Prince's Mischievous Consort/C17 Destroy the same room
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Prince's Mischievous Consort/C17 Destroy the same room
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C17 Destroy the same room

Seeing Mu Lingfeng angered until his face turned green, Bai Su could not help but laugh.

She was just like that. Who told her to be unhappy? Even if she had to risk her life, she would pay it back.

After leaving the Lotus Garden, Bai Su raised her head and looked towards the sky.

"The weather is really good!" As she walked, she shook her head and hummed, "Blue sky, white clouds, carrying a small schoolbag; flowers bloom, birds cry, the sun is laughing ?"

The voice suddenly stopped, and so did the footsteps.

"Sigh!" Bai Su sighed, "Yi Chen can't see me, so I don't know how to rush? Mu Laoban is guarded by a guard, I can't even get out ? Unless he can get his hands on the exit token. "

Bai Su lowered her head and bit her lips. As she walked back, she pondered on how she could get her hands on the exit command medallion.

When he walked to the side of the fake mountain in the garden, he suddenly heard the faint voices of Bai Zhi and the servant in front of him.

She hid between the cracks of the rock while peeking out her head. At the same time, she listened attentively.

"Princess, are you unhappy because Prince left without saying anything to comfort you?" The maidservant asked with a hint of speculation in her voice.

"?" Bai Zhi did not speak, he only shook his head as if his soul had left his body.

"Why is that?"

"You don't understand." Bai Zhi sighed lightly. "This princess has already been married into the Duke Palaces for three days, but Prince has yet to touch this princess. Humph! The first and second times were both destroyed by that bitch Xi Yan. I never thought that the third time was once again destroyed by that bitch Bai Su ? "

"Princess ?" The servant girl wanted to speak but hesitated, "Didn't Prince follow you back to your room just now after the wangfei left? Didn't he come with you... Round house? "

Bai Zhi fiercely pulled on the silk handkerchief in her hand, and said angrily: "No, no! This princess is also curious, it's obvious that the effects of the medicine have not passed, but why can't it? "

"Pfft!" Hearing Bai Zhi's words, Bai Su could not hold back and walked out with a smile, "Sister's room is not peaceful, what's the use of complaining to the servant girl? Why didn't you come to find Big Sister for help? "

Bai Zhi was startled, she pulled the silk handkerchief tightly, stared at Bai Su who was walking over, and asked: "Why is big sister here?"

Bai Su did not speak, she only smiled at her.

After all, Bai Zhi was born and bred in the ancient people. Although she was a little shameless, she was not as "shameless" as Bai Su. When she thought about what Bai Su had said about her "not being able to sleep well" and "complaining to the servant girl", her face immediately blushed.

"Elder sister, don't spout nonsense. I ?" I'm not complaining about anything. "

Bai Su laughed, and slowly leaned over, leaning into her ear, and said softly: "The matters in your room are not shameful matters, with your little sister's blushing, you seem to be guilty of something, as if you had done something bad. Could it be that little sister has really used some underhanded methods to do such a despicable thing? "

Bai Zhi took a step back in shock and said with a face full of caution, "No ? "No, big sister, don't speak carelessly."

"Is that so?" Bai Su took a step forward, bent down, and whispered into her ear, gently moving her lips, "Then do I need to tell Prince that you gave him such a fierce medicine called Seven Extreme Powder?"

"No!" Bai Zhi took a deep breath, and said, "Big sister has no evidence, so it's best for you not to speak carelessly!"

Bai Su smiled lazily: "No evidence? Do you still need to doubt the results of my diagnosis?] Is your brain fully embroidered? "

"You!" Besides being angry, Bai Zhi was also extremely jealous: Every time she takes matters into consideration, how in the world did she become a Fairy Doctor's disciple?

Bai Su laughed lightly: "Little sister, tell me, if the matter of you drugging Prince were to be exposed, what would the consequences be?"

"?" Bai Zhi's eyes moved extremely quickly, she quickly reacted and asked: "What does big sister want?"

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