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C16 Wheeze

"Cough!" Mu Lingfeng coughed and interrupted Bai Su's words.

He slowly opened his eyes and saw Bai Su. His eyes turned cold as he gritted his teeth and said, "Ba-Su!"

Hearing the furious voice, Bai Su reflexively stood up and took a step back. Feeling that it was safe, she said: "Prince, I am your savior. Don't glare at me like that."

Mu Lingfeng sat up and looked up at Bai Su. Only then did he discover that she was wet all over, her well-developed figure faintly outlined in the thin fabric.

According to his knowledge, the Grand Princess of Ling Kingdom, Bai Su, had been sickly since childhood, and at the age of eight, she had entered the Fairy Doctor's tutelage. She had been following the Fairy Doctor around the four seas for the past ten years. Thus, although his life was saved, he had yet to be married at the age of eighteen.

With an eighteen year old body, he was naturally more perfect than a sixteen year old Bai Zhi, and would be able to arouse the interest of men.

Noticing Mu Lingfeng's gaze, Bai Su quickly took a step back and casually grabbed the outer robe on the ground and draped it over her body.

Although he scolded Mu Lingfeng countless times in his heart, he still said: "Could it be that Prince thinks that I'm more beautiful than his and thinks that I'm in love with the wrong person?"

Mu Lingfeng retracted his gaze and said coldly: "You think you're in love!" The pain hit his leg and he couldn't help but exclaim, "Hiss ?"

Bai Zhi woke up from her stupor and, after reacting to the situation, quickly grabbed her clothes and covered her with them, before daintily asking, "Prince, are you alright?"

Mu Lingfeng asked instead of answering, "What happened to the injury on my leg?" With that, his gaze landed on Bai Su.

"I did it." Bai Su said, "If I did not prick the wind market acupoint on the outside of your thigh to soothe and rejuvenate your body, you would have been done for a long time ago. "Even though it's bleeding, but because the situation is so urgent and we don't have any silver needles, we can only use little sister's golden hairpin instead."

"What does it mean?"

"?" Bai Su blinked her eyes, "It's the same as braiding or dying."

Mu Lingfeng believed in Bai Su's medical skills and did not believe her words. He stared at her and said: "Are you saying, without you pricking me, I would have died?"

Of course not! She was doing it to vent her private anger!

Bai Su realized that this Mu Bastard wasn't as easy to fool as she had imagined, but since things had already come to this point, she could only bite the bullet and say, "Yes, of course I am. Prince, even though I have saved your life, the evil flame in your body should still be extended a bit, if not you will become sick from holding your breath sooner or later. Look, your little sister is so pretty and she's lying right next to you... Why don't you guys continue, and just pretend I didn't come here? "

Mu Lingfeng scoffed, "Since Princess Consort saved this king, shouldn't I thank Princess Hua-Yang properly?" Her voice was eerie, without the slightest hint of gratitude. Instead, it sounded like he was trying to teach someone a lesson.

Bai Su said with a smile that did not reach her eyes, "No, there's no need. Husband and wife were originally in the same boat, saving you was like saving myself. "I really don't need to ?" As she spoke, she retreated stealthily.

When she felt that she had retreated far enough, she quickly turned around and ran!


Bai Su ignored Mu Lingfeng's angry roar and ran forward quickly. Unexpectedly, she tightened her wrist and got entangled by something that looked like a belt.

Before she could even react, she was violently pulled backwards.

With a "bang", Bai Su's butt hit the ground.

"Ouch!" As she rubbed her bottom, she raised her head and saw Mu Lingfeng's face which was unique to her. She was immediately stunned and did not even remember to call out.

Mu Lingfeng raised his eyebrows and said in disgust: "Women, you dare to tease this king, you will have to pay the price!"

As he spoke, he raised his hand and struck out with his palm.

Because Mu Lingfeng was injured and prepared, he was able to easily avoid the attack.

"Bah!" Bai Su retracted her smile, and revealed an arrogant face, "Mu Bastard, you're right! I'm just teasing you! "How is the blood?"

With a single sentence, Mu Lingfeng was immediately angered.

"Bai Su, you better disappear from this king's sight forever. Otherwise, this king will kill you sooner or later!"

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