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C19 Red belt

To the south of Mudu City, there was a lake, named Nanhu. That place was a must-choose place for the ladies to go out and play.

There were rows of pleasure boats and pleasure boats swimming back and forth in the southern lake every day.

Standing by the lakeside under the willow tree, you can see all the boats in the lake.

Bai Su chose a good place. Not only was the ground flat, she could see all the boats and move according to the wind.

Immediately, she took out the dark red belt that she had prepared beforehand. Waving it towards the boats in the lake, she shouted loudly, "Young ladies of the lake, quickly look over here, look over here!"

The sound was very loud and it flowed in the wind, immediately attracting the attention of many people.

"This young servant is so ostentatious, what does he want to do?"

The corner of Bai Su's mouth hooked up into an evil smile, she continued to wave her red belt and said loudly: "Ladies and gentlemen, I am a servant from the Prince Jin Palace. I have come here today on the orders of an imperial concubine to choose a concubine for Prince. "

"A servant from the Prince Jin Palace? I came here on the orders of an imperial concubine to choose a concubine for the Prince Jin? "

"It can't be? Didn't Prince Jin just get married to an imperial concubine a few days ago? "

"That's right, how could this Princess Jin be so magnanimous as to openly choose a concubine for this Prince Jin?"


Questioned voices continuously sounded from the ship, and some people even directly shouted out loud, "Hey, aren't you a joke, young servant?"

Bai Su looked at the boats coming from the lake and smiled: "How dare I deceive the young misses? If the misses do not believe it, you can take a look and see whether my clothes came from the Prince Jin Palace. "

"Clothes can be forged."

Bai Su replied: "If clothes can be forged, then the order badge in my hand can't be fake, right?"

When the surrounding crowd saw the badge in her hand, they immediately exclaimed, "It really is the Prince Jin Palace medallion, it seems like it is true."

Immediately, a slightly more curious person asked: "Little brother, tell me, how do you think the Princess Jin wants you to choose a concubine?"

Bai Su proudly put away the order badge, waved the red belt in his hand, and said loudly: "Do you see the belt in my hand? "Ladies, have any of you learned anything?"

A few voices sounded in twos and threes.

"It looks like a man's belt ?"

"The color is grand and the style is noble. The owner of the belt must be extraordinary."


Bai Su remained calm and collected, a slight smile on her lips the whole time.

One of the girls suddenly shouted, "My Miss recognizes him! This belt is all that the Prince Jin has! "

Bai Su smiled: "Congratulations, young miss, you got it right! This belt is precisely the belt that Prince Jin usually wears on his waist. "

She did not lie, the belt really was Mu Lingfeng's.

As for why it was in her hands? That was because he had left it on her wrist in the morning when he had wrapped it around her wrist.

The lively crowd immediately caused a stir.

"So it's from the Prince Jin! I was wondering why he was so noble and extraordinary! "


Seeing that the young miss had walked over with the support of the servant girl, Bai Su laughed and said respectfully: "Please come with me, young miss."

The Miss asked in surprise, "Where to?"

Bai Su replied: "Naturally, to the Prince Jin."

"Wh-why?" the lady asked shyly.

Bai Su laughed, "Because Miss might very well be the concubine that our wangfei has chosen for Prince."

These words exploded in the crowd.

"Why is it her?"

"Little Brother, please speak clearly!"


Bai Su had already made up a story long ago, and waved her hand. After the surroundings quieted down, she said: "Things are like this ?"

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