face. Bai Su raised her eyes and bumped into the man's pair of beautiful eyes.

She looked at him, momentarily forgetting to react.

He could only feel the cold medicinal paste on his face being slowly wiped away and gently rubbed into his skin.

Wearing White Clothes And Beautiful Men's actions were very gentle and focused.

Bai Su stared blankly until he stopped moving. Only after a while did she react.

"That... "Thank you." The moment he opened his mouth, he realized that not only was his voice stuttering, it was also weak, as if he had no energy at all.

She had always been a domineering and straightforward person. She was able to handle big matters by herself, and small matters would usually be overlooked by her.

For example, when she had been forced into a corner by someone before, she had always dealt with it herself. However, today, she was saved by the man in front of her.

She would normally ignore small matters like the red and swollen face, but the man in front of her was treating her with medicine so carefully.

Bai Su suddenly had the feeling that someone was paying attention to him, and the corners of her eyes couldn't help but twitch.

"What's wrong?" The Wearing White Clothes And Beautiful Men asked gently.

Bai Su sniffed, raised her head, laughed, and said: "I'm fine. It's just that no one has been so kind to me for a long time. I almost forgot about the feeling of being treasured by others. "

Wearing White Clothes And Beautiful Men stared at her in a daze.

"Your smile is beautiful and pure. I've never seen it before." he said.

Bai Su laughed again.

It wasn't easy to meet someone who was so gentle, polite, and admired her. Since he liked her, then she might as well smile a little more.

Wearing White Clothes And Beautiful Men's expression suddenly changed. He covered his mouth, tilted his head, and started coughing.

Seeing that, Bai Su immediately stopped smiling, and asked with concern: "Young Noble, what's wrong?"

Wearing White Clothes And Beautiful Men coughed a few times. It looked like he was about to cough out his lungs at any time.

The carriage stopped.

Fei Yu, who was driving the carriage, got into the carriage. He took out a medicine bottle, poured out a pill and quickly placed it in Wearing White Clothes And Beautiful Men's mouth. Then, he quickly brought the jade cup on the tea table to his lips and fed it to him.

After taking the medicine, Wearing White Clothes And Beautiful Men slowly stopped coughing.

He waved towards Fei Yu, and Fei Yu backed off and continued to drive.

Bai Su was shocked by his appearance just now, seeing that he had recovered, she could not help but ask in a trembling voice: "You ? Is there any hidden disease? "I ?"

She was going to say that she was a doctor and she could show him.

But the man suddenly raised his head and shot her a cold look.

Bai Su stopped.

Her instincts told her not to look at this Wearing White Clothes And Beautiful Men who looked gentle and polite on the outside, but was actually not to be trifled with on the inside.

If someone touched his reverse scale, they would not even know how they died.

And she seemed to have inadvertently touched his reverse scale when she asked him that question just now.

She was truly a mysterious man. Just a moment ago, he was behaving like a wind and snow with her, but in the next moment, he became so cold and detached ?

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