Prince's Mischievous Consort/C3 Princess chastity
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Prince's Mischievous Consort/C3 Princess chastity
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C3 Princess chastity

The servant was shocked and replied: "Reporting to Prince, the red mark was not left by Prince, but ?. The mark of the princess' infidelity. "

"How dare you!" Although Mu Lingfeng didn't like Bai Su, a man would naturally be angry at such words.

The servant girl kneeled down in fear and argued, "Prince, the night before yesterday should have been the wedding night between you and your wife. "Your servant heard from the maidservants in the mansion that wangfei was kidnapped on the night of her wedding. She didn't come back until last night ?"

"Is that so?" Mu Lingfeng squinted his eyes dangerously as he looked at Bai Su.

The servant continued, "To the Prince, that is indeed the case. I wonder if Prince can remember that last night, when Prince was in the side room with his concubine, the maid beside Princess Hua-Yang reported that he was severely ill ? The truth was, the princess wasn't sick at all. She had just been sent back home and was unconscious.

Prince, think about it, the Royal Concubine had gone missing for one day and one night, and there are still some suspicious red marks on her neck ? "Her body must be dirty ?"

Bai Zhi interrupted: "Don't speak nonsense, you ruined my innocence."

"Princess, this servant's words are true. "Your servant really can't bear to see the Prince being fooled by an imperial concubine. That's why I said it ?"

Seeing that the two master and servant were playing a good role, Bai Su reached out to caress his neck as the scene of the man in her dreams pressing down and fiercely kissing her neck surfaced in her mind.

Xi Yan who was at the side trembled and called out worriedly, "Princess ?"

Without waiting for them to react, Mu Lingfeng shot out like lightning and grabbed Bai Su's wrist.

That gaze that was as sharp as a blade firmly locked onto the red scar on her neck. With a voice as cold as a thousand years old ice, she asked, "Do you know what happens when you betray this king?"

It was like this again. Without even asking, he had already convicted someone without even asking.

Bai Su raised her eyes, meeting Mu Lingfeng's gaze. Not only was she not annoyed, she even laughed lightly: "Prince is so angry, people who don't know how much you love me, actually."

"You think too much!" Mu Lingfeng flung her off and said angrily, "Bai Su, don't think that this king doesn't dare to do anything to you. That left and right is just an insignificant princess of a small country!"

Despite the pain from the buckling of her wrist, Bai Su still gently shook it, and said with an unchanged expression: "Of course I know that Prince is so angry because she cares about me ? Oh, I see. Prince was angry because I disturbed her wedding night with my sister. Since that's the case, Prince should return early. "

"What do you mean?" Mu Lingfeng could not bear to see her like this, so he took a step forward and coldly stared at her.

Bai Su smiled as she moved closer and closer to her.

Just as he was about to get close to his face, he suddenly tilted his head and whispered in his ear, "The first moment of spring snack is worth a thousand gold, Prince is wasting his time here with an unimportant person like me, it would be better to just embrace soft jade filled with spring flowers ?"

"Bai Su!"

Shh ? ? "Bai Su placed her index finger on Mu Lingfeng's lips, turned to look at Bai Zhi, and said dubiously," Prince, look at how bashful your sister is. Don't you have any impulses? "

When the last word fell, his gaze fell upon a certain spot on Mu Lingfeng's lower body.

"?" Mu Lingfeng had never known his new wife to be so shameless, he stared wide-eyed in shock.

When Bai Zhi saw that the two of them had their gazes on him, she became even more bashful.

Thinking again, he felt that something was wrong, he lightly stomped his feet and said softly, "Prince, aren't you talking about how big sister didn't come back for an entire night? Why is it on me?"

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