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C15 Shameless

Mu Lingfeng raised his head, seeing that the one who spoke was Bai Su, he was immediately angered to the point that his eyeballs were about to pop out: "How did you come in, woman?"

"I walked in." Bai Su said without a trace of guilt.


Bai Zhi was half a beat slower, when she realized that Bai Su was just standing there looking at the Spring Palace from the sidelines with her large thorns...

"Ah!" She cried out! Shamefully, she buried her head into Mu Lingfeng's embrace, refusing to stick her head out even if she died.

The corner of Bai Su's mouth twitched: "Little sister, why should I be shy if I have a lover doing things I love to do? Since I've already seen your elder sister, is there any point in hiding? "

F * ck, if she had a phone now, she would definitely take a photo of these two people and send it to every major video website to let everyone in the world eat their flesh!

"Bai Su, can you be even more shameless?" Mu Lingfeng glared at Bai Su, his forehead turning green, "Scram for this king!"

Even though he had already seen how shameless this wangfei was yesterday, today she had once again refreshed his knowledge.

Bai Su innocently blinked her eyes: "Prince, am I shameless?"


"Hehehe!" Bai Su laughed, "You can do shameless things, but you won't let me say it? Aiyo, you can't just kill the fun of others just because you're a Prince! "Also, I'm not a ball, so f * ck off, f * ck off!"

Hearing the word "f * ck off", it was as if ten thousand mud horses ran wild in Bai Su's heart.

Mu Lingfeng was enraged, his entire face looked as if it was filled with blood, and turned purple.

"You! "You ?" He pointed at Bai Su and shouted "you" a few times. Suddenly, Mu Lingfeng's eyes flipped, his hands dropped, and he fell into Bai Zhi's embrace.

The sudden weight on her body startled Bai Zhi. She lifted her head and pushed Mu Lingfeng away, but when she saw that he did not move, she turned pale with fright: "Prince! Prince, what happened to you? "

Seeing that, Bai Su frowned, and muttered: I'm just angry at him, I will not be so easily angered to death right?

Intuition didn't seem like it.

Bai Su jumped over the window and ran in. She squatted beside Mu Lingfeng and extended her index finger and pushed him a little with extreme disgust. Mu Lingfeng's body was pushed over and he laid flat on the ground.

Ah!" What are you doing? " Bai Zhi felt a chill run down her body and quickly covered it up with her hands. The usual pretentious air was absent from her words. "Don't look around!

Bai Su curled her lips, and said casually: "Tch, what's there to look at? I have everything you have, and I'm older than you. "

"You!" Bai Zhi was extremely angry, she angrily pulled on her clothes to cover her body.

From start to finish, Bai Su had not given her a single glance.

Just as he hung it up, his expression subtly changed as he turned to look at Bai Zhi.

Bai Zhi knew that Bai Su was proficient in medicine, and although she was a bit guilty, she still braced herself and asked: "How is it? Is the Prince alright? "

When Mu Lingfeng couldn't hear his, she didn't even want to call him "big sister" anymore.

Bai Su laughed as though she was used to it and replied, "Heh."

Instead of answering her question, he quickly took off a golden hairpin from Bai Zhi's hair and stabbed it into Mu Lingfeng's thigh like a lightning bolt.

Mu Lingfeng's body trembled, but he did not wake up immediately.

"Prince!" Bai Zhi was shocked. Seeing the red blood on the spot where the golden hairpin had pricked Mu Lingfeng's thigh, she quickly raised her head and glared at Bai Su. She said angrily, "You dare to harm Prince?"

Bai Su scoffed lightly, "Who saw me injuring Prince? "This weapon is obviously your golden hairpin!"

"You!" Bai Zhi knew that she couldn't win against her, so she arrogantly asked, "You just showed it to Prince, how is he?"

Originally, Bai Su was not used to sher speaking in such a manner, but now, he uncharacteristically smiled: "What, are you worried? Then why did you give him the Seven Extreme Pills? "

Bai Zhi's body stiffened. "What is the Seven Extreme Powder? What do you mean? I don't understand. "

Knowing that she wouldn't admit it, Bai Su smiled and said: "Seven Extreme Pills is an aphrodisiac that can be used seven times in one night. It is said that even the strongest man with a strong will is unable to resist its temptation. "You ?"

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