Prince's Mischievous Consort/C20 Cryptogenic disease
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Prince's Mischievous Consort/C20 Cryptogenic disease
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C20 Cryptogenic disease

"One month ago, Prince Jin met a lady when he was wandering in the Southern Lake. He fell in love with her at first sight, but he missed out on her because of the matter. Now, the Prince Jin had fallen ill from longing for that lady. In order to comfort the Prince Jin, the Royal Concubine had me come here to look for that lady. "

She paused for a moment, raised her hand and swung the red belt, saying, "This belt is the one that the Prince Jin was wearing that day. Since this young miss can recognize him at a glance, then she must be someone that Prince Jin misses. "

"Oh ?"

The surrounding people suddenly realized what was going on, and at the same time, they shot envious looks at the young lady.

"My lady's fate is really good, to think that she could actually enter the palace to be the Prince Jin's concubine."

"Yeah, although I say that a concubine is inferior to a wife, being a concubine to a Prince Jin is so much better than being an ordinary concubine!"


The corner of Bai Su's mouth twitched. She really couldn't understand why so many people would want to be his concubine with a trash like Mu Lingfeng.

Miss could not hide the excitement in her eyes as she said tenderly, "Then I'll go with little brother."

Bai Su led the young miss and the servant away from the crowd.

When she reached the sparsely populated alley, she suddenly stopped.

The Miss asked in surprise, "Little Brother, what's wrong?"

Bai Su turned around and played with her red belt in one hand as she stared at the young miss with a smile.

The young miss thought that there was something dirty on her face, so she hurriedly called for the maidservant by her side and said, "Please help me take a look."

The maidservant, on the other hand, was a quick-witted person. She leaned close to the Young Miss and whispered a few words into her ear.

After the young lady heard this, she suddenly said, "Hurry up and hand some silver taels to this young brother."


The maid took out a silver ingot from her purse and was about to pass it over.

The lady shouted, "As a lady, I don't have any money!" As he said that, he snatched the money pouch and handed it all over to Bai Su. "Little brother, I have to trouble you to speak some good words in front of the wangfei."

Bai Su received the silver without a trace of politeness. She shook the silver lightly and replied with a smile, "Of course. "However ?"

Seeing that she wanted to say something, the young miss hurriedly asked: "What's wrong? "If little bro has something to say, just say it."

Bai Su kept the money bag and looked at the young miss. After some hesitation, she said: "Since young miss thinks so highly of this young one ? There are some words that this little one would not have been able to bear if I hadn't told Miss. "

"What do you mean?" asked the lady.

Bai Su's face looked troubled. After thinking about it, she clenched her teeth and said, "Miss, to tell you the truth, Prince's illness this time is not some glorious illness ?"

Miss was startled and quickly said: "What do you mean?"

Bai Su got closer, and said in a low voice: "Two days ago, Prince was celebrating with her, but suddenly, she lost all her strength and fainted. The reason was because Prince, before he had no concubine, had frequently visited the brothels and left them behind. "I'm afraid that I won't be able to do anything in the future ?"

Before she could finish her sentence, the young lady exclaimed, "Ah?"

She turned her head to look at the maidservant beside her.

The servant girl's face was ugly, she leaned over and whispered, "Miss, I think Prince Jin might have contracted some kind of unclean disease in the brothel. This servant thinks that you should reconsider whether or not to enter Prince Jin. "

The young miss's face showed fear, she thought for a while, then anxiously said to Bai Su: "Little brother, I suddenly remember, my father repeatedly reminded me that he had an engagement before, I'm afraid I don't have the luck to be the Prince Jin's concubine."

"Huh?" Bai Su feigned an exclamation, "There's actually something you need to wait for?"

The Miss said nervously, "I'm sure of it. I hope that little brother can go back and report to the wangfei, just say ? "Just say ?"

Seeing that she could not think of an excuse, Bai Su sighed and said: "I understand. Seeing that the young lady gave this little one such great benefits, Lil 'White knows how to reply. "

Upon hearing that, the young lady heaved a sigh of relief, "Then, thank you young brother. We'll take our leave first. "

After the young miss finished speaking, she hurriedly pulled the maidservant away.

Looking at the two figures that were leaving in a hurry, Bai Su took out his money bag and shook it a bit before laughing crazily, "Tsk tsk, this daddy is really smarter than that so-called number one wise man in the world!

These few words not only made money, but also tarnished Mu Chi Man's reputation and avenged Xi Yan. "Oh, oh, oh, oh!"

She smiled with a face full of pride, as if she had already seen the scene of Mu Yuntian wandering the flowers, suffering from a hidden disease, and the news that he would not be able to speak of anything else for the rest of his life spread throughout the entire Mu Capital.

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