Prince's Mischievous Consort/C18 Jin wang's inaction
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Prince's Mischievous Consort/C18 Jin wang's inaction
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C18 Jin wang's inaction

Bai Su snapped her fingers and praised: "I never thought that not only is my sister a pure and clean bitch, she's also so smart and clever. This sister truly admires you."

Bai Zhi didn't understand her ridicule and thought that she was being praised. She said arrogantly: "If elder sister wanted to expose me, I would have already done so. Since elder sister came to find me, she must want to negotiate some terms with me. "Even a fool would want to ?"

"Yes." That's why little sister naturally can think of something that even a fool would want. " Bai Su said in all seriousness.

"You!" Bai Zhi suffered several times from her mouth, she was extremely angry. When he thought of the weakness she had, she put away her anger and said in a lukewarm tone, "Elder sister, what makes you think that I would be threatened by you? Don't you think that even if you told Prince, Prince wouldn't believe you? "

Bai Su frowned.

Mu Lingfeng would never believe her, and he was right about this point.

"Sister, what are you talking about? How could I threaten you?" However, hearing her sister say that her marriage with the Prince was not going well, could it be that her sister was worried about the Prince's body? "In the future, there will be no humanity ?"

"Nonsense." Bai Zhi said, "Prince is very good."

Bai Su smiled enigmatically: "Is that so? Originally, I was a bit worried for my sister's future happiness. I was worried that it wouldn't be easy for my sister to get rid of that who didn't do anything and get into his shoes ? "

"?" Bai Zhi heard and his face flushed red. She tilted her head and did not look at her.

Bai Su continued while smiling: "Since little sister has said so, then big sister does not have any good words to say. I wish sister and Prince a happy sexual life, and good sons. "

The four words "born early" had completely stimulated Bai Zhi's nerves. She quickly raised her head, grabbed onto Bai Su who wanted to turn around and leave, and anxiously said: "Elder sister, you ? Is there any way to cure Prince? "

Bai Su laughed: "There is another alias for the Seven Extreme Powder. It is called Life Dragon Powder, which is the meaning of hitting the mark on one try. "So, little sister really has this idea."

As long as she thought about it, it wouldn't be hard to guess that the reason Bai Zhi was such a proud person, why she so urgently wanted to get back with Mu Lingfeng and did not hesitate to drug him was because she wanted to get pregnant with Mu Lingfeng's child.

This was because if one gave birth to the eldest son of the Prince Jin, he would likely be righted and become the main wife of the Prince Jin.

Being seen through, Bai Zhi was not annoyed, she only asked: "Elder sister, do you have a way to cure Prince?"

Looking at the anxious Bai Zhi, Bai Su laughed: "Looks like, little sister does have some sincerity towards Prince. It's not hard to cure him, but ? "

"But what? Just say what you want. " Bai Zhi said, "As long as big sister can cure Prince."

A woman would only rely on the man beside her all her life. Bai Zhi knew very well, as long as Mu Lingfeng was good, she would be good.

Bai Su smiled lightly: "I am a disciple of the Fairy Doctor. I have been passed down to treat miscellaneous diseases, so naturally I can treat him. I just need a little time. "

"How long?"

"One month."

Bai Zhi gritted her teeth, "Alright." Although a month had passed, she had not been able to get Mu Lingfeng, nor had Bai Su. This did not affect her plans.


Bai Su who was dressed in her servant's clothes successfully sneaked out of the Prince Jin Manor.

Walking shakily outside the Prince's Mansion's walls, Bai Su muttered to herself as she turned her head to look at the large words "Prince Jin's Mansion" hanging high up in the sky, "This old man has finally come out of this cage!" "Humph!"

In exchange for an agreement with Bai Zhi, it was to give her a badge allowing her to freely enter and exit the Duke Palaces.

"Since Mu Bainian is so wary of laozi, laozi will let him have a look if I don't do something. It seems that I have let down the opportunity to make a difficult trip outside the clan." As Bai Su played with her identity card, she muttered to herself, "What should I do?"

"Got it!" Bai Su's brain flashed as she took out a dark red belt from her waist, a trace of cunning flashing across the depths of her eyes.

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