Prince's Mischievous Consort/C4 Proof of innocence
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Prince's Mischievous Consort/C4 Proof of innocence
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C4 Proof of innocence

The finger on his lips was soft and slippery, causing Mu Lingfeng to almost forget to speak.

Hearing Bai Zhi's voice, she suddenly woke up from her stupor and grabbed Bai Su's hand with the back of her hand, as she fiercely struck out with her palm.

"Bai Su, you should think about how to accept this king's punishment!" Men were like this. Even if they didn't like it, it was still his possession. He couldn't allow anyone to touch it.

Bai Su's body crashed onto the wall once again, heavily hitting the ground, all the bones in her body aching so badly that she wanted to go back and reconstruct her body.

She pressed her hands to the ground and tried to get up, but her hands went limp and she fell back.

"Princess ?" Xi Yan wanted to go over to help her, but Bai Su gave her a look, signalling her not to come over.

Because she did not want Xi Yan to attract her attention again, and she did not want him to use Xi Yan to threaten her again.

Bai Su laid on the ground with her head held high, looking at Mu Lingfeng, she said in a neutral tone: "Prince, I never thought that you would be so unscrupulous, to actually attack women again and again. If you aren't even giving me a chance to explain myself, then why are you punishing me? "

Mu Lingfeng's pupils shrank, his fingers that were hanging by his side slowly clasped together, gritted his teeth, and said: "Explain what? This King believes in his eyes. Do you still want to argue? Alright, This King will sincerely convince you! Someone come, find a stable woman! "

Although the day of May wasn't that hot, the sun at noon was still very vicious.

Bai Su sat up with Xi Yan's support and leaned against the wall.

She was wearing only a beige undergarment. The sunlight shined down and covered her with a layer of faint golden light. Due to the two beatings, her hair was in a mess. The wind blew gently, causing a strand of green hair to brush past the corner of her mouth, covering her bright red lips.

Although Mu Lingfeng didn't like Bai Su, looking at her like this, he felt that she was somehow different.

Not long after, the midwife came.

Bai Su raised her eyes, calmly looked at Mu Lingfeng, and said: "Prince, you must think this through. Today, you brought a midwife to test me, not only to humiliate me, but also to humiliate yourself. No matter what the result will be, the brilliant Prince I will eventually be tainted by it. "

Mu Lingfeng narrowed his eyes, looked at the calm Bai Su, and did not say a word.

The servant girl by Bai Zhi's side asked, "Princess Consort, are you afraid of death?"

"Shut up." Bai Zhi said as she turned to look at Mu Lingfeng and said softly, "Prince, I believe Big Sister is definitely not that kind of person. Even if Big Sister went missing for a whole day and night, I still wouldn't do anything that would let down Prince. Prince, please don't make it difficult for Big Sister. "

Mu Lingfeng's pupils constricted as he glared at the midwives.

Bai Su's phoenix eyes slightly condensed as she looked at Mu Lingfeng, and lightly said, "I hope that Prince will not regret this in the future."

The meaning of these words was extremely clear. Today, if he were to test her, there would be no other day between them.

Unfortunately, Mu Lingfeng only understood it a long time later.

In the time it took for half a cup of tea to brew.

After the midwife had finished her inspection, she came out to Mu Lingfeng and said, "Reporting to Prince, although there are many red marks on the body of the wangfei, after this old one has tested her, the wangfei is still a complete body."

When Bai Su walked to the entrance with Xi Yan's support, Mu Lingfeng coincidentally turned around to look over.

There was a trace of astonishment in that gaze, as well as an inaudible sense of relief. However, it was quickly covered up by him.

"Someone, come!" Mu Lingfeng suddenly turned around, his gaze sweeping towards the servants behind Bai Zhi. Waving his big palm, he said coldly, "The maids by the side are blabbering on each other, let's beat them thirty times! Do not speak of what happened today. All of you can leave now. "

As he spoke, he turned to leave.

"Hold on!" Bai Su crossed the threshold and walked out, "Prince, is this the end?"

Mu Lingfeng turned around, and said indifferently: "What else do you want?"

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