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C14 Scum man

Wearing White Clothes And Beautiful Men looked at the person writing the prescription with a serious expression. Her actions were as smooth as flowing water, and his gaze couldn't help but soften by a bit.

Finally, Bai Su passed the medicine over, and smiled slightly: "I won't take the money, I'll just treat it as repaying you for saving my life yesterday."

Wearing White Clothes And Beautiful Men was startled.

Just as she was about to say something, Bai Su said: "In my, Bai Su's, world, it's always been an equivalent exchange. Since you saved me yesterday, I can't possibly owe you this favor. "

Wearing White Clothes And Beautiful Men was quiet for a moment. In the end, he moved his lips and spat out two words, "Yi Chen."

Bai Su was dumbstruck. Blinking her eyes, she asked in confusion, "What?"

Wearing White Clothes And Beautiful Men laughed: "Didn't you say that it will be an equal exchange? Since you told me your name is Bai Su, then I have to tell you my name to be fair. "

Bai Su blinked her eyes: "So, you're saying you're called Yi Chen?"

"Exactly." Yi Chen said.

Bai Su laughed candidly: "Yi Chen is untainted, this name is rather fitting for you."

"Ba-Su." Yi Chen muttered, "Your name is also very nice to hear."

From this day onwards, a man called Yi Chen walked into Bai Su's life.

After making an appointment with Yi Chen to come back tomorrow afternoon, Bai Su returned to the Prince Jin Manor.

Who knew that the moment she returned, she would see Xi Yan kneeling in the courtyard, with Mu Lingfeng sitting high up on top of the bed. Bai Zhi was standing beside him, seemingly waiting for her.

Seeing Bai Su dressed in men's clothes, Mu Lingfeng angrily flung his sleeves and coldly said: "Princess, you are not following a woman, and left the household on your own accord. From today onwards, Plum Garden would be restricted. "Humph!"

On the second day, Bai Su thought of all sorts of ways to not be able to exit the Duke Palace's gate.

Climb over the wall and get caught.

The guards of the Prince Jin Mansion were just like thieves guarding against the princess.

In any case, there was only one sentence: If you want to leave the mansion, don't even think about it!

"F * cking hell, I can't even go out to play for a bit. What lousy rules are these!"

Bai Su was bored to death as she strolled through the Lotus Garden.

Lotus Garden was Bai Zhi's residence.

That night, Xi Yan went to the Lotus Garden to look for Mu Lingfeng for medicine and he was beaten to such a state.

Thinking about it, Bai Su's anger started to rise.

"If Mu Kui can't move, then why would I, Bai Zhi, be afraid of her?"

With that in mind, Bai Su climbed up a large tree behind Lotus Garden and prepared to climb over the wall.

However, she didn't expect that there was a large lake within the courtyard's walls. He lost his balance and fell to the ground.


"Putong", Bai Su fell into the water, and instantly became a drowned chicken.

"Puff." Bai Su spat out a mouthful of water and his wet head appeared like a lotus out of water. She turned his head to look around and couldn't help but curse, "What a bear! Bai Zhi's place is worthy of being called Lotus Garden, it really is a pond full of bitch! "

After looking down at him contemptuously, Bai Su climbed onto the shore and twisted the water off her clothes.

"You can be called a bitch if you come out untainted by dirt or dirt. I'm covered in dirt, no wonder I can't be a bitch."

Just as he was taunting, he heard a strange sound, as if it came from the pavilion across the pond.

Bai Su became curious. She jumped down from the cat's body and used the grass to cover his body as she slowly walked over. Squatting at the corner of the corridor, she heard the sound from the corner of the wall.

"Prince, stop. It's still daytime now, how embarrassing to be seen by others ?"


"Ah, Prince, be gentle, it hurts ?"


Just by listening to her sweet and sweet voice, one could tell that it was Bai Zhi. Who else could the Prince she was talking about be other than Mu Lingfeng?

"Heh, it's broad daylight, yet this scum of a man and woman actually got excited. Their interest is really great!" Bai Su squatted by the side of the wall, she could faintly smell a strange fragrance from the open window, and her forehead twitched, "It looks like the good show is about to start."

An evil smile played at the corner of her mouth as she suddenly stood up.

"Prince and little sister are so elegant!" Bai Su openly stared at the couple through the open window and commented, "Yo, Prince's shoulders are wide and buttocks are narrow. His legs are long and powerful, truly a top rank in the world! Her little sister was fair and beautiful, beautiful and pure, like a bitch! "Hmm ?" Prince and his sister ? ? Exquisite quality bitch s, what a perfect match!


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